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  1. A place where we can post what we are working on for GIM2
  2. Skins:
  3. Fonts/Clarity
  4. Smiles/Emoticons
  5. added 2 Gen Discussions
  6. Getting Oil Price Quote On Top
  7. Changed permissions
  8. re being able to post some items:
  9. Forum Seems to move slowly when browsing
  10. Changed the titles yet again,
  11. Difficult to Read
  12. Adding a video site...
  13. Subscriptions link on the "new posts" page?
  14. Links are hard to see...
  15. Threads/posts per page
  16. Poll for Quick Reply or Like the Old Way, Advanced Reply only
  17. Only One Page Of New Posts?
  18. "Reply to thread" button
  19. Can site auto play "16 tons" by TN Ernie Ford
  20. My "Thanks" Ration. Please Sir May I Have Somemore?
  21. Obnoxious ads...
  22. How 'bout a "screw you" button that potentionally limits bad posterr behaviour?
  23. Why I didn't click your Thanks! button
  24. If you want to liven things up...
  25. Problem with Manage Attachments
  26. photo uploads not working
  27. Why can't we see who is viewing the threads any more>> ?
  28. Can google search be integrated?
  29. How to read archived threads of GoldIsMoney
  30. Can't use "what's new" or "today's post" unless you're logged in?
  31. Fyi, will be adding server space
  32. Fyi, more forum skins up for your use,
  33. Add a stock ticker somewhere?
  34. changed article page layout,
  35. Formatting is missing
  36. Longer or bigger page size
  37. Disable Auto-Save?
  38. Request to step out of gim structure,
  39. Save Server Memory
  40. don't know if it is a improvement but,
  41. Alternative medicine
  42. Reorganized the workshop a bit,
  43. Gimme more thanks
  44. What/Where is this GIM Mobile App you Mods/Folks Speak of?
  45. for those having trouble logging in or staying logged in,
  46. On the main pages of GIM,
  47. Trouble Posting Videos
  48. fyi, poster name titles
  49. PM system problems
  50. access to thanked posts
  51. Avatar got tiny
  52. Poor Admin Communication
  53. Strike-through code?
  54. Why can't I watch youtube videos on GIM2 anymore?
  55. dog house replys feature down for weeks !
  56. Suggestion about a new thread
  57. Just put up a new ticker
  58. Move sub-forums
  59. Ignore list
  60. InvestingdotCOM Quotes
  61. Time to back up the truck !
  62. Old time technology