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Thread: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

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    Modal Operator/Moderator Goldhedge's Avatar
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    Default Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

    Thanks to Zilver for finding this gem!

    The government (bankers) did this in 1933 when they confiscated the people's gold and then devalued the paper by changing the price of gold from $20/oz to $35/oz....
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    Default Re: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

    ... Hey hedge,Link not working...
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast...

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    Default Re: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

    Quote Originally Posted by REO 54 View Post
    ... Hey hedge,Link not working...

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    GIM Statesman GOLD DUCK's Avatar
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    Default Re: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

    QWAK,The final solution --- Catch the BANKERS --- feed them to the BIG GIANT RATS -- slauter the RATS -- turn the RAT MEAT in to PINK SLIME and sell it on EBAY!

    Every thing taist GREAT on a RITZ CRACKER!

    the DUCK
    "ALL is ONE" What we DO to and FOR others we DO "TO and FOR" our selves ultimitly!

    People SELDOM look for TRUTH! What they look for is CONFERMATION that what they have chosen to believe IS TRUTH! This is why people will believe almost ANY THING and also WHY the WORLD is SO MESSED UP!

    IT is never realy OVER -- things just CHANGE!

    You can QUOTE me on ALL! It IS what I believe to be TRUE!

    I AM, the DUCK

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    Getting Acclimated Prospector
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    Default Re: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

    Seriously, why do we even have banks again? It really seems pointless and they are taking the money that people put in their accounts and spending it, losing it and doing what they want with it. Our bank account only reflects the number of dollars that we have and the banks have to be able to cover a certain amount of withdraws a day. It's scary to think about how much control they have over our general livelihood.

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    Default Re: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

    I disagree. The sheeple will never figure out that inflation is rising. the talking heads will regurgitate whatever bernanke tells them, and since bernanke will fudge the numbers to maintain official inflation at 2%, the msm will continue telling everyone inflation is 2%, and the sheeple will regurgitate it. Anyone who says otherwise will labeled a cuck, conspiracy theorist, stupid, idiot, crazy, terrorist, right-winger, etc. of course, anyone outside of western nations will know the truth, and all they will do is shake their heads sadly like when someone's down syndrome relation tries to say something and no one can figure it out.

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    Silver Member ralleia's Avatar
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    Default Re: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half!

    I think that even the sheeple can start to comprehend.

    For years I have struggled to explain to my septogenarian father how it wasn't food prices or gas prices that were going up, it was the dollar that was going down. I told him over and over that he should not view the world through the prism of the USD, because the intrinsic value was zero. Instead, he needed to view the world through the prism of useful commodities.

    For years, nuttin'.

    In the past few months, a light has gone on and he has become a silverbug.

    There is hope. We just need to keep repeating the truth until it sinks in, and is validated by external events.

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