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Make your claim to your child's trade name and status on the land

Discussion in 'U.S. Constitution & Law' started by Bigjon, Aug 3, 2017.

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    For the Babies:
    Posted on August 3, 2017by David Robinson
    [​IMG] Justice Anna von Reitz

    I get numerous pleas from desperate new parents wishing to establish their claim to their own children. This is a measure of just how crazy and depraved things have gotten. You can’t even assume your parental rights because these crazy out of control corporations are claiming to own you and your children as “products” of “licensed activity”.

    This is one way to challenge and stop it. Whenever any “State of______” or “County of __________” organization offers to interfere with you or your family, you should immediately raise a “moral objection” to their presumptions and read them the riot act with a certified copy of a recorded (not registered) action such as the example below — firmly in hand.

    What these judges and so-called “public prosecutors” are doing in so-called Family Courts is nothing less than kidnapping for profit. Shut them down. Make sure new parents get this information and know how to use it. And remember to inform your clergymen that nobody in this country needs a “marriage license” — only a proof of Marriage Covenant. Marriage licenses were created in the wake of the Civil War and imposed on former plantation slaves who had to prove they could support children before they were allowed to marry. This kind of subjugation was possible because they were considered “US citizens” and bound to do whatever the Congress told them to do.

    _____________ See Below Text Only Version—————-

    First Page is a blank “Cover Sheet” with the following information — Title of Document, Grantor(s), Grantee, the County and Recording District (the soil and the land), and who to return the recorded document to. This information starts at the middle of the blank page to allow the recorders space to place labels, etc. in the upper right corner.

    Deed Claim and Copyright

    Jackson County, Wisconsin
    West Central Recording District

    Grantors: David and Elaine Cartwright
    Grantee: Josephine Lee Cartwright

    Return to: Cartwright, David Michael
    c/o Post Office Box 1152
    Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 54615

    Second Page is the Claim and Copyright information:

    Deed Claim and Copyright

    Whereas I am the lawful, biological, and responsible Father of a new baby daughter born to me on the fifth day of July of 2017 on the land and soil of Jackson County, Wisconsin, fully admitting paternity, now, therefore, I do record and claim the Deed and Copyright the Trade Name of my daughter: Josephine Lee Cartwright, said name and estate to be held in trust for her until her 21st birthday on the fifth of July 2038, jointly by her natural Mother and Father as our grantee of name and estate:

    Josephine Lee Cartwright is born into the covenant of Holy Matrimony between:
    Father: David Michael Cartwright;
    Born: September 3, 1989, in the town of Polsboro, Hills County, Vermont;
    To: Michael David and Melissa Anne Cartwright, of Ellen Falls, Vermont;
    And her natural Mother: Elaine Lilian Cartwright, nee Schuler;
    Born: May 14, 1992, in the town of Merrillan, Clark County, Wisconsin;
    To: Martin and Elvia Schuler, of Neillsville, Wisconsin.

    Josephine Lee Cartwright is my right-wise and natural progeny and heir unblemished by any claim of commerce, free-born on the land and soil of Wisconsin, a blood-line member of our joined families from the moment of her conception and she is the inheritor of the peaceful land jurisdiction of Wisconsin from the fifth of July 2017 forever afterward. So I affirm this day in the presence of these Witnesses and affix my autograph and seal (thumbprint) in token thereof:

    By: __________________________________seal

    Notary Witness

    Jackson County }
    Wisconsin State }

    Today I, a commissioned Public Notary, was visited by the man known as David Michael Cartwright together with two living Witnesses and he did autograph this Deed Claim and Copyright Notice before me: _____________________________________. My commission expires on:______________________.


    Third Page is for the Living Witnesses:

    Living Witnesses

    Witnesses to the Deed Claim and Copyright held in trust for Josephine Lee Cartwright on this ____ day of July 2017:

    First Witness: Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Aunt
    409 North Water Street
    Black River Falls, Wisconsin

    I did this day accompany David Michael Cartwright to the land recording office located in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, and have witnessed his autograph being placed on the attached Deed Claim and Copyright: by: _________________________________________.

    Second Witness: Martin Schuler, Maternal Grandfather
    377 South Fifth Street
    Neillsville, Wisconsin

    I did this day accompany David Michael Cartwright to the land recording office located in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, and have witnessed his autograph being placed on the attached Deed Claim and Copyright: by: ____________________________________________.

    And here are the Instructions for making use of this document:


    1. This is only intended to serve as an example of a properly executed Deed Claim and Copyright in behalf of a baby and her name on the land jurisdiction of an American state of the Union. You have to adjust it to the peculiarities of your state and county and situation.
    2. This particular claim has to be made by a man under the still substantive Public Law of the 1850’s. If the Father is dead or absent or incapacitated, claim may be made by either grandfather, an uncle willing to be responsible for the baby’s welfare, a grown brother, or a godfather willing to exercise a similar responsibility as trustee for the child.
    3. If at all possible, the Witnesses should be blood-relatives of the Mother and/or Father, able to confirm that the baby is part of their family. If not, the Witnesses can be godparents or friends of the family.
    4. This claim must be followed up on or in the year prior to the baby’s 21st birthday with the issuance of a Certificate of Assumed Name under the reserved Common Law remedies concerning Assumed Names in your state. An example of this document to be used by adults for their own business purposes has been posted recently on my website.
    5. At the time of recording this Deed Claim and Copyright, be sure to get at least three certified copies, and distribute them to yourself and your Witnesses. This way you will have the public record and three private copies of the public record, so that no matter what happens your chances are good of having access to a copy when and if you need it.
    6. The time to present this record is when and if any “State of___________” organization attempts to presume upon the baby or her parents. Make a copy of the certified copy and write on it: I certify that this is a true, complete, and correct copy of the document in my possession: by: ______________________________Document Custodian, dated:________________________.
    7. Record this document as soon as possible after each child is born and BEFORE the Mother is coerced into signing any documents at the hospital. The standing record of Paternity issued by a man on the land jurisdiction will cancel out the coerced signature of the Mother. When forced to sign the hospital registration papers, the Mother should always cross out the word “Informant” and write “Mother” in its place, and should use the word “by” in front of her signature and a © after it, so that the contract created cannot be sold without violating her private copyright.
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