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  1. Welcome......where to begin???
  2. Coin metal price calculator
  3. When Prospecting, Do you look for errors?
  6. 2009 - 2010 Penny THREAD
  7. PROSPECTING for 90% SILVER!!!
  8. Ponce here.........about coins.......
  9. First Spouse Coins
  10. Hoarding Nickels
  11. Who Knew about Little Lincoln?
  12. 2010 Silver Eagle sales set quarterly record
  13. Lead
  14. Foreign coins as base metal "bullion"
  15. Really GOOD article about WHY MOST DON'T HOLD gold & silver
  16. Price Stability in a Bi-Metallic Standard
  17. The Copper Cent Thread
  18. Tonopah Silver Top Mine 2 oz coin - info, mintage,value
  19. Ryedale ROCKS!!! Thread
  20. The New Pre-1933 Gold Thread
  21. my slider got skunked
  22. Prospecting Stratagies?
  23. LIFE article from 1968 about silver. The last run on uncle sams silver.
  24. Who Decides Whether The Head On A Coin Faces Left Or Right?
  25. Most Beautiful Gold coins
  26. 1945 2.5 Mexican peso gold coins
  27. Gold Cob? What's this worth?
  28. Did fraud boost gold coin sales?
  29. When Will Local Coin Shops Regularly Start Buying/Selling Copper Penny Rolls?
  30. The eagles are on the move again!
  31. five nines Canadian maple leaf....
  32. Morgan silver dollars
  33. Bay sammer alert!
  34. Anybody know what these are goin for ?
  35. Prospecting for gold. Can you dig it?
  36. Annual Coin Show
  37. Not a bad find
  38. Manipulators Are Not Faring Well.
  39. The physics of gold's glow
  40. A "BIT" of history to understand where we are headed - for the very FEW who CARE
  41. Beginner... I have a few questions.
  42. Okay PILGRIMS I'm back to help take the ALAMO
  43. Australian Lunar Gold Series 1: Battle of Ox vs Dragon
  44. True story about BEING TOO rich and the State grabs it!
  45. Is this a good deal for "junk"?
  46. GOLD Coins should go up about five/ten more TIMES because
  47. Roman Coins and new import laws
  48. Coins older than 200 years UN after a BAN on collecting!
  49. PLEASE email me with the PCGS SPOUSES CERTIFIED listings if you have access
  50. Have any of you found success with this?
  51. Canadian Nickels
  52. Anaheim Coin Show Sunday 4-18
  53. what happened to goldismoney.info?
  54. Let no weakness in gold disturb you at this time.
  55. Newbie Need help!?
  56. Found a Collectors Penny; Need help w/ Grading
  57. For sale: Silver Eagles
  58. sterling silver
  59. Old song about today and why to buy now...
  60. Buying Ikes?
  61. 2009 $20 Ultra High Relief NGC-MS 70 EARLY RELEASE PL!
  62. Be careful BIDDING on EBAY I see a trail of a LOT of SHRILLS - phoney bidders
  63. GRADING COINS -- Discussion on Getting Numis Graded
  64. NICKEL
  65. U.S. coin grading and pricing
  66. Every SPOUSE coin is defined with this link - so check yours OUT!
  67. Who legally owns U.S. base metal coinage?
  68. US American Buffalo Discussion Thread
  69. First Spouse POPULATIONS comparison
  70. Coin collecting tips
  71. Canada to Consider Dumping the Cent from Circulation
  72. Proof or Mint State/Uncirculated Coins DO YOU like?
  73. FNG question Cleaning silver coins.??
  74. Collectible Value of Perth Mint Coins for Country of Tuvalu
  75. Can anyone identify this coin?
  76. a bit unusual....
  77. Measuring gold coins - slight mismatch OK?
  78. 2010 Isle of Man Silver Angel High Relief Proof
  79. Australian Silver Kookaburra Coins
  80. Krugerrand ID
  81. Australian Silver Kangaroo Coins
  82. Just LOVE people's hand-rolled LC's
  83. Where to sell my 90% silver coins?
  84. Claim Filing question
  85. Deadly & Dangerous Eastern Brown Snake Coin
  86. Engelhard CANADIAN Prospector rounds !?!?!?
  87. I'll bet the SPOUSES JUMP in price tomorrow or so...
  88. Nickel-Free Nickels?
  89. One of the Best Decisions I've Made in a While
  90. Russian St. George bullion coins
  91. PCGS stats for 10th anniv plat set
  92. Don't prospect at Orlando Federal Credit Union
  93. Coin question from a Noob.
  94. In the event of the Biblical Jubilee?
  95. Individual SPOUSE stories that make them more FUN to collect
  96. Silver Towne.
  97. PCGS SAINTS retail EXPLODING once again with the high gold prices escalating
  98. 10 oz Kookaburra Collectors
  99. Brilliant Uncirculated US Silver Dollars
  100. Israel mints NIS 20 gold coins,
  101. Anyone know if there are fake gold eagles out there? Please see pic of $5 eagle......
  102. What gives with the price of copper?
  103. Thickness of 2 oz lunar series II "Year of the tiger" Gold coin
  104. sign of the times......
  105. Modern Gold Commemoratives (Proof)
  106. Ore testing
  107. AGE
  108. The Nature of the Silver Market-old but good.
  109. What's in a number? 68 - 69 - 70
  110. Panicky Greeks Paying Over $1,700 Per Ounce For Physical Gold
  111. The GOLDLINE (Weiner) controversy - My findings
  112. Modern silver freak coin?
  113. WTF WSJ!
  114. Noob - what to buy? Proof, NGC, UNC or ?
  115. Should I sell my 40% & 90% and buy silver bullion (bars and rounds)???
  116. Gold Soveriegn Shortage
  117. Fake peace dollars, 1922-1926. I'm done with Ebay
  118. The Death Of Gallium
  119. US Mint - American Buffalo - On sale June 3, 2010 @ 12:00 noon (ET)!
  120. The PCGS Lawsuit Against Alleged Coin Doctors
  121. Soldiers Bringing Home Fake Coins
  122. Noughty Gold Sovereigns
  123. Hey America, Buy Canadian.... good read.
  124. anyone know of an inventory program for PM's and graded coins?
  125. Should I get Buffalo proofs NGc early release certified?
  126. My 90% Silver Collection (small but growing!)
  127. Mexican 50 Gold Peso Centenarios now for only $4.15 over spot!
  128. 2001 Platinum Proof American Eagle
  129. Will copper demand increase or decrease from current levels?
  130. America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver Bullion Coins
  131. US Mint sales to date
  132. "Churning" in Numis
  133. Best Strategy = cert "sleeper" AU vs common MS gold??
  134. All Sales of Coins over $600 Must Now be Reported to Federal Government
  135. The curious case of the 1999-W MS gold eagles
  136. To grade or not - 1937 PROOF Mercury
  137. 1976 Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar value?
  138. Where do YOU hide your hoard?
  139. US MINT & Coin sales of 6 BULLION coins to date:
  140. 3rd Century Roman/Britain hoard found
  141. Gold ain't money?
  142. Numismatic help, please.
  143. New One-Ounce HR Gold $5 Proposed
  144. Hi....
  145. Bought a 1798 large cent today......
  147. Historic TIP TOP silver mine and ghost town in AZ is for sale
  148. Popular Coins
  149. 1915 Walking Liberty
  150. 2010 Proof Gold Eagle Production Likely?
  151. Bullion, coin dealers call for investigation of U.S. coin blanks supply
  152. Coin dealers feel stung by tax reporting rule
  153. Dodd-Frank Bill Contains Provision that May Lead to Tracking of All Gold Coins
  154. Record number of fake £1 coins
  155. Picked up a 1889-CC graded AU-53 by PCGS
  156. Let's play a game. You have 50k and have to buy one coin. What would you buy?
  157. Gold Prices May Suffer Amid Complaints About Goldline ... again
  158. Please take a look at my collection of gold bullion coins
  159. Colonial coin acquired !
  160. Let's open this monster box together!
  161. Sliver Krugerrands (Bogus)
  162. Simplicity Gold & Platinum Refining System
  163. Just thinking about the old art bar thread on the old GIM
  164. Bizarro Universaro
  165. Foster Co. 16.137 Ounce Silver Bar
  166. Let's Talk Scrap Metal!
  167. Gold, Silver and platinum bullion coins collection in one-minute video
  168. Anyone like 2oz silver coins?
  169. Get it graded? 1876-S Trade Dollar
  170. Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Coin Act to Become Law
  171. Thieves emptying London metal warehouses, Is silver next?
  173. Does the date matter on bullion ASE coins?
  174. PCGS and NGC grading services ~ your experience, opinions ?
  175. Money fair showcases $100,000 bills, rare coins
  176. Prices: Red Book vs eBay
  177. Look what I found in an Ebay lot
  178. Why is the US Mint still selling the 2009 Proof sets?
  179. Eureka moment for stubborn prospector
  180. I've been DUPED ~ my recent Morgan purchase is a FAKE !!!
  181. I like Ike
  182. Indian fanam coin?
  183. It's been forever since I've posted a couple of coin pictures.
  184. Do You Boil Your Silver?
  185. starting out buying gold on a budget
  186. $1 Coin Direct from the mint
  187. 15 oz Art Bar set
  188. Best Coin Folders/Albums
  189. Co-Founder of Silvertowne Dies
  190. Time for Change
  191. 70's silver art bars
  192. Any advice would be great
  193. Walker and Franklin halves becoming scarce?
  194. $ 58 for 1986 ASE
  195. Modern Commemorative Coins / Eric Jordan
  196. Washington Quarters Worth Holding Onto
  197. Commemorative Silver Uncirculated vs Proof Silver with twice the mintage
  198. It seems that the UHR in MS70 are...
  199. Million Dollar Bill
  200. 2011 1oz Silver Canadian Timber Wolf
  201. Twin Draped Bust Dollars... fake, fake, fake
  202. Anybody into SHIPWRECKS - "Ahoy there you LADDIES - how about the TREASURE?"
  203. How to spot a fake
  204. US Mint will release all 4 PROOF GOLD EAGLES this month
  205. Mint says no more fractional gold uncirculated, say rush and price increase??
  206. China’s Insatiable Appetite for Gold
  207. Wife wants a necklace charm... What gold coin should I use?
  208. Weather you collect BULLION or SLABS know your SILVER EAGLE MINTAGES!
  209. Mexico-Revolutionary\Guerrero Pesos
  210. Au price set to be at record high by yr end - India
  211. Looking for value suggestions on 2 interesting items
  212. Princess Diana commerative coins
  213. Refine or Wait
  214. 40% Coins?
  215. Hello
  216. 1 ounce Silver Mexican Libertad Fakes ???
  217. G.I.M Silver Freedom Coins Still Available?
  218. Possible $18 silver
  219. Site to help you detect counterfeit coins and bullion
  220. Platinum Proof PCGS 69 DCAM Proof oz (US)
  221. Gold Breaches $1300 !!!
  222. No More Buffalos
  223. Silver Sativa
  224. Buy real silver coins or silver bars and rounds ?
  225. Ebay barometer
  226. U.S. Mint Working To Finalize 2011 Buffalo Gold Coin Plans
  227. Five 9"s Gold Maple Leaf?
  228. The -ODD GENERIC SILVER- Thread
  229. 1/10 ozt gold eagle for $138.00
  230. 2003 proof sets, How much are they worth?
  231. Fleabay gold pieces
  232. 1 oz american eagle proof gold coins
  233. Dang, I Sure Wish I Could Afford A Tombstone About Now
  234. My first proof ASE
  235. 2010 Proof ASE's Coming in November, but no w-unc. AU or AG
  236. My coin grading experience
  237. Royal Canadian Mint To Raise Premiums?
  238. So, we about due for a buck up day in silver ?
  239. A New Purchase
  240. price difference between ngc and pcgs
  241. SILVER at MINT for NEW SAE is over $50.00 with shipping per ounce.
  242. US Proof sets
  243. Cleaning silver tarnished coins.
  244. 2010 American Eagle Gold Proof Four-Coin Set?
  245. Edge lettering on coins
  246. Base Metals are more precious by the week...Article
  247. Use gloves? Or best way to clean hands
  248. NGC- Early Release & First Strikes
  249. What the heck is this? Japanese medallion?
  250. I understand some company is OVERSTAMPING MS2009 SAE and making them PROOFLIKE!
  251. Norilsk Nickel Plans $20 Billion Program to Boost Arctic Output
  252. metal detector?
  253. Prospecting at a yard sale
  254. How much is a 1990 Platinum Chinese Lunar year of the horse 1 oz. coin worth?
  255. I know the dollar is worth less everyday but
  256. Any identifiable hallmarks?
  257. 1oz NTR Gold Triangle
  258. This is my new hangout...
  259. Best Base metal dollar coin to hold
  260. Britannia TRADES
  261. My palms are sweating...
  262. Have anyone ordered coins from this dealer? Clark Smith?
  263. ASE on Craig's List
  264. Goldman Sachs Has been long gold for years. KWN
  265. 8 reales 1836 Zacatecas real or fake
  266. U.S. Mint Subscription Program
  267. Foreign Coinage
  268. Why at 14?
  269. 16 oz. Titanic silver?
  270. Where to sell small amounts of silver for the best price (without getting gouged)
  271. 1854-O Half Dollar
  272. Spouse coins now $860 from the mint
  273. Premium Rise
  274. 1999-p ASE
  275. Newbie question on pre 1965 half dollars?
  276. whats better to hoard - pennies or nickels?
  277. TWO Dollar Bills
  278. I Want to Say Thank You to the GIM Site.
  279. Half Dollar specialists please
  280. Ore Assay
  281. Buying from us mint vs 3rd party companies
  282. Looking at silver for the first time
  283. On the Auction Block
  284. Toning on ASE's?
  285. US Silver Eagle Mintage table
  286. America the Beautiful Quarters
  287. A PLACE to LOOK around ABOUT COINS . COM
  288. 2010 Proofs came today
  289. American Silver Eagles with "W"
  290. Light HUMOR for THANKSGIVING weekend...
  291. 24k gold plated ASE's
  292. Grading rarity - may not be a rare coin, right?
  293. Nice collection of gold bullion coins
  294. Storage Suggestions / Alternatives
  295. American Liberty Currency
  296. Just by the Dip.
  297. Silver Eagle populations
  298. Value of assay cards for small bars
  299. JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Explained
  300. Popcorn, Prize, Pissed
  301. Mint told dealers t0 keep-america-the-beautiful-silver-bullion-coin-prices-reasonable
  302. Gainesville coins called today RE 5 ounce mint bullion set
  304. apmex gouging buyers
  305. J.P. Morgan grabs 1/2 the Cu on the LME
  306. Message from Modern Coin Mart on the 5 OUNCE F.U.B.A.R.
  307. 2010 W Silver Eagle Proofs
  308. Mint messes over collectors once again on 5 ounce NP coin
  309. Anyone recieved the America the Beautiful Silver quarters set yet?
  310. The demise of the affordable silver coin
  311. Sales of 5-Ounce Silver Coins Start Tomorrow, U.S. Mint Says
  312. Ever seen one of these? Super cool silver round I scored today
  313. How To-Coin Photography
  314. presidential dollar coins
  315. May have made a mistake
  316. Canadian 50% ....... Why couldn't they make this simpler?
  317. Found 2 old coins just for fun photos
  318. Numismatic Sleepers?
  319. Canada No pennies'?
  320. HELP; 2006-W $10 Gold Eagle Mintage?
  321. Help 1 kilo panda tarnished on edges
  322. Big coin show coming up in Tampa, Florida
  323. Big pile of coins for sale
  324. I have a dilema.
  325. Gold is Worthless
  326. Freebee "street" prospecting
  327. Mexican dos peso question
  328. Perth Mint Suspends 2011 10oz and 5oz Silver Bullion Coins
  329. With a little help from my friends...
  330. Congress wants to decide now what is demand for coin act
  331. Chile’s Collahuasi copper mine halts shipments
  332. 2011 Mint schedule GAE UNC on the schedule
  333. 26 pounds of brass to scrap
  334. 2011 Britannia
  335. might be a silly question
  336. Silver dollars
  337. Newbie - Seeking Advice
  338. Treasure!
  339. 1875 Double Eagle
  340. Notice new value on Ag 2011 Panda
  341. How Coin Dealers Make Money
  342. Numismatics are Fool's Gold
  343. SILVER BULLION - Thoughts - Comments - Trials and Tribs
  344. ATB sets at Fun show today in Tampa
  345. Massive Silver Withdrawals From The Comex
  346. Determining PM Values WTSHTF
  347. Is copper the next silver prodigy??
  348. Confused-Mint Rations Silver Eagles
  349. Just back from Florida Fun Show....ATB coins
  350. What Would You Put In A Safe That Was To Be Opened Ten Years From Now?
  351. Legislation proposes Utah adopt a gold-based system
  352. Great SNAGS on "numismatics both modern and even ancient" - and what the HECKS!
  353. $20 St Gaudins v. $50 American Gold Eagle
  354. All bullion coin mintage figures for silver coins
  355. Guess what silver dollars will be on STEROIDS like RAMBO who was nabed down under
  356. Copper - All you need to know about it!
  357. American Copper Eagles!!
  358. Testing Silver & Gold
  359. Selling Gold Jewelry
  360. The future is here!! $5000 Platinum- $3500 Gold
  361. Has anyone tried doing a slabbed type set?
  362. Can somebody help a newbie get edjumicated?
  363. Weird 1991-S Kennedy; help requested
  364. Bix Weir: What's Happening To US Silver Eagles?
  365. Did Cu really take a 34% nose dive?
  366. Wanting to get rid of some 90%/40% (?)
  367. NGC & pcgs pops request
  368. Just Found! Historic $20 Saint-Gaudens - World War II Hoard to Be Released
  369. New 2011 Pandas?
  370. Lets's play devil's advocate
  371. Any update on the proof atb
  372. Need some hekp on Engelhard rounds.
  373. Cotton at 140 year HIGH
  374. 1/10oz Silver Walking Liberty????
  375. Americas first bullion coin-US trade dollars
  376. Can anyone ID this coin?
  377. How do I get the smudges, bag marks and gauges out of my America The Beautiful coins?
  378. Copper ends at record; gold gains almost $6
  379. 9/11 Coin Slammed..
  380. Flipping ATB's ???
  381. 2011 First Spouse Designs
  382. Shipping silver out of the country?
  383. Ripped off!
  384. Grading Service
  385. 4-Ounce Eagles..
  386. ATB Alert: Amark taking registrations now
  387. MS-60 NGC $10 Liberty, yet cleaned
  388. Buying or Selling NUMISMATICS now or later? Check this OUT!
  389. Counterfeit coins from China turning up in Wash
  390. Gold 10 Ruble Russian coin
  391. GOLD on cover of SmartMoney magazine received yesterday and 7 page spread
  392. Coins they now make at the mint
  393. Coin Newsletter Info: be informed
  394. These China fakes are fantastic!
  395. Polished St. Gaudens Question
  396. Coin and Stamp SHow in Melbourne, Florida
  397. Polished/Cleaned coins
  398. America the Beautiful set price tumbles
  399. Silver World Crowns
  400. ? 5 oz Hudson silver round
  401. Do prospectors even find much nowadays?
  402. Lakeland Coin show, this Friday Saturday and Sunday
  403. 2005 1/4 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf M7 Priva Mark, value?
  404. How much is this worth?
  405. Prepare To Give Up All Private Data For Any Gold Purchase Over $100
  406. Inflation the old way
  407. Dollar coins from mint?
  408. 2009 American Siver Eagle PROOF
  409. PCGS now offering PL designation on UHRs
  410. Sovereign 1915-S rim thickness/dia ?
  411. Reading my new COIN WORLD I see a letter about US Mint melting 85,000 UHRs
  412. Tulving
  413. It's official, the world has gone insane, common date lunars for $100+
  414. Found a FREE book for you on SILVER
  415. US Mint Reducing Allotments of Silver American Eagles
  416. Recent US Mint total sales to this week.
  417. Utah Considers Return to Gold, Silver Coins
  418. Lower than spot on ebay & locally
  419. Need help identifying gold coin
  420. Wisconsin to get a gold mine?
  421. I use to think $50 silver and $2,000 gold was crazy talk!
  422. U.S. Mint initiates process for major U.S. coinage overhaul
  423. Copper bars and coins
  424. Copper Prospecting
  425. Where can I get a good price for Morgan and Peace dollars?
  426. Preliminary Details on 2011 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins
  427. Silver vs Copper
  428. Recent SALES US MINT update
  429. Copper Penny Question
  430. Grading Coins
  431. Found my first four leaf clov.....I mean Pre-64 Dime!
  432. Started to collect these because they are worth more than a US Quarter now
  433. Things are getting real expensive at MCM
  434. Gold and Silver for poor folk.
  435. Latest news: Earthquake in Japan might add further pressure on precious metals prices
  436. 1/10-ounce silver coin
  437. A Caution for Any New Arrivals....
  438. Possible design change to SAE
  439. Buying and offloading gold
  440. Huge Gold Nugget
  441. XXX GOLD Porn.
  442. Canadian coin question
  443. So who is buying gold and silver now?
  444. FBI busted a minter of silver coins..
  445. info on 1899 $2.50 gold coin
  447. UHR 2009 UPDATE - for the future...
  448. Refining base metals
  449. Wow, 11 nations going Shiite, 2 Obummer spill, Japan to DEFCON 6, and PMs going DOWN!
  450. Canadian coins
  451. Opinions on prooflike UHR please
  452. Ramblings of key dates & low mintages
  453. San Francisco Mint to strike silver bullion
  454. Copper prospecting??
  455. Why do coins have dates?
  456. ebay and taxes etc.
  458. Ron Paul talks to Kitco about gold and silver coins
  459. Scrap sterling silver...
  460. Just noticed SAE's are not marked .999...
  461. what makes a modern commem desirable?
  462. Could this cause a dip....
  463. ENGELHARD PROSPECTORS ---- OLD Batch in MS condition??? or F A K E???
  464. Coin Dealer Proverbs
  465. First Spouse Coins may become 1/4 oz. - opinion article
  466. What price does .925 (sterling) silver go for these days?
  467. My trades today
  468. SAE Blue Cases. Can you tell me about them?
  469. Swap a sealed monster box of 2010 maples for St. Gaudens?
  470. Modern commems so unloved
  471. AirTites for foreign Coins?
  472. Ideas for raising cash to mine
  473. 2011 Proof GOld Eagles
  474. Liberty Dollar Legal to Collect - The Gospel According to CoinWorld
  475. Exchanging silver for gold
  476. ASE
  477. 2011 ATB 5oz Silver Bullion Coins
  478. Selling The First Spouse Coin - an opinion article
  479. If you have a RED BOOK read the INTRODUCTION
  480. Ampex Looking for Coin?
  481. Lincoln wheat coins?
  482. Need advise.
  483. ATB 'P' Mint Mark Coin Thread
  484. Which would you pick - Morgans or ASEs?
  485. Apmex preselling 2011 ATB's
  486. Pretty coins - but what do I do with them? - Advice from more knowledgable BMs
  487. How about a 2000/100 20/1 gsr holiday meet?
  488. The Science of Coin Identification
  489. I may need a Gold Guniea
  490. How does one gauge pricing for old coins like $20 St.Gaudens?
  491. Is this coin (or any Platinum) worth it?
  492. 1925 dime from a UK car boot sale
  493. Re: The Science of Coin Identification
  494. I love my wife! - part II
  495. Premiums for Silver Eagles, Maples, etc
  496. Analysis: Scrap silver rush strains refiners
  497. RE:RE The Science of Coin Identification
  498. Would you buy this?
  499. North Carolina Pay Dirt?
  500. Perth Mint Mintage numbers
  501. Thoughts on grading modern coins
  502. Tuvalu Cat Gold Coins
  503. Expecting an offer this weekend
  504. Took advantage of the silver drop to keep up with a couple of series Brits & Pandas-
  505. Hotel buyers gone wild! - Guy's story about crooked coin buyers
  507. a quick question on canadian wildlife series
  508. Type Sets
  509. The HOBO NICKEL (Dollar)
  510. Question about US Mint commemorative coins
  511. Some pics of Lasqueti Mint new issue
  512. Silver - Commitment of Traders
  513. Thoughts on the Mexican Silver Libertad
  514. Is this a ponzi?
  515. A month or so ago I bought some 1 oz silver Coins
  516. Why is barber series so devoid of life?
  517. Rules for Reportable Bullion & Cash Transactions or Lack Thereof
  518. Jim Rodgers buys $270.000 worth of Gold & Silver Panda's?
  519. Trade ATB's for an '09 UHR
  520. Do you buy Slab or Non-Slab Bullion Coins?
  521. Determining What Is Silver
  522. Where to buy NGC MS65+ 100+ Year old Gold Coins
  523. $1M Coin Collection Scattered Along I-95
  524. Can't find this item that I purchased...
  525. FIRST POST!! questions about 90% silver
  526. Scotia Mocatta Loses 60% Of Its Physical Silver In One Month To "Reclassification"
  527. The Binion Collection
  528. U.S. Mint's American Eagle silver sales so far this year best since 1986
  529. Environmentalists in California are attempting to shut down dredging
  530. Which Carson City Morgan Dollar to purchase?
  531. State Quarter Silver Proofs
  532. 2011 Silver American Eagle Proof $59.95+
  533. Interesting a 1 oz GAE weighs more than a 1 oz SAE
  534. gold australian lunar series 1/4 ounce set
  535. Federal Reserve Admits: We Have No Gold !
  536. 2011 5 oz Proof silver Koala
  537. Anyone have ATB slabbed??
  538. Perth Mint 2008 1/2 ounce Year of the Mouse series 2
  539. Grading service rating;NGC ANACS ICG etc
  540. 2011 San Francisco Silver American Eagles to be slabbed with special label
  541. burnished uncirculated AGE series
  542. first spouses change to 1/4 ounce.....
  543. ATB buyers, are you buying; only "P", only bullion, or both?
  544. KOOL Medals
  545. 10 PCGS Morgans my spider senses are tingling
  546. ANA Gold gulch
  547. 2011 Libertad Aztec Kilo coin
  548. Silver explosion coming
  549. Question on the nickels and pennies thing
  550. Archie Kidd has passed on to that art bar in the sky. RIP
  551. 9-11 Commemorative Medal
  552. Street Prospecting
  553. Im an idiot, help me figure out if this stuff is real, thanks
  554. New Silver Medals....still no W
  555. ATB Quarter Silver Proof Sets
  556. So I've got a Vietnamese Kim-Thanh Gold Bar...
  557. Gold/Silver future prices, and the premiums.
  558. Casa Barron Gold tokens Value?
  559. What do you NUMI guys think of this MINT offering?
  560. Proper way to open PCGS and NGS case?
  561. 2009 Buffalo Proof
  562. WOW! Over 10000 fake Peace Dollars sold today on eBay?
  563. Perth Mint Series 1 Silver Lunar (bullion 2oz) set value?
  564. Harvey Organ , on Gold & Silver, Very Good Read....
  566. The $1 billion that no one in the United States wants
  567. U.S. Mint releases 2011 American Eagle Silver proof coins
  568. Copper slashes bacterial risk
  569. The directory of Australian coin & bullion dealers
  570. My thoughts/suspicions re: Silver
  571. Much as I used to LOVE (and still do) the SAINTS $20 1907 to 1933
  572. Current US MINT sales.
  573. Need help finding a coin.
  574. Stockpiling
  575. Wonder about this new GOLD find and the coins involved. FUN read.
  576. Remember the (10) 1933 GOLD Saint Gaudens? Well here's the Soap Opera
  577. Metal detecting
  578. UHR question
  579. Double Eagle question?
  580. 40% IKE's
  581. First Spouse Coins to Go Bye Bye? $1 coin reduced mintage & more
  582. US Mint "ALL coin sales" to date...
  583. Interesting story
  584. Weighing 90%
  585. Going to a HEAVY METAL concert!
  586. Small Investment
  587. The TEN coin TRIAL of the 1933 testimony and DRAMA
  588. Need some help identifying a coin
  589. What kind of ASE is this?
  590. Are the First Strike 2011 ASEs Worth Gettiing, Numismatically?
  591. Declining UHR prices?
  592. Gold rush frenzy for Nazi loot
  593. 60 Million $ Worth of Gold in 1880 would be worth 4,800 Million $ Today; Right?
  594. HUGE Morgan dollar dealer display
  595. The WORLD's Biggest Coin & Money Collection - picture by picture - old to new
  596. 10k American high school class rings
  597. NORFED round keep or sell ?
  598. OT looking for information
  599. Presidential Coins not going over well
  600. Anybody collect PAPER money - here's something of interest.
  601. Presidential dollars
  602. "Don't hoard your silver coins"-7/24/65
  603. Would like to add an ancient coin
  604. Trillion Dollar Platinum coins....coming soon?
  605. Like Richard Mayberry said last month....
  606. Latest Mint Sales Numbers
  607. 2011 W ASE scheduled
  608. Sub $35 silver coming soon....
  609. Copper penny ratio is dropping fast here.
  610. Homestake Mine commemorative coin
  611. Gold cd Platinum
  612. Numismatic Gold Coins Near Bullion Prices
  613. PCGS vs NGC
  614. Mint Direct Canadian Wolf Tube of 25
  615. US Commerative Coins - Proof vs UNC
  616. Coin World article on GOLD at $1,800.00
  617. Report From the Coin Dealer Front Lines
  618. What's you Favorite GOLD Coin?
  619. World's Fair of Money
  620. Pocket Pig full of Mercury
  621. Mint SALES go bananas
  622. Holy 1869.90 BATMAN !
  623. Hello, I am new to this forum
  624. Favorite 2011 coin thread
  625. Silver Canadian Wildlife Series
  626. Some porn for you.
  627. $1,849 was the next GOLD ANGEL GOLD BLOCK.
  628. Are you ready for the 25th Anniversary ASE 5-coin Set?
  629. Coca cola 75th art bar middlesboro my value?
  630. NGC Slabbed 2011 San Fran ASE Early Release MS69 - $48
  631. Uncirculated Gold Coins = Graded vs. Ungraded
  632. Has the Mint pulled all gold coins?
  633. Forget the Cu bullion scam. Zn is the next big thing!
  634. Help estimating value for this set
  635. Is Buying this set .. overkill?
  636. Slab or not to slab, that is the question
  637. Not a bad deal, 2006 W 2 coin Burnished set for $2099. What do you think?
  638. Help with old foreign coins
  639. Lucy Hayes Spouse #20 gold coin - 9-1-11 should BE we'll see right?
  640. ONE world currency video tape interesting
  641. World wide shift in gold ownership
  642. Jackson HO coming
  643. Dragons on sale at Apmex
  644. Kookaburras anyone - you set collectors
  645. $5 Gold Commeratives back
  646. Old 1933 St. Gaudy Story We all know, but still interesting!
  647. How Gold Works
  648. Need metal detector help
  649. 2011 Gettysburg uncirculated!
  650. Cheap Silver????
  651. Are the Eagles Landing???
  652. Time to start watching the 5oz Chickasaw coins
  653. Uncirculated 1962 "sleave" of coins
  654. Putting together a collection of graded coins
  655. Just noticed that the AS Eagle 2011 (S) early release(s) were like the early ones
  656. Wikileaks Discloses The Reason(s) Behind China's Shadow Gold Buying Spree
  657. The One that Got Away
  658. Numi Value on BINION Collection Coins
  659. Perth DRAGON Proof - Only 5,000 Minted - Order Now!
  660. Selling Scrap Gold.
  661. Libyan convoy with gold, cash crossed to Niger
  662. 2011-atb-five-ounce-silver-bullion-coin-sales-slow-to-a-crawl
  663. Thieves Steal Batteries From 32 School Buses
  664. Best way to trade gold numis for bullion?
  665. Article - US Mint SALES and no WAY JOSE GOLD bubble
  666. eBay "deal"?
  667. 2011 Uncirculated ASE question
  668. Numismastic silver vs numismastic gold
  669. September 11 National Medals
  670. Cool video: How silver coins are minted
  671. UK silver proof identification
  672. Will 95% Cu cents & 75/25% Cu-Ni nickels ever trade near melt like junk silver coins?
  673. The Death of Liquidity
  674. 2012 Perth Lunar Dragon MS70 NGC
  675. Thieves continue to focus on copper!
  676. 2011-W Burnished ASE - shown on HSN before mint release
  677. Canadian Wildlife series 3rd coin is a Cougar.
  678. First time prospecting
  679. Are 2008-W Uncirculated Platinum Eagles Overpriced, or Simply a Good Buy?
  680. The Patriotic and Moral Imperative for Owning Gold and Silver
  681. APMEX now taking orders on 2012 Proof 1 oz Gold Lunar Dragons
  682. California Gold Rush Set for Revival
  683. Potential low mintage
  684. Mint reduces prices on gold products
  685. 2011 1 oz Gold Canadian Mountie Maple Leaf .99999 Fine(Sept 23rd)
  686. Eagle has landed, W that is, back in stock at mint
  687. What Determines the Price of Gold?
  688. Help ID This STERLING SILVER piece
  689. HIGHLAND MINT-Custom Minting
  690. Couple of silver 10 oz. troy bars from old European 1739 founded joint
  691. 2011 uncirculated ASE question
  692. APMEX removes 2012 1 oz Dragons
  693. APMEX is taking Cougar orders; to buy now or to wait?
  694. Bullion Vaults Run Out of Space on Gold Rally
  695. 1 oz Dragons on sale at Apmex
  696. Panda Dealers
  697. US Mint policy onf pricing its silver products
  698. Silver Eagles in the melting pot? Wtf?
  699. Silver Eagle bullion sales exploded the last few days
  700. Explain To Me ATB's
  701. Bullion premiums in Europe vs USA
  702. Gold up $30 and platinum down $25.
  703. Gold & Silver dragons
  704. Attn. Nickel Hoarders - Meet The Nickel King
  705. Need some advice on Kookabuuras
  706. Silver Dragons - right now avail 10/3/12
  707. Nice 1922 Peace dollar off-center error
  708. 2009 Kilo Silver Libertad
  709. Copper margin increase just announced
  710. US Mint sales with October few days (note ASE both "W" & bullion)
  711. Liberty coins and paper, NORFED
  712. The price for freedom......
  713. current mint grid
  714. ASE Proof and UNC repriced
  715. aus koala 5oz pgcs69
  716. Sarasota Fl coin show Oct 28th, 29th 30th 2011
  717. Canadian Wildlife Series opinions
  718. How can you tell what's in a SEALED US mint shipping box?
  719. UHR coins are starting to really go up in resale price
  720. 2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set
  721. Trading AGE for slabbed St. Gaudens Double Eagles
  722. Sterling "Junk" Franklin Mint Shakespeare Medals For Trade?
  723. 2011 Silver Fiji Taku 1 oz for $2.99 over spot @ gainesville
  724. Double Eagle collection
  725. World Trade Two Silver Mundineros
  726. Australian Lunar series kilo size coins
  727. China Exclusive 9 Coin Dragon Set
  728. ASE proof coin plastic holder weight???
  729. Best & worst looking portraits on coins...
  730. Beginner prospecting help needed
  731. Why the drop in copper prices is Bad
  732. How do I get the most from some gold Jewelry?
  733. Sell numismatics to buy bullion/junk?
  734. 25th Anniversary Set--To Grade or Not to Grade, and with Whom?
  735. *bay vs Redbook prices
  736. Ultrasonic coin cleaner
  737. Another vintage hoard surrendered to the crown
  738. Pennies
  739. Newbie question - When should/shouldn't a coin be graded?
  740. Charts - Weekly vs Daily
  741. What happened to the ASE/AGE redesign?
  742. Shipping Coins/PM Priority Flat Rate Mail as Registered - sealing etc. ?
  743. THE MAKING of Perth Mint's World's Largest Gold Coin -Must See!
  744. 2011 PAMP Suisse Lunar Dragon Silver Bar
  745. America the Beautiful Five-Ounce Series Still Has Legs
  746. WoW!!! Morton & Eden to Sell Hackney Hoard
  747. Silver Find in Bazar | Open Air Market in Wroclaw Poland
  748. What Grade would you give this coin?
  749. Royal Mint Launches 2012 Silver Britannia Coins
  750. 25th Anniversary GOLD American Eagle Set?
  751. Chinese Counterfeiters Producing Fake Precious Metal Coins/ Fake 100 ounce JM bars
  752. Nice metal detecting in a river video, pre-1837 silver coins
  753. Buying the holder, NOT the coin... 1st gen NGC black holder
  754. ME summer mining
  755. By reading NGC article I see Eric Jordan's Book "was years ahead of the CROWD!"
  756. Next big thing!?
  757. Dump Mining?
  758. US Silver Eagle mintages and article
  759. Are you INTO bullion or numis? Here's ONE that I guarantee you won't be sorry on ~HS
  760. US Mint sales = now OZ 2011 "W" unc AGE selling at 500 sales per week. SPOUSES DEAD
  761. 2012 Spouse coin designs
  762. 100,000 Coins From A Single Counterfeiter!
  763. Galena
  764. Northern Graphite/Mindesta
  765. 28-Year-Old's Startup Wants To Completely Kill Credit Cards
  766. Mintage vs. Price Disparity in Morgans
  767. Recommendations for Washington DC Coin Shops
  768. Apmex 25th Sets
  769. Could bode well for King Copper?
  770. I L0ve Expensive Coins - But no one else does
  771. Fort Myers Florida coin show Sat Nov 19th 2011
  772. UHR's bringing big bucks (hold and wait till next year)
  773. Canadian Silver Grizzlies
  774. So, what did you do with your 25th Anniversary Sets?
  775. Fort Myers Florida coin show Sat Nov 19th 2011 observations
  776. Opinions on 1900/890 Overdate on Mexico Gold 1 Peso
  777. It appears that MCM is going the way of APMEX (read really really GREEDY)
  778. Got some coins graded by ICG at Sarasota Show
  779. ATB 5 oz. Glacier coin "on sale"?
  780. Tracking 25th sales prices.
  781. 25th Anniversary Grading Results
  782. Just got a little box of coins...
  783. New find sheds light on ancient site in Jerusalem
  784. 25th Anniversary Set --- where is the gold set?
  785. Update: All 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets Have Shipped
  786. Traded Gae's plus cash for a five oz gold proof Isle of Man
  787. America's first gold coins... Regulated gold
  788. Here's what I meant about a lot of coins from the US MINT = $23,000.00 for 2011
  789. Gold Shares Cheapest Since 2002 Are Coiled Spring for Rally: Commodities
  790. Paradise Mint having a sale
  791. OKAY, I now understand the HYP on the 2011 25th Anniv. Set especially the Packagiing
  792. Heads up on the Medal of Honor MS $5 gold
  793. 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set Purchase price
  794. Mint Backorders
  795. Slabbing 25th Anniversary Eagle Set with a Twist
  796. Paper or Plastic...currency - New CA $100 bills are junk!
  797. All this talk about premiums
  798. Do small transformers have copper?
  799. What do you guys think of the 2011 burnished gold eagle?
  800. Anyone have a floor safe that goes in concrete??
  801. To make for the sometimers moment(s) here's one for you 2011 SET collectors
  802. List of Useful websites resourses
  803. Ancient gold PRICES and what THAT means for the future WOW!
  804. Japan to offer gold and silver as extra incentive to buy government bonds
  805. US Mint 2012 Product Schedule
  806. Validating Morgans
  807. Hats off to "Shortstack"
  808. 2011 1oz Silver buffalos
  809. 1883-S Morgan Silver Dollar "regrading"
  810. Current US Mint sales
  811. If you don't collect big gold bullion coins...
  812. How to buy rare coins
  813. 2012 1 ounce lunar dragons 84.99 at Apmex
  814. Fun show coming soon Jan 5,6,7,8 Orlando Florida
  815. NOTE 25th Set ASE ARTICLE (coins switched and hash mark{s} on ONE of the coins)
  816. Grading a 1922 Rainbow Toned Peace Dollar
  817. Forgotten Treasure: Library Janitor Discovers Silver Coin Cache [ABC News]
  818. Opps, NO more DEAD President Coins...per US MINT
  819. 25th Aniversary SAE Varieties (Die Crack on Reverse Proof)
  820. White House Ceases Production of Presidential Coins
  821. All you British silver LOVER folks here's one for you
  822. Toning on First Spouse Gold Coins
  823. 2012 Eagles - Presale???
  824. An end to the First Spouse?
  825. Fake 1878 trade dollar--what is it?
  826. Legislation Seeks Steel Cents and Nickels
  827. Amazing 2500 year old silver decadrachm (opening bid: 2.5million!)
  828. Another viking hoard dug up in England
  829. Local coin show report, 12/17/2011
  830. Trade my 5 coin Mint 25th Ann. Silver Eagle set for a NGS MS69 set.
  831. is the original SLV still on here? Wondering about his penny sorter.
  832. One born every minute, ebay 25th set sales
  833. Mercanti labels now on UHR FIRST STRIKE PCGS on EBAY
  834. Thoughts on silver quarter proof sets
  835. Question: Mercanti v. Flag Label
  836. Bullion or 25th Eagle sets
  837. Extremely rare gold Brasher doubloon minted in 1787 fetches $7.4 million
  838. No Frills - Timber Wolf
  840. 10 oz Perth Mint loaf bars,and other cool metals
  841. morgan and peace dollars on e-bay
  842. New American Penny and Nickel composition coming?
  843. Buffalo rounds vs silver Maples
  844. Testing Mirrors at PCGS and NGC
  845. 2011 GIM Rounds
  846. Anonymous donor donates 10oz of silver
  847. F.U.N Coin Show---Orlando 5--8 January 2012
  848. 25th Anniversary....Reverse Proof or "S" ?
  849. The 2012 Annual FUN Convention is Here! Jan 5,6,7,8 2012
  850. Where To Find Gold
  851. New Zealand Dragon
  852. New Key Date for half dollar commeratives
  853. 25th Anny. Eagle and 2010 ATB Matching Set Trading
  854. Tracking 25th Anniversary "S" and Reverse Proof Coins
  855. THE Gold Bar...
  856. 1884 Morgan CC GSA
  857. Wolves,Grizzlies and Cougars...wildlife collection from Cdn Mint
  858. Introducing Chickasaw-- The current "Key" ATB Bullion Coin.
  859. Statue of Limitations for getting a 25th anniversary set graded??????
  860. any potential numi value on these?
  861. Numismatic Fanatic (Coin Collecting Book)
  862. Gold Won't Be Around a Year From Now
  863. The amazing ancient coin auction people with more money then brains
  864. 1793 penny fetches $1M at Fla. auction
  865. APMEX BullionDirect ATB Rolls
  866. 1793 penny fetches $1.38M at U.S. auction
  867. Gold Prospectors Association - Gold and Treasure Show Las Vegas April 2012
  868. Interesting article on the 1986 Stature of Liberty gold commemorative
  869. Officials seize two ancient coins at NYINC
  872. 1/10 oz gold maples
  873. Source:Break up of CME.......
  874. Questionable numismatic value
  875. The first SILVER coins (and you thought $30 bucks an ounce was high!)
  876. Youtube of some insanely expensive coins from the 2012 FUN show
  877. Liberty dollars anyone?
  878. 2012 S will be produced
  879. US Mint silver blanks
  880. Question on Gold Coins
  881. Platinum?
  882. PM Portfolio Diversification?
  883. Copper Bears Retreating as Prices Rebound the Most Since 1987: Commodities
  884. US Mint SAE special issues in 2012
  885. -POLL- Numismatics- Bullion or Both
  886. Pre-'82 vs. Post-'81 Pennies
  887. Irons ongoing MD finds thread
  888. Benchmark: End of year closing price of gold since 2000
  889. Platinum Eagle Coins
  890. The History of Pincher Processing LLC
  891. SPY COINS
  892. New interactive gold bullion coins video
  893. How to tell the difference between a ms68 and a ms70 coin?
  894. Article to put in you pipe and smoke on GOLD SAINTS.
  895. In defense of the US Mint
  896. Coin World suggest NEW American Silver Eagle SETS in 2012
  897. What's going on on Ebay???
  898. Why Are the Chinese Buying Record Quantities of Gold? - Forbes
  899. The Collectorama Coin and Currency Show Feb 17,18,19 Lakeland Florida
  900. 2012 ASE "S" with Golden Gate Bridge lable
  901. re: Eisenhower dollar
  903. Uncirculated (W) Eagles or Bullion
  904. Australian Opal Series The Koala
  905. Metal Detecting tips
  906. Advice on Bill Clinton 1 lb silver coin
  907. household order limits will no longer be imposed on America the Beautiful Five Ounce
  908. Dallas locations to sell coins
  909. U.S. Mint web site is down for "routine system maintenance" raising prices?
  910. Who will score the first lost gold with thier new Metal Detectors?
  911. Modern COIN Conundrum - article
  912. NGC Certifies Unique Proof 1854 $10
  913. Obama wants cheaper pennies and nickels
  914. ETA for the 2012 Silver Panda
  915. Is Irons Getting Greedy?
  916. 2012 Infantry Soldier Commerative Silver Dollar
  917. America the Beautiful 5 oz advice
  918. Raining GOLD coins in a French winery
  919. New RCM Polar Bear Silver Coin
  920. Read about a Religious MONK finding 277 Million USA $ gold statue after a prayer
  921. Perth 2012 High Relief Dragon
  922. Engraving error on ALL GOLD TYLER II coins ~ HS
  923. Defenders of Freedom Set
  924. Buying power of coins in ancient Rome
  925. 1988 Gold proof set
  926. NOTE to the get rich quick crowd.
  927. Advice on Silver Commemorative coins just purchased today...Please
  928. Sold gold bullion to purchase real estate. What do you think?
  929. Bingo! $100K for a buck!!
  930. US Mint sells way more coins
  931. 2012 Star Spangled Banner Commemorative
  932. Mint touts cost savings in .999 silver switch
  933. US Mint product schedule has expanded
  934. Would you buy this ultra high relief goin coin?
  935. Favorite Numismatic Coin
  936. US Mint sales to date - note the spouses and the 5oz ATBs
  937. Check your hawaii state quarters.
  938. New to ME rolling miners cabin
  939. Real 1881 CC Morgan Silver Dollar (New rube ripoff on flea bay) ONLY 49.49
  940. Perth Mint damaging their reputation by exceeding mintage limits?
  941. Question about toning
  942. Is there anywhere to get production updates (weekly or monthly) on the canadian mapl?
  943. Early Release v. First Release
  944. Keep or flip 1884 Morgan S
  945. Mongolia Wildlife Protection Series
  946. Real or Fake?
  947. 2012 San Fran reverse proof ASE .... maybe
  948. Canada dropping penny
  950. Mint to issue 2012 S and Reverse Proof Silver eagle 75th Anniversary mint set in May
  951. 1986 Liechtenstein 10 Taler 5oz Silver
  952. Where do you buy numismatics?
  953. American Palladium Eagles
  954. Detecting Ethics
  955. NEW TO THIS!
  956. Johnson Matthey art bar mintage numbers
  957. Help Needed: What is it?
  958. 2000 silver lunar australian dragon proof 2 ounce coin.
  959. The Group of Seven- Coin Series
  960. Having trouble finding MS70 2012 Silver Maple Leaf
  961. How do I Learn How to Grade Coins?
  962. What's a wholesale price on $20 no motto gold double eagles and$10 indian heads?
  963. Rare 1792 penny sells for $1.15 million
  964. Gainesville Coins - SAE special $2.35 over spot
  965. 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set
  966. APMEX: Silver Eagles for sale at spot!
  967. 2012 Libertads
  968. Prospecting for gold urban style
  969. Silver Panda Values
  970. The most accurate, up-to-date mintage table for modern US PM coins anywhere
  971. What is a good pocket scale for silver buying?
  972. Silver article long on critical factors impacting SILVER right now... best to YA ~ HS
  973. For you High Relief Fans.........2012 HR Kookaburra
  974. PCGS coins?
  975. Police: Mom, daughter killed elderly neighbor for coin collection
  976. Maybe im Crazy!!?!!
  977. British Royal Mint goes into bullion business.
  978. Would you...
  979. What's Your Worst or Least Favorite Coin/Bar?
  980. Question on 1908D Double Eagle Mintmark
  981. St Petersbugh Fl coin show May 12 2012
  982. 1983 copper cent found
  983. Mint suspends sales on gold
  984. Need help on grading!! Appreciate it!!!
  985. The Proof Set, Inseparable?
  986. The Proof Set, Inseparable?
  987. Fisher F2 v. Tesoro Compadre....??????
  988. hold nickles and copper pennies or use to buy silver?
  989. 2008 W $50 Gold Buffalo coin
  990. Weight question
  991. please take a look at this silver and gold bullion collection
  992. Next Thurs. 6-7 the 2012 San Fran ASE at US Mint on sale.
  993. LONG Beach Show Curse - CA "article" so true it is... ~ HS
  994. American Eagle gold bullion sales more than double in May
  995. Unique coin from Perth Mint
  996. magnifying glasses ?
  997. rookie with a question on a particular 1 oz. gold coin
  998. 2,000-year-old treasure includes gold earrings, precious stones
  999. New Eagle set first day sales
  1000. Won some ebay bids.
  1001. Vote for Silver 2012
  1002. Coin collecting dilemma
  1003. 2012 Silver Proof Set - Upside down Dime ?
  1004. Next THURSDAY 6-2812 2012 "W" UNC. 1-oz GOLD AMERICAN EAGLE goes on sale
  1005. PHILHARMONIC Coins Valued in Euro's = Worth MORE or Less in the Future
  1006. What is THIS?
  1007. MS-65 Saint-Gaudens
  1008. If you are really "cheap" and don't buy books read this JORDAN article & make a MINT!
  1009. Clearwater Florida coin show, June 29,30th and July 1st
  1010. Mongolia 2012 Silver 500 Togrog Long-Eared Hedgehog Coin
  1011. Tracking the 2012 SAE San Francisco two coin set
  1012. 1951 proof set prices
  1013. 10mil worth of coins found in field
  1014. 2012 W UNC American Gold Eagle
  1015. Anyone come across this coin?
  1016. Friggin Privy
  1017. Best place to sell numismatics?
  1018. What is this?
  1019. Help with 1897 Barber quarter needed
  1020. US Mint SALES reported 7-11, 2012
  1021. [APMEX] Perfect, First Strike 2012 Silver American Eagles
  1022. Fisher 1266x
  1023. ICG Slabbed Coins
  1024. Fake chinese maple leaf sale: Min. Order: 500 PiecesFOB Price: US $0.2-1.89 / Piece
  1025. More SF ASE proofs to be minted
  1026. 2012 Australian High Relief Kangaroo
  1027. Should you have First Spouses in Mint packaging graded??
  1028. Saturation
  1029. Top Ten Lowest Mintage Moderns...
  1030. Questions while waiting on Mr Jordan's book??
  1031. What grade to reasonably expect for US Mint Unc ATB pucks??
  1032. Is a new gold standard comming?
  1033. ooopsie. Read this ad
  1034. Waited too long for "50 Most Popular coins"??
  1035. THIS weeks mint sales really POOR (click below)
  1036. What's your Oldest Coin?
  1037. Making American History Coin and Currency Set
  1038. What am I missing? Jordan Buffalo question
  1039. Are MS ATB 5oz or Mint Marked SAEs the better long term bets??
  1040. What grade to reasonably expect US Mint or dealer buy Spouses in OGP boxes to be??
  1041. British Sovereigns and Half-Sovereigns
  1042. Gold eagels $161 each
  1043. Send the UHR in for grading?
  1044. My First Gold Purchase.
  1045. Had the most amazing week a cashier
  1046. My first gold sovereign
  1047. What year Gold Buffaloes had Mint Marks besides 2008??
  1048. For fractional plat proofs, Is it better to get multiple keys or get the whole set??
  1049. Are these Jordan coins "MATURE" yet??
  1050. Is silver best to save for longterm purchases? Dad says no!
  1051. ModernCoinMart speaks regarding "perfect" 70's
  1052. One-on-One with Eric Sprott
  1053. Odd/rare dealer recommendations
  1054. There's a massive Asian buyer in the Gold Market
  1055. This should be interesting....
  1056. Awesome stuff here! Hobo nickels from out of this world :p!
  1057. 1873 CC dime sells for $1.6 million
  1058. Gold auction, Russian catch 22......
  1059. Do you sort your pocket change and pull 95% pennies?
  1060. Need help identifying, please.
  1061. VB Update Notes for August - September 2012 Seller Exhaustion
  1062. Does anyone really collect for the love of coins
  1063. 50 x 1gram silver snap off survival "bar"
  1064. Classy SOVEREIGNS anyone? From around the world
  1065. 1999-W $10 Gold Eagle, Unifinshed PR Dies, MS70
  1066. The sheeple and gold....
  1067. Double bottom neckline, silver...
  1068. Bill Murphy of GATA: Major Move Up in Gold/Silver is Imminent!
  1069. The monetary Maginot of the Gold Standard
  1070. Simon bolivar 20 balboas coin question
  1071. Hungary 20 Korona
  1072. Latest Addition to Canadian Wildlife Series
  1073. Initial article on how-to Auction bidding
  1074. Unidentified, Franklin Mint, .999 ,Mines.
  1075. Unidentified, Nevada Prospector Silver Company.
  1076. Unidentified Silver bar assortment...
  1077. 1778 $20 Note
  1078. Revisiting the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set
  1079. More Chineses Fakes
  1080. Don't give up, 3.66 Kg nugget found....
  1081. Well it has happened, gold now collateral,...
  1082. First post, toning of Eagle
  1083. Another reason to NEVER clean 90%: 1964-D Reverse of 1965 25-cent
  1084. Do people collect antique counterfeits?
  1085. VIDEO - GATA's Bill Murphy interviewed by Lauren Lyster
  1086. Academy Silver 10 oz stackables
  1087. The $1 million penny and 7 more famous coins
  1088. Carson City Dollar
  1089. Unidentified: Silver Chief Running Antelope
  1090. Langford loses $80 million in Gold coins..
  1091. $35 silver now
  1092. Step 1- Create demand. Step 2- Gouge customers.
  1093. Comparing 2011 vs. 2012 Numismatic Gold Coin Sales
  1094. Interesting Prospecting Finds
  1095. Eagle, eagle or eagle??? 5 2011 25th Sets or 1995 W SAE or 2009 Ultra High GAE????
  1096. US Mint Sales Report 9/19/12
  1097. 1 Oz silver round in hand luggage
  1098. Get Your Fake Tungsten-Filled Gold Coins Here
  1099. Newest $20 silver coin for $20 from the Canadian mint
  1100. US Mint Sales Report 9/25/12
  1101. Use commemorative coins to pay down deficit, lawmakers suggest
  1102. Traveling With Precious Metals
  1103. What are semi numismatic coins?
  1104. U.S monetary insanity: A nickel is now worth more than a quarter
  1105. $400,000 Gold coin "lost" by USPS registered mail
  1106. QWAK,what is a penny worth?
  1107. Lakeland Florida coin and collectable show Oct 5th, 6th and 7th
  1108. "FAT MAN" Chinese Silver Trade Dollars-
  1109. Latest eBay closings...
  1110. Silver Eagle coupon from Littleton Coin 29.99
  1111. Pento sees QE4
  1112. 2012-W $50 Gold Eagle (burnished) Latest Mint Sales
  1113. Silver Numismatic Products Suspended Pending Price Increase
  1114. Judge sentences Mint police officer to prison
  1115. One Very Strange Use For Silver Coins
  1116. Safe way to clean oxidized old coins?
  1117. Will the US and Canadian Mint ever talk to Perth about milk spots?
  1118. 25th anniversary set follow up
  1119. 1995-W SAE Proof w/ 10th Anniversary Commemorative set
  1120. James Sinclair, thoughts on silver
  1121. The - SHOW & TELL THREAD - Bullion, Coins, Collections etc.
  1122. The neatest 1oz gold set I'll never own: The Hobbit
  1123. 2012 Silver Eagles, San Fransico Mint
  1124. Anybody have a recent Gray Sheet handy?
  1125. New mint survey: Fractional Buffs, reverse proof Buffs, Oh My!
  1126. Coin distributors sorting out silver?
  1127. Coin estimated at over $1.8 million expected to break record as highest price paid
  1128. Is It Ever Wise to Take Certified Populations for Modern Coins Seriously?
  1129. New book on American Silver Eagle program coming Nov. 20
  1130. Gold $10 away from commercial signal failure...
  1131. Do you think numismatic value is a scam?
  1132. 1897 Cuban pre peso "Souvenir"
  1133. How many people lost their class rings?
  1134. Nice Obverse On This Flying Eagle Cent
  1135. Was told I need a "bigger stick" :o
  1136. A few neat coins from the Dallas ANA show
  1137. Found Coin Expected To Bring More Than $100,000 At Auction
  1138. Our President Barack Hosain Obama in gold
  1139. 60 million American's effected by SANDY.
  1140. real or not? Bought these today
  1141. Signs of a gold standard....
  1142. 50 Top Modern Coins BOOK by Jordan
  1143. David Morgan Takes on the Toughest Argument Against Gold and Silver
  1144. Gold And Silver Worth $1.4 Billion Carried ...
  1145. Who says copper has no value? Pennies & tattoos
  1146. Am I doing this math correctly?
  1147. uncirculated Star Spangled Banner $5 Gold soldout??
  1148. Politics in The Mint - 1933 St. Gaudens vs 1974 Aluminum Cent
  1149. Isle of Man 1 oz Silver Noble (Viking Ship Obverse)
  1150. A market for odd Mint items
  1151. Recommend a very accurate scale
  1152. CFTC believes silver market manipulated....
  1153. Cool US mint video circa 1940
  1154. Gold Audit list grows...
  1155. Sterling Silver Bars, Rounds, and Everything Else!
  1156. 10 Most Successful Pirate Captains
  1157. China The Great Wall Silver Medal
  1158. Venice Florida coin show Nov30th and Dec 1st
  1159. Silver Trades pre-Thanksgiving Auction
  1160. Roman artefact found in field by metal-detecting friends
  1161. The Forces That Will Push Silver Over $100
  1162. Using an Ultrasonic Thickness tester to detect fakes
  1163. What is going on at the Mint?
  1164. Proof Gold Eagles NGC/PCGS 70
  1165. Gold vending machine at Golden Nugget, Las vegas
  1166. I'm sure there is a formula
  1167. Canada's Royal Mint Releasing Old Gold
  1168. Orlando Fun Coin show coming soon Jan 10th thru 13th
  1169. 1929 Federal Reserve Bank Note New York $10 Paper currency
  1170. NGC grading, learning experience for me
  1171. From 50 Cents to $1 Million? High-Grade Nelson Mandela Coins Continue March Higher
  1172. Updated Final Sales Total for San Francisco Silver Eagle Set
  1173. Little help with some half Dollars?
  1174. How to keep silver coins from tarnishing? Do you need air-tite holders?
  1175. 2012 Limited Edition Silver Proof set
  1176. Advice about grading.
  1177. 2013 West Point Silver Set
  1178. 2013 Proof Buffalo
  1179. 1 oz. Gold Buffalo 2012
  1180. Nailing down the total mintage of all 1 oz coins in 2011
  1181. Fort Myers Fl coin show Dec 15th,
  1182. Silver Eagles
  1183. any potential numismatic value for statue of liberty coins (all metals)?
  1184. Investopedia -- "Why are people hoarding coins?"
  1185. US Mint Sold Out of Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Until January 7, 2013
  1186. First spouse coin year end liquidation on bay
  1187. OK....spot silver below $30??????
  1188. Canadian Wildlife coins toning...
  1189. How to Sell Gold Without Reporting It
  1190. A Few Design Issues To Get Off My Chest.
  1191. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all
  1192. Gold Standard Silver 10 oz Bar
  1193. 1979 proof sovereign
  1194. Great ChrisTmas book to get yourself
  1195. Be Calm and start to buy quickly this week ~ HS
  1196. Australian Gold Lunar Snake: S1 vs. S2
  1197. Johnson Matthey Silver Rounds - FREEDOM SERIES-
  1198. Did someone just get stung?
  1199. 2003 P Illinois quarter missing copper layer
  1200. US mint lost sales and is suffering
  1201. 150 years of silver "war" crimes - The Silver Saga
  1202. US MINT sales 12-27-12 report
  1203. Fake Bullion
  1204. Anyone pick up some 2013 1 1/2oz CRM polar bears??
  1205. Gold confiscation, Mary Jane laws and the US law.
  1206. Some advise about my ATB 5 oz. uncirculated round, please.
  1207. Attn: Nickel Hoors
  1208. Liberty Dollars banned from CSNS convention
  1209. Do any of the grading services clean coins too?
  1210. 2012 Silver Proof set sold out
  1211. Dec 2012 American Eagle silver coins sales 3rd highest in history
  1212. price of silver
  1213. Boy, this sure beats NUMISMATICS
  1214. Highest Ever One-Day Sales for American Silver Eagles?
  1215. APMEX Free Shipping
  1216. Not that it's worth anything...
  1217. Collecting Bills - Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew signature
  1218. Fun show pictures
  1219. What to do with 2,000+ Walking Liberties, 1919-1940s
  1220. First Copper Alloy 1983-D Cent Found
  1221. 1921-S Morgan dollar fake identification?
  1222. Acquiring Nickel Bullion
  1223. 2012 S America the Beautiful Business Strike Quarters
  1224. Gold in Pictures
  1225. U.S. gold and silver coin sales strong but dealers cautious
  1226. 2012 Proof Gold Eagle Sells out
  1227. 2013 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf 25th Anniversary 5-Coin Set
  1228. HAWAII 5 oz unc. vapor SOLD-OUT at mint.
  1229. US Mint Temporarily Sold Out of 2013 Silver Eagles
  1230. uh oh....germany wants its GOLD back
  1231. 2012 Proof Buffalo Sold Out
  1232. Aussie finds 5Kg Gold Nugget ( in my book that's NO Nugget, that's a ROCK)
  1233. Fractional Proof Silver Libertads to Return in 2013
  1234. 2013 Silver Britannia Quality Issues
  1235. Silver coins the new hot haven investment?
  1236. Man finds 16th century 1.8kg of Ottoman silver coins in Romainia
  1237. Morgan dollar, cartwheel effect.Authentic.
  1238. Airtite size for ducats?
  1239. Mint Sales 1-23-12 Bye BYE BYE 2012 Hawaii "P" at only 14,863
  1240. 1/2 oz silver rounds, First Majestic Silver Corp.
  1241. Royal Canadian Mint Hits Silver Supply Shortage, Limits Dealer Allocation
  1242. American Liberty Dollar, Nothaus NorFed....
  1243. 1794 Silver Dollar Breaks $10 Million Auction Record .
  1244. Nice Article from Coinweek on gold/silver and the top world Mints
  1245. Do You Use Periodicals? & Which Are Your Favorite?
  1246. 1913 Libery head nickel to be auctioned
  1247. 81 gold coins found during pub work
  1248. Where is "THE" Picture?
  1249. PCGS Website First Strike Price Guide?
  1250. Re: Ideas for raising cash to mine
  1251. Official RCM Canadian -MILK SPOTS- Thread
  1252. What is this?
  1253. How much does the average GIM member have?
  1254. RCM annouces The Wood Bison as 6th release
  1255. $20K gold, from Anglo..
  1256. Lakeland Collectorama Show Coming Feb 15th thru 17th
  1257. Krause Publications Announces 2013 Coin of the Year Winners
  1258. Silver is only a fraction of the Gold market.....
  1259. US Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Sales Surge in January
  1260. War Nickles.......What Say You?
  1261. Some numbers to think about in real silver
  1262. Canada: Many welcome departure of pesky penny
  1263. For those hunters who like silver......
  1264. Silver Bullet Silver Shield (SBSS)
  1265. Why do Morgan/Peace dollars sell over spot?
  1266. Would It Make Sense (Or Cents) to Kill the US Penny?
  1267. Gold Eagle, roman numerals, slightly heavy?
  1268. Do you buy a lot from the U.S. Mint?
  1269. Can you still get a display case for a set of gold peso coins?
  1270. 1934 JUNK COIN ?
  1271. NGC offers new "100 Greatest US Coin" and "Its NUMBER 1 to 100" LABEL
  1272. Coin Shop Report
  1273. Royal Mint strikes first coin in India for nearly 100 years
  1274. 2013 2 oz Proof Mexican Libertads
  1275. Knights Templar Silver and Gold Bars
  1276. An excellent book "American Silver Eagles: A Guide to the U.S. Bullion "
  1277. US Mint: 1/Everyone Else: 0
  1278. silver drop explained? maybe
  1279. Perth Mint Silver Lunar Series 2
  1280. Who's going to the Tennesse State Coin Show in Chattanooga,TN March 1-3
  1281. tarnish question
  1282. Anyone heard of World Wide Mint?
  1283. Ron Paul Copper Rounds back in stock at Provident.
  1284. New Koala from the Perth Mint
  1285. Canada Privy Series
  1286. Mexican coin
  1287. Boring: so I fly around in MY ONE-MAN "GOLD" jet LTA & fly with the big boyz 4 fu
  1288. when purchasing gold.........
  1289. $30
  1290. Just bought a few ATB's, pictures
  1291. Odd ball silver bar. Attn: Silver Art
  1292. "Wheat Pennies" @ 3-1?
  1293. 2013 Commemoratives
  1294. Real find or fake advertisement???
  1295. NEW FLASH...99% of silver owners don't know this
  1296. First Spouse Gold versus Sovereign Gold
  1297. Silver Premiums, Demand & Shortages
  1298. Something to ponder.
  1299. Animation showing shape of the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Coin
  1300. Uh-oh
  1301. CANADA Guarantees SILVER to be $80 per ounce!
  1302. 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set Price and Release Date
  1303. What's up with the LCS?
  1304. just want to say........
  1305. 2013 American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set (S40) $149.95)
  1306. Unearthing the miners' dirty cost secrets
  1307. Petra escapes the mining blues with gem of a find in South Africa
  1308. 2013 American Eagle Proof, 1 oz $1810.00
  1309. Tiny pieces of Gold Rush history fetch big bucks
  1310. Arizona Set To Use Gold & Silver As Currency
  1311. I'm such a noob. Must I buy eagles? Why not buy well known, but non govt. mints?
  1312. What is going on?
  1313. Good chance Mint will stop production of bullion Gold Buffalos early this year
  1314. 1923 Gold Sovereign - No Mint Mark ?
  1315. Pre 1933 gold...
  1316. LIBERTY HEAD NICKEL Sells for Stunning Sum
  1317. A Nickle That's Worth $3.2 Million
  1318. Silver's Underperformance Against Gold
  1319. Reverse Proof gold buffalo coming in 2013
  1320. Bill Seeks Steel Cents, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters
  1321. run on physical = pass on gold generals common?
  1322. Gold Libertads
  1323. Radio commercials about buying tungsten
  1324. 2013 Silver Proof Set, Silver Numismatic Products Re-Priced
  1325. Wheaties, the breakfast of copper hoors.
  1326. A couple of new 5 oz ATB picts
  1327. Perth Treasures of the World- Europe (with Garnet stones)
  1328. Why Has Gold Fallen? Is It Still Safe? - Marc Faber Explains
  1329. 2013 ATB: Sitting This One Out
  1330. 2013 Proof Gold Eagles - APMEX has all coin Live and ready to ship!
  1331. metal detector
  1332. US Mint to limit purchases of 'America the Beautiful' silver coins
  1333. Is this the rarest silver bar ever minted?
  1334. Planchette Shortages?
  1335. Rare coins worth millions displayed in New Orleans
  1336. 1988 1 oz. coin - need to identify
  1337. Provident silver ...
  1338. Grading Company ICG gold eagle ms 70
  1339. 2013 Kookaburras with snake privy
  1340. Canadian Mint - $100 for $100 Fine Silver Coin - Bison (2013)
  1341. 100 dollars buys you a $100 silver coin
  1342. There's gold in them there waves.
  1343. Got ahold of an 1838 Qtr Eagle
  1344. Learn How to Spot Fake Pandas
  1345. Would you buy silver pandas or Lunar Series2
  1346. 2013 West Point Silver Eagles on Sale
  1347. Physical Possession of self-directed IRA gold??
  1348. Looking for tips on VERY large scale sluice box. Commercial miners please chime in.
  1349. 2013 $50 Uncirculated Gold Eagle on sale today at noon
  1350. France Bans Shipment of Gold & Silver in the Mail
  1351. Counterfeit Peace dollars photos
  1352. Undervalued Silver Eagles today
  1353. Interesting Mexican coins
  1354. Silver Eagles are the New Morgans - article from Eric Jordan
  1355. Reverse Proof Buffalo Production Pics from the Mint
  1356. Sneak peek: US Mint's gold & silver coins production facility
  1357. New America the Beautiful coins, picts
  1358. Gold Fever
  1359. Interesting data from Harvey Organ's Daily
  1360. MD'er Finds Cache Of Silver Coins - Live Opening
  1361. Gold Panning
  1362. Gold Digger: Beachcombing Makes A rewarding Passion
  1363. Legend Morphy Rare Coin Auctions
  1364. Update on Silver Numismatic Product Pricing
  1365. Amature Treasure Hunter Discovers Gold Viking Ingot
  1366. Wis. Restaurant Gives Huge Discounts To People Who Pay With Pre 1965 Coins
  1367. Twenty
  1368. Treasure Hunter's Medieval Find Is Sold At Auction
  1369. Is this a legitimate Sovereign - or a Restrike or a Fake?
  1370. Clearwater Fl Coin show, july 4th thru 7th.
  1371. Do I bust the MS62 & MS61 out of the holders?
  1372. Tulving all sold out 2013 Silver Eagles.
  1373. THE US MINT things to look at now and the near future (your wish list)
  1374. US Mint To Lower Silver Numismatic Product Prices
  1375. 2013 New in wrap Pennies $25 box all D mint mark
  1376. The Stuff of a Gold Bear Reversal?
  1377. Great find in my own yard
  1378. The LOST MINES of California and where to look.
  1379. Irish silver coins 1962-63
  1380. How do you feel about "A 1 month offering, with no limit" for mint products
  1381. What Motivates You To Detect? - American Digger's Relic Round Up
  1382. A busy month for the US Mint???
  1383. $10,000 Burried Cash Found In Kansas
  1384. Fake Dollar Stuns at FUN
  1385. Ancient Gold Necklace Found In Field Has A Twist In It's Tale
  1386. Flordia's Metal Detector Fanatics Fight High Tide And Murky Laws
  1387. Visual Perspective (the size of various gold weights)
  1388. Any thoguhts on the 5 lb British silver sovereign?
  1389. The Six-Ounce Modern "Coin"
  1390. Falling short of MS-70
  1391. 1 oz silver buffalo rounds 1oz silver Rand bars
  1392. For Beach MDers - Storm Washed Away Their Treasure
  1393. Ahoy Maties - They've Found More Gold Off Indian River's Coast
  1394. the microscopic mintages of libertads
  1395. Man Loses Keys, Finds 15th Century Relics Instead
  1396. Gold Teeth
  1397. The StondyWan to inherit Silver and Gold?...
  1398. PCGS folks=Need your help WOULD like 1820-1830 SOVEREIGNs especially 1827 Geo. IV
  1400. jpm dominating delivered gold and silver receipts
  1401. 2009 UHR
  1402. Gold coins of Nevada recluse sold at auction $3.1M
  1403. Some Persian Porn from my dad....
  1404. MDer's Rare Gold Find Nearly Ended Up In The Trash Bin
  1405. Plee For Info On Con Dealers n Ireland
  1406. $21 on the way to triple digits
  1407. Year End Silver Prices = 2000 to 2012
  1408. 12 Yr Old Treasure Hunter Unearths Giant 5.16 Carat Diamond
  1409. Dunbeath - Home For Ancient Coin Hoard
  1410. Celtic Silver Stater Hoard MDing Finds
  1411. Is there something fishy going on here?
  1412. Interest-rate derivatives explosion may be imminent
  1413. 2014 Kookaburras
  1414. Anyone own any Bullion Direct 1 oz silver rounds?
  1415. Never stop looking
  1416. need help determining value of slabbed coins, commemeratives
  1417. Norfed/Liberty Dollars
  1418. PERTH MINT Lunar Series II Horse -Now FOR SALE*
  1419. Can You Make A Living MDing, Gold Prospecting Or Treasure Hunting?
  1420. Canadian Maple Leaf Sales Beat All Records
  1421. 2013 ASE Proof "W" marked Eagle = yes or NO??
  1422. MDer Unearths Haul Of Roman Coins With Dector He Bought Off A Friend
  1423. MDer Finds 11th Century Gold Ring With Rare Black Diamond In Muddy Field
  1424. ASE Questions about mintage and current sales
  1425. Are morgan silver dollars magnetic?
  1426. What is a "gotta buy it now" great price for 2013 West Point ASE set??
  1427. The "W" marked ASE in the "Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set"??
  1428. Treasure From Roman Era Found By Waterlooville Man
  1429. New 2014 Lunar Horse and Kookaburra
  1430. TH'er Who Discovered Largest Silver Treasury Gets Reward From Gov & Half Of Value
  1431. proof silver mint sets- investment or gimmick? ?
  1432. Are 2013 slabbed coins a rip off?
  1433. Platinum.
  1434. Orlando coin show Sept 27,28,29
  1435. Think the Krugerrand was the first international gold bullion coin? Maybe not!
  1436. The Precious Buried Treasure
  1437. Auction site other than EBay
  1438. Does established coin community shun Pandas
  1439. Anyone here collect Ancient gold coins??
  1440. Rare gold coin from 1880 sells for $2.75M at auction
  1441. INFOGRAPHIC - Should you own physical gold in your retirement?
  1442. WTF?: Would SAVE II Act Prohibit Bullion and Numismatic Coins?
  1443. Buffalo
  1444. Texas eliminates sales tax on precious metals coins
  1445. What do you think about Indium?
  1446. ASE Weight Question
  1447. 2014 Panda
  1448. Asking the Numi experts. Best places,locations,sites to unload Wildlife series?
  1449. Purchasing fake Krugerrands
  1450. Storage safe/container of PCGS ATB's 5 oz pucks
  1451. St Gaudens $20 vs. GAE $50
  1452. Lost gold of Oklahoma
  1453. MI Upper Peninsula Copper and Silver
  1454. Mexican Libertads
  1455. Armstrong on gold confiscation.
  1456. Short Selling Banks Covering on Gold?
  1457. 2012 Gold 1 oz Buffalo Grading
  1458. Buried Treasure: Once-Rich Bear Gulch May Again Produce Gold
  1459. An Unforgettable Day Explaines Why Miners Never Want To Give Up
  1460. 21st Century Prospecting
  1461. ATB 5 OZ Fort McHenry PCGS MS69 DMPL
  1462. 2013 Enhanced Set Final Number
  1463. 1986 S U.S. Proof Silver Dollar Ellis Island
  1464. india gold coin premiums soar, banksters pledge ban to continue
  1465. Barber Quarters and such....
  1466. 2008 and 2010 half ounce silver Koala valuation.
  1467. Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Top 39M to Near Record
  1468. Help on US MInt numismatic coin retrun policy
  1469. Yeppoon Treasure Hunters Want To Return US Soldier's Memento
  1470. There's Change A'Coming: Money Has Been Popping Up Everywhere Around Rocky Roy
  1471. Year End Availability and 2014 Release Details for US Mint Bullion Programs
  1472. RCM's Great Lakes 5 silver coin set
  1474. 90% 1998 Silver eagle discovered, check your stashes guys and gals.
  1475. Historic Treasure Is Back Where It All Began - And Mystery Remains
  1476. Which of the gold bullion coins seem to be the preferred entities for holding?
  1477. SBSS Still/Back in Business? Just got email about new release...
  1478. New designs released for the 2014 ATB's.
  1479. Silver Eagles Move Into Record territory
  1480. Fife metal detector uncovers fabulous haul of Bronze Age gold
  1481. A word of caution about Coinflation.
  1482. Lawsuit against Brinks for melting copper pennies
  1483. Another coin collection sells, $23 million.
  1484. Got these as scrap
  1485. My 1st 1970's "Gold Art" purchase
  1486. Gold/Platinum Spread
  1487. Gold Coin Found In Wiltshire Field Expected To Make 30k
  1488. Eric Newman, 102-Year-Old Coin Collector, Sells 1,800 Piece Collection For $23 Millio
  1489. My newb perspective, term definition help
  1490. SGPMX or Bitcoin?
  1491. Builder Discovers 16th Century Gold On Lindisfarne
  1492. Alaska 1oz silver medallions
  1493. Mark Williams Uses Metal Detector To Find Coins Worth $18,000 In Adelaide's Parks
  1494. Keeping your PMs
  1495. 2013 Proof Buff
  1496. Requesting information concerning the process of refining gold.
  1497. US MINT Release schedule????
  1498. Tax Questions
  1499. Where To Find Gold
  1500. 10 oz bar air tites?
  1501. World Mints Sees Unprecedented Demand For Silver Coins In 2013
  1502. WTF moment!
  1503. What Treasure Is Buried Beneath Farmland?
  1504. 5 Star General Gold soldout at around 5500
  1505. 2014 Maple, Panda, Koala and Mt Rushmore ATB
  1506. Bountyhunter Quicksilver
  1507. Bank of Canadas gold coins to be liquidated in federal push to balance books
  1508. Bitcoin Is a High-Tech Dinosaur Soon to Be Extinct
  1509. Gold and silver pandas value
  1510. been a long time
  1511. false alarm
  1512. John Mercanti and the Perth Mint, High Relief Eagle
  1513. One Week Into 2014, UK Royal Mint Runs Out Of Gold Coins
  1514. Coin shortages and rationing are in our future
  1515. War Nickels
  1516. Ellesmere Numismatics
  1517. Infographic: Check Your Change: You Might Strike Silver
  1518. The Curse of Oak Island
  1519. Superb Site For Mining Historical Geeks: miningartifacts.org
  1520. 2014 sochi coin sets (olympics)
  1521. Error, or fake
  1522. 1888 3 dollar gold
  1523. New member wiith a coin question.
  1524. Historic 1oz Gold Coin Goes For $4.6 Million At Auction
  1525. World's biggest gold coin
  1526. The Kennedy 2012 Silver Half Dollar
  1527. Two men admit selling hundreds of fake silver dollars in Central New York
  1528. Price Inflation Will Force the US Mint to Once Again Change the Metal Content of Coin
  1529. Dr. Fekete (Austrian Economist) shares his wisdom upon retirement.
  1530. RCM 100 vs. Englelhard 100
  1531. Venice Fl coin show 1/31 2/1
  1532. Unsearched Wheat Pennies
  1533. 50th anniversary Kennedy gold coin
  1534. Looking to acquire some silver, help
  1535. Prospectors Hunt For And Find Gold In O.C. Mountains
  1536. U.S. Mint Gold-Coin Sales Jump 63% in January; Silver Triples
  1537. $250,000 penny
  1538. FL Collectorama Coin & Currency Show
  1539. 2014 Silver Eagle Sales Limited By Rationed Blank Supply
  1540. First Silver Purchase Advice Needed
  1541. American Eagle Palladium Bullion Coin Act of 2010
  1542. Inspired by My Recent Trip to Asia During Lunar New Year...
  1543. Morgan Silver Dollar values
  1544. Olympic Gold Medal is worth ???
  1545. Sarasota Fl coin show Feb 21,22,23
  1546. $1,190 L@@KS like the low in 12-13 are you ready for PHASE II the run from $1,190?
  1547. Minelab News Report -- English
  1548. NGC or PCGS Certification
  1549. Five 24 karat gold bars found with metal detector
  1550. What is it worth?
  1551. Hpakant Jade Stone Estimated at 50 Tons
  1552. Fifth Century Treasure Found in Germany
  1553. $4 coin caliper
  1554. Prospectors Say Drought Has Created Californias 2nd Gold Rush
  1555. $23 NEXT then TRIPLE digits per article
  1556. $10 mil in gold FOUND in CA while couple walking their dog..
  1557. Treasure Hunter Unearths Mystery Coin On Westward Ho! Beach
  1558. MD'er Finds 'Silver Ring'.............Attatched To Hand Gernade
  1559. Surf crawler,mining Nome AK
  1560. Ripped off, still no justice?
  1561. Shilling discovery could rewrite Canadian history
  1562. Minelab MD'ing Vids
  1563. U.S. Mint to resume selling platinum coins
  1564. My Canadian Birds of Prey came today
  1565. Numismatics--Greater Fool Theory?
  1566. 2013 AE Platinum Proof Sell Out
  1567. Vid And Pics: Every Piece Of The Staffordshire Hoard Brought Together For First Time
  1568. New US Mint curved coin
  1569. Taking Candy from Babies--Inherited Gold
  1570. Request-for-advice-on-selling-gold-and-silver-coins thread has been moved.
  1571. Thoughts on Silver Australian Kookaburra Privy?
  1572. Stacks West 57th Street Collection Hoard Of More Than One Million American Coins
  1573. The Strange Case of the Aluminum Penny
  1574. As a Tolkein admirer.
  1575. How does this type of toning happen?
  1576. Bad Policy + Bad Service = Prospecting GOLD
  1577. Mint Wants Aluminum Cent Back
  1578. why dimes, quarters and half dollars have notches, while pennies and nickels do not
  1579. New York man charged with selling counterfeit silver dollars to jewelry store
  1580. CM Peregrine Falcon. Opinions?
  1581. Ready for the next US Mint frenzy? (April 7th)
  1582. odd 1979 quarter
  1583. 1861 Type 3 Gold Dollar
  1584. Silver Eagle redesign possibility
  1585. 1949 Cadillac with a $382.95 "paint job"
  1586. 10 oz S.S. Gairsoppa Shipwreck Silver Bar
  1587. Good article on "Modern Proof Coins" and value
  1588. Jersey Metal Detector Finds Silver Coins, Gold & Silver Rings, More.........
  1589. Rare Platinum Eagle 'Frosted Freedom' variety hits the auction block
  1590. Kick a$$ rare vintage gold: 1849 $5 Pacific Company Five Dollar AU58
  1591. Neat article on the Lincoln cent
  1592. Silver sale...sub $19.00
  1593. $50 for $50
  1594. Is nickle the new gold?
  1595. American Investors Safe from Nickels Boom and Bust
  1596. Top Official Coin Sales: Market Overwhelmingly Chooses Silver
  1597. Arizona woman could get hundreds of years in prison for stealing gold coins
  1598. Anyone missing some coins?
  1599. 'Mule' Britannia: error versions of silver 2 coins surface
  1600. Carson City Morgan freed from bondage today
  1601. You tell me how I cannot buy this numis.
  1602. Next Up, Arches
  1603. First Sale for Rare Gold Coin Find
  1604. Silver Eagle Bullion Coins No Longer on Allocation
  1605. Flea Market SCORE!
  1606. Solo's Florida themed silver collection
  1607. ATB pucks, Shenandoah
  1608. Collectible bullion bars (low serial #'s, old pours, odd sized JM/Engelhard/etc.)
  1609. Spains Hard-Won Shipwreck Coins Finally Go On Public Display In Cartagena
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