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Gold is Money - The Premier Gold and Silver Forum -- Goldismoney Rules Forum Rules:

First and foremost, members must understand that goldismoney2 is a forum where individuals post their thoughts and opinions. Goldismoney2 is the soap box, the sidewalk, the bulletin board, if you will and is not responsible for the thoughts and opinions of its members any more than a bar owner is responsible for the (possibly drunken!) utterances of his/her patrons. The individual posting member is solely responsible for the content of his or her posts. Goldismoney2 strives to maintain a modicum of decorum on the site. As it is an educational forum, we ask that our members respect the varying personalities that will be visiting here.

The basic rules are:

1. No Pornography

2. No Advertising

3. No personal attacks or threats to other site members.

You break any of the above and you may get banned from this site!

Let’s go ahead and explain the above a bit further, and yet we all know that there is no manner of rules and regs that could/can cover every eventuality, so there will be some latitude of interpretation by the moderators.

1. No pornography –Moderators will use their own judgment in this regard and are given wide latitude to do so. Moderators, like anyone else, may not be able to define pornography, but they know it when they see it!

2. No advertising – This rule is used to avoid the appearance of, or actual influence of content by paid advertisers. The policy of non-influence on content by paid advertisers and applies to the membership at large. Members may not advertise in their posts, avatar, or signatures. SPAM is considered advertising whether it “advertises” a product or an idea. As such, the following are considered advertising and are prohibited on

a. Links or web addresses in signatures

b. Images in signatures that promote a website or product

c. Any post which has a clear purpose of promoting a website or product

d. Hijacking unrelated posts to pitch another idea

e. Continually and intentionally provoking other members without adding content to the discussion

Advertising items for sale in the “Buy and Sell” section is allowed.

Another form of “SPAM” that, as a general rule is not allowed on, is “sock puppets” or “multiple personalities” or in other words, one member using more than one userid. There are certain rare circumstances where a member might use two userids because of personal considerations. will consider requests to allow a second userid but it must be approved IN ADVANCE and both userids must be on record with us. Use of multiple personalities/sock puppets/etc. subjects all userids involved to potential banning from

3. No Personal Attacks or threats to other members – While we expect debate to become “spirited” at times, and consider that good, we hold strongly that arguments and ideas should be criticized and perhaps attacked, but not people.

“Civility” is something we should all strive for on

The following practices are considered “personal attacks” on GIM2:

a. Calling out another member by name

b. Threatening another member

c. No publishing of personal data.

d. Trolling other members.

e. Other as un-defined.

Members also must understand that no set of rules, no matter how long, could possibly contemplate every possible circumstance that may come up in the course of operating a forum like As such, moderators will have to make judgements from time to time on situations not necessarily specifically covered in these rules. The rules are intended to be, primarily, guidance for members and moderators.


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