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Thread: wolf worms in rabbits

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    Default wolf worms in rabbits

    learn something new everyday

    What are wolf worms?

    Wolf Worm:

    This fat parasite is the larvae of the bot fly and will eventually hatch into an adult bot fly if not removed. Wolf worms are commonly picked up around rabbit burrows as the rabbit is one of their favorite hosts. Most pets are curious about rabbits or are even trained to hunt them, so they may stick their head into the burrow. This is why most wolf worms are found in the neck and head area. Unfortunately, this is why wolf worms can be so dangerous. Wolf worms can actually end up burrowing into the brain or some other vital organ. Many pets will need to be sedated for your veterinarian to properly remove the worm. Improper removal can result in damaging the worm which can lead to anaphylactic shock.

    Wolf worms come from bot flies. They deposit an egg in animals fur, and when it hatches, it burrows into the skin
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    Default Re: wolf worms in rabbits

    I can see how this could be a problem for people who are raising rabbits, but in terms of consumers, will adequate cooking kill the worms so that humans won't become infested?
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    Harvurd Koleej Jeenyus GOLDZILLA's Avatar
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    Default Re: wolf worms in rabbits

    I have always been told to never hunt rabbits in warm months. Some kind of worms in the meat. Maybe this is what they were talking about.
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    Default Re: wolf worms in rabbits

    There are several disgusting, but yet fascinating at the same time, videos on youtube showing botflys being removed from people and animals. You may need to sign-in to view this as the youtube community figures anything gross that isn't done by hollywood needs censorship (wtf!).

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    Default Re: wolf worms in rabbits

    Dang! That dog was an infested mess!

    Had a gf that had rabbits and she would pop bots out frequently.
    Their rear ends sit at the edge of the skin so they can breath.
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