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7.62x54 ammo sale

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by southfork, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. southfork

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    Mar 31, 2010
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    New Arrivals and Closeouts!
    We have several new items and closeout prices for todays email special. See below for sales!
    HA8026 Hornady 223 Ammunition Match BTHP $17.70 + shipping

    Hornady 223 Remington 75 Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point Match

    Very small shipment just arrived. We do not expect these to stay in stock for long. Do not delay in ordering this excellent 223 ammo.

    F203SS2 Federal Power-Shok® Sabot Slug - 20ga 2-3/4" 7/8oz. Sabot HP 5/Box $6.25 + shipping
    Federal Power-Shok® Sabot Slug - 20ga 2-3/4" 7/8oz. Sabot HP 5/Box

    An excellent choice for fully-rifled barrels or rifled choke tubes—you can count on good quality performance from this product, without a heavy price tag.

    F223L Federal Premium Power Shok 223 Ammo JSP 64gr 20rd/bx $18.00 + shipping
    FEDERAL CARTRIDGE CO Classic Centerfire Rifle Cartridges

    Federal 223 Remington 64 Grain Jacketed Soft Point

    The Power-Shok bullet is built with an exclusive hot core process that eliminates the lead oxide layer that can cause core slippage. In addition the unique jacket profile and fluted tip ensures reliable expansion over a wide velocity range. An excellent all around choice for medium to large game.

    Mfg Item Num: 223L
    Caliber :223 Remington/5.56 NATO
    Bullet Type :Jacketed Soft Point
    Bullet Weight :64 GR
    Muzzle Energy :1355 ft lbs
    Muzzle Velocity :3090 fps
    Rounds/box :20 Rounds Per Box

    HA8202 Hornady 300 Winchester Magnum BTHP 165gr Ammo 20 rd box $31.85 + shipping

    Hornady 300 Winchester Magnum BTHP 165gr Ammo 20 rd box
    Just like the Hornady ammo listed above, we have very limited stock and this ammo will not last long. We expect it to be sold out by the end of the day today so be sure to purchase without hesitation!

    F308FS1 Federal Premium Vital-Shok 308 Ammo 150gr Nosler Partition 20/Box $38.45 + shipping
    Federal Premium Vital-Shok 308 Ammo 150gr Nosler Partition 20/Box

    Hunting season is upon us again! You spend all year dreaming of the moment of truth, why trust it to anything less than the best. Using Vital Shok technology, world-class brass, select powders and legendary primers and you get ammunition you can truly believe in.

    HA8091 Hornady .308 BTSP Ammo 150gr $24.30 + shipping

    Hornady Rifle Ammunition 8091, 308 Winchester, Boat Tail Soft Point, 150 GR, 20 Rd/bx
    This ammo is hard to find and top quality. 308 is hard to come by right now. We only have a few boxes of this ammo, so once again do not delay in ordering. It wont last long.

    FP770 FEDERAL 17 HMR 17GR SPEER TNT HP AMMUNITION $11.45 / 50 + shipping

    New shipment just arrived! This ammo has a Speer 17 grain TNT Jacketed Hollow Point Projectile and 1804 FPS average @ 100 yards giving the ammunition incredible accuracy. The shipment was small and this will not last long!
    HA83172 Hornady 17 HMR 20 GR XTP $11.50 per 50rnds + shipping
    17 HMR 20 GR XTP

    Another fine selection of 17 HMR ammunition. This ammo includes a 20 grain Hornady XTP projectile and averages 2125 fps.

    HA83170 Hornady 17HMR 17gr V-MAX $12.00 per 50rnds or Multi Box Discount + shipping
    Just arrived today!
    Delivers the kind of velocity and flat trajectory that will change your expectations of rimfire accuracy forever! Perfect cartridge for plinking, varmint shooting or hunting rabbits or squirrels. 2550fps This cartridge puts the FUN back in rimfire.

    SMA76254B Russian 762x54R 149gr Light Ball $77.95/440rnd or $72.95/ea 2+ plus shipping

    Just arrived! We're unloading this now and expect it to be gone fast!
    ( 149 GR.) Berdan primed, corrosive. Steel core. 20 rds./box, 440 rds./case.

    This ammo is 71 manufacture in a sealed spam can and it looks and shoots brand new! Light ball mfg, (149 gr) it is made for your M44 and M91 etc rifles. stock up now , it isn't getting any easier to find or cheaper.

    BUY TWO CANS (880 TOTAL ROUNDS) AND GET A NEW FREE CAN OPENER. Order this stuff if you shoot 762x54, It is some of the best we've ever seen.

    SALE PRICE $77.95/440rnds or $72.95 per 2 in a wooden crate with can opener. LIMITED TIME OFFER

    German K98 Mausers Check Often, More Rifles Listed Daily! **See details!!!**

    German K98 Mauser with Excellent Markings
    We just listed several more K98s for you to purchase! Take a look at our current inventory. Also, Shooter grade K98 available for $359 WOW! Click the link above or look for item # K98S
    Click on the link and see a list of K98 Mausers!

    WALP38FM WALTHER P38 $625 $559 +ship

    WOW! New Shipment of Walther P38's Just Arrived! If you've never owned a P38, now is your chance to own a piece of history! These little handguns pack a punch and are in excellent shape. They have original markings in tact and are just great handguns for the collector.

    Price is plus shipping, some have black and some have brown grips. Cannot guarantee manufacturer but there are a few separate manufacturers for these P38s.

    All items are plus shipping.
    Shipping will be added to your order upon checkout. If you order a handgun, you will receive a call regarding your shipping costs. Hazmat fees will be added to applicable orders including but not limited to powder, primers and tracer projectiles. Hazmat fee is $27.50 per package. Sales may be restricted due to location. Check your local laws before ordering.


    Wideners Reloading and Shooting Supply INC - P.O. Box 3009 CRS Johnson City, TN 37602 : 1-800-615-3006
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