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Honest Government - Judge admits Admiralty

Discussion in 'Beginner's Forum' started by Goldhedge, Feb 20, 2015.

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    Planet Earth
    Honest Government
    This site is specifically dedicated to understanding the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    Judge admits admiralty
    Judge Admits Admiralty Jurisdiction by Robert Moore Summary: Communique has no shortage of evidence proving judicial corruption in local courts. In fact, such activity is so well-known among old fashioned investigative reporters that stories of this nature are seldom published anymore. But rarely does a judge admit on record and on tape that the "court" over which he presides is actually under a foreign jurisdiction. As we like to profess, if one digs hard enough, the truth is bound to surface. And so it has. On March 5, 1998, Monterey County Municipal Court Judge Albert Maldonado, in the case of PEOPLE v ROBERT GARVIN MOORE, stated on the record that the yellow fringed flag displayed in his courtroom puts the court under Admiralty Jurisdiction. Whereas every courtroom in the state of California takes place under a yellow fringed flag, those courts are also operating in Admiralty. Why is this the most important story of 2000? Because Admiralty Jurisdiction nullifies the Constitutional rights of the parties involved and gives the judge authority as judge, prosecutor, jury and executioner to do as he wills, regardless of his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    Audio-Tape-98/99 (March 5, 1998):

    Judge – Robert Moore, Robert Moore… Good morning Mr. Moore, you are charged with driving without a seatbelt and driving on a suspended license from October 28 1997. Judge Anderson issued a bench warrant for your arrest because of a failure to come to court and you were arrested on February 13 and you bonded out. Would you like to talk to lawyer or would you like to plead this morning or would you like to go to trial? What is your desire, Sir?

    Moore – I don't recognize who you are. I don't recognize the venue and jurisdiction that you move from. However, if you come down from your plane and join with me on my plane under the flag of my country and the constitution of my government, I might understand you better?

    Judge – Could I have the tape played again? <>

    Judge – … driving on a suspended license and driving with no seatbelt. On October 28 1997, a California highway patrol officer issued a citation. I ask if this is your signature on the ticket.

    Moore – I don't see a signature, I don't know… I don't understand the nature and cause of your process, I don't understand… I don't recognize the venue and jurisdiction that you move from.

    Judge – Do you see the flag to my left…

    Moore – I don't understand what you're talking about.

    Judge – Do you see the flag to my left… behind me?

    Moore – I don't understand what you're talking about.

    Judge – This is the flag of the State of California. I was appointed by the Governor of the State of California on January of the 12th 1995 as a Judge of a Monterey Municipal Court. On January the 12 of 1998, I was reappointed by the Governor of the State of California as Municipal Court Judge of the County of Monterey. On June the 6th of 1995, I was elected in this county as a Judge of the Municipal court of Monterey County. In February of 1996, the United States Supreme Court stopped all elections in this State concerning Monterey County under the voting rights act and confirmed my position as a Judge. Later affirmed and denied in a zero vote in a case called Lopez vs. Monterey County. I sit as a Judge Sir, appointed by the Governor of the State of California, elected by the People of this County and affirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States. I find you in contempt of court. You're remanded into custody of the Sheriff at this time. Public defender is appointed to represent…

    Judge – Christina Morales, Christina Morales… good morning Mrs. Morales… <>

    Bailiff – Mr. Moore you need to stop communicating with….

    Judge – There is a sign that you are not to communicate with the prisoners, you communicate with a prisoner it is a misdemeanor, you could be arrested. You communicate with the prisoner you will be arrested. This is my court and I’m not going to put up with people defying the orders of the court and the State of California. I’m not going to put up with it. I should correct myself. The court does not belong to me it belongs to the people. It's the peoples court. Ha Ha Ha. <>

    Judge – Well, there is a technical point. The fringe on the flag of the United States is really not etiquette. The fringe on the flag of the United States is for only admiralty and for sea. No it's true, I was in the military. And in a court there should be a flag without the fringe. So I understand the argument made by many citizens that they don’t recognize this flag, I understand that. But for one who fought in Vietnam and for one who lost five childhood friends over there, it disturbs me when people don’t recognize the united states of America, it really disturbs me.

    Judge – Ms. Duncan, I just appointed you on Mr. Moore what would you like to do on this matter.

    Defender – Mr. Moore is not acknowledging me as a representative and the public defenders office and is not requesting my services.

    Judge – OK fine. Mr. Moore if you wish to hire your own attorney, you have a right to an attorney under the constitution of the united states of america, do you wish to hire your own attorney or take council to assist you. I take it Mr. Moore by your silence you do not wish to acknowledge this court because you do not feel that I have venue or jurisdiction is that correct.

    Moore – I don’t know who you are, I don’t have any evidence before me as to who you say you are I don’t understand the nature and cause of your process.

    Judge – all right, that is the third time that you’ve given me that memorization that written speech, I do find that you are in direct contempt of this court, willful failure to acknowledge the province of this court. I make such a finding by your three statements. I give you the benefit of the doubt, secondly I find you in direct contempt of court by failing to recognize and tell this court that that is your signature on a citation issued on Oct 28, 97 promising to appear in this court. You refuse to acknowledge such signature. You’re in direct contempt of court. You are here, so you are not in contempt of not coming to court. You did make an appearance. What happened was on the 10 Dec 97 you promised to be here in court. You did not come on the 10th of Dec. and another Judge, Judge Marla Anderson, the judge of the Municipal Court who is also appointed by the same governor on the same day I was appointed and who was elected by voters of this county, issued a bench warrant for your arrest for $2500. You were arrested on Feb 13 and you posted a bond and on that bond you promised to come to court on this day. So you’re not in contempt of court for not coming to court. You’re in contempt of court for your failure to recognize the courts jurisdiction and province and for obstruction of the court in not processing this matter. You have a right to an attorney, if you could not afford an attorney, I would appoint one for you. You do not recognize the jurisdiction of this court and you claim you do not understand the process. We will set a jury trial in your matter, in this case on Apr 6 98 8:30 that’s within the 30 days for all those in custody. A pre-trial will be held on Apr 3 a Friday at 11:00 A pre-trial will be held in your matter tomorrow at 10:00 and at that time I will ask you again if you want the assistance of council. At take it by your responses that you are making no claim for an attorney at this time. And we’ll see how it goes tomorrow sir. The bail in this matter, first of all on the contempt of court, I’m not going to sentence him to 5 days in jail at this time. And I’m not going to fine him $500. I’ll give him the opportunity to reflect. But there will be no fine at this time. I’m going to take that under submission as to the five days I’m going to take that under submission. But he is been remanded into custody in this matter since he does not want to acknowledge the jurisdiction of this court and his bail will be set at. He posted bail at $2500 in the past, that bond is exonerated. There will be a new bond of $25,000.

    Defender – Your honor, I know I’m not at this point representing Mr. Moore but there is some information that has been conveyed to me by the people, and perhaps we can discuss it at 10:00.

    Judge- Sure, ok thank you Ms. Erickson. Ok court will take recess until 10:00. Mr. Moore will be brought back at 10:00

    Judge- The matter of Robert Moore, Mr. Moore would you care to stand up Sir. You can stand right there in front by Mr. Myer. Mr. Moore I find you in direct of contempt of court. You committed contempt in the immediate view and presence of this court. By your obstincence in not recognizing this court as a court of venue and direction. It was done at least three times. I gave you the opportunity to acknowledge weather or not you were cited to appear in this court. A bench warrant was issued for your arrest by Judge Anderson. You posted bail after you were arrested on Feb 13. I’m considering sanctions as to what to do for your contempt whether to place you in jail for a longer period of time or to fine you. Is there anything you want to say before I directly place the sanctions. Any apologies or reconsideration that you would like to address to the court Sir?

    Moore - I don’t know who you are have any evidence as to your identity or authority. I don’t recognize the jurisdiction venue that you move from. I don’t speak your foreign language. However if you would step down from your plane and join with me on my plane under the flag and the constitution of my country, I might better understand you. The constitution of the united states of america is the constitution of my government and the flag of my country is the flag of the united states of america as described in title 4 section 1 –2 . Foreign language I don’t understand what your talking about.

    Judge- Ok, well you speak the English language very well sir. I do find that you are in contempt of court the fine is $250. You are to pay that fine to the clerks office in 1 mo in by Apr 10 at 4:00. You did post bond in this matter you posted a bond of $5000. I’m going to release you from custody today, you’ll be released today. And your bond will be reinstated. It will not be forfeited. And you’re ordered to come back here for a pre-trial conference on March 12 at 10:00. You’re ordered to be here for a pre-trial conference. If you wish to hire your own council you may hire your own council your own attorney. Your jury trials, did I set Jury trial me Meyers? What were the dates?

    Meyer - Yes Apr 6 and then the conference on the 3rd.

    Judge- OK that will be written down for you we will give you that information Mr. Moore, you’ll be released from the jail. They’ll have to take you to the jail to do the book processing there after you are booked. We’ll see you on Mar 12 sir.

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  2. Alric

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    Some people only see what they want to see. The judge was just trying to be a nice guy and basically said he understands why someone might think the flag is an admiralty flag, but clearly states they are under jurisdiction of the State of California.

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