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Ready for New Year 2017 Massive Rally in Precious Metals and Junior Miners

Discussion in 'Gold Silver (All things Metal)' started by Scorpio, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Scorpio

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    pdf file at link:

    Ready for New Year 2017 Massive Rally in
    Precious Metals and Junior Miners

    Jeb Handwerger


    The Trump presidential election win has pushed capital into a
    major risk on rally, benefiting stocks, energy and the US dollar.
    Interest rates are so
    aring in line with the Dow breaking 20k
    indicating major inflationary pressures.
    Commodities such as industrial metals, copper and oil are
    The junior gold miners could be on the verge of breaking a six
    month downtrend.
    A few weeks ago, in an
    article titled,
    "Is A Year
    End Reversal
    Forming For The Junior Gold And Silver Miners?"
    I attached the
    following chart.
    In the article, I wrote "T
    he precious metals are very oversold and
    ripe for a reversal as they usually bottom at year
    end then have
    massive rallies in the new year. This seasonal pattern has been
    strong even during this bear market."


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