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The fall of humanity and a nation of laws by laws

Discussion in 'U.S. Constitution & Law' started by wckdmsft, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. wckdmsft

    wckdmsft New Member

    Apr 22, 2011
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    The fall of humanity and a nation as such.RANT!

    OK, People say,"Only as a country of laws can we be successful". I beg to differ.I personally believe laws can

    hinder a society as well as help. First and formost,the police. We give "power supreme or ultimate power" to people

    who actually have the need for such power else he would'nt be at the table to recieve it in the first place.We give

    them the ok too lie, when you do this then the function only grows and gets more prevelant in their being and job.

    Now many great leaders through out time have fallen at the busom of power.Great men, not the average joe cop we see

    today.Everyday we see on you tube, TV and hear on the radio the lusty scream of men with power. Not to mention the

    agonizing moan of some poor mother in the background.Admit it, you pass a cop you look in the rear view mirror.You

    may play it off but you know he could end your life or worse. All he has to do is too testalie in court and your

    screwed. You know it.Just the other day I walked into the BAR where they serve BEER and sat down to have a BEER at

    my BAR when officer {I hate you because I have a small tool and my wife wants your tool or one like it}walked in and

    says to me about a quarter of the way through my first BEER, "I hope your not driving like that"? I being the

    satisfied with my tool size kind of gent said,"Like what"? Which is when much to my dismay he began a (mommy he took

    my cookie) rant like I have never seen. I damn near got arrested for those two words. Not to mention the fact I now

    have officer cookie pecker up my ass till who knows when. We give these people guns.They get to play with GUNS. I'm

    beginning to think officer cookie pecker is right [I must be drunk]. Why dont we appoint these bastards like

    congress or senate people. Vote them in and out. I bet they'ed stop their power rants.Would'nt be that hard to do.

    {Hmmmm, let me see? Officer cookie pecker? NOPE! I like officer horse pecker he's nice, dos'nt yell at me} VOTE and

    wallah things are better. This has to change my friends. Which brings me to the next part of this theory. Glad I

    got that out of my system, The laws have gotten so out of hand one cant even defend himself which leads to? Anybody?

    You guessed it. ****bags being able to do what ever they want as there is no consiquences but by authority which is

    usually busy and needs proof beyond a resonable doubt. Where as me, all thats not necessary. I could whoop his butt

    blind, stuff him into a mail box to china and wallah one less dirtbag for us to deal with here. Now yes there are

    people who need to be stifled a bit when it comes to whoopin butt, Those people can be delt with on an individual

    basis. Better then dealing with everybody as a whole. The way things are designed now dealing as a whole, we the

    average joe is immediately considered a bad guy because of guideline classification. Something that gets me? Why do

    we have judges? I mean we have mandatory sentancing. mandatory court rules and guidlines. Hell, why not put a robot

    or computer in there? Why pay a judge a fortune to follow the guidlines? I mean c'mon, We put judges on the bench

    believing they are wise honorable men of impecable personal and social values, then we take the power we gave them

    and basically render it imputent. What the hell is the point? As well, now we all get judged and sentenced as a

    group. By class or crime classification. I'm sorry but I'm an individual and would presume to be treated as one.

    I'm sorry, I think a good ol butt whoopin would go a long way in this old world. I recently had a real scumbag tell

    me he liked the system because he actually stole from this gent that found out and hunted him down whooping his butt

    in the process. The scumbag called the cops, had my friend arrested and while my friend was in jail he robbed him

    blind. Too boot, scumbag has a restraining order on homeboy. What's going on? It's the cowards and scumbags that

    like things the way they are. Gives them the upper hand simply by design. Really, Think about this. Anybody remember

    the guy that got caught robbing some poor old ladies house? He jumped out the window broke his leg and sued the

    ladies insurance company? He won. Better yet, the guy breaks into a guys house and gets shot by the owner and sues

    and wins. To boot the home owner was prosecuted. I got one I actually new the old man. This old man wakes up one

    night late, heard a noise. goes to his grand kids room and theres a guy in there abusing his grand kids. He blasts

    the guy. I was in the court room for this. He got what would be life for a man of his years. I would have patted him

    on the back and gave him a new bullet for the one he wasted on that S.O.B. This nanny state crap has got to go. I'm

    sorry but politically correct is in-correct if you ask me. Lets look at the privatised prison system. O.K. Prison at

    a profit. Wallmart prison system. That scares me somehow. When you can make a profit from locking a person up we

    have got problems. First, The companys that run the prisons are not from this country and also much like a rent a

    cop at the mall are under no obligation to guarantee the supposedly rights and such of the incarcerated. Also the

    police and judges are the main share holders in the prison for profit system. Is that a conflict of interest? Now I

    can tell you this and I'm baffled by it. I know a guy that goes to prison for whatever but nothing to bad. He get's

    there and he is put in with some bad people. He is on the main line. Scary stuff for him. He has limited time

    outside, limited shower time, limited canteen, cant this, cant that. Visits on every other thursday, if, he dos'nt

    get into trouble or a write up."He got a write up for not shaving". so no visit for a month. Here is what gets me.

    Over on the next yard, the P.C.yard.{protective custody} It's where they put child molesters, snitches, people that

    do un-imaginable things to others. The twisted freaks of society. See even in a place like prison there is a moral

    code. Lines you don't cross, things you just don't do. Like what we are speaking of. This is where they are kept.

    They are kept safe and protected. Not only protected, but they get many, many more luxuries and privilages then the

    main liners. The police actually deal with them on a more comunicative level. Which opens up a whole new chapter.

    The cops get along with them better then a guy in for let's say, getting into a fight at a bar? That bothers me.

    Does that mean the cop has more in common with the scurge of our society? Anyhow, So they get treated better then my

    friend who simply has a drinking problem mixed with a lack of judgement issue. That actually bothers me on many

    levels, Simotaineuosly. Now again, The scumbags are protected. From the people that would whoop their butt. Again.

    I'm sorry but if anybody needs their butt whooped it's them. Not treated better. I resent that just a bit. My tax

    dollars going to protect scum like that? No! I would rather it go to my friend. He's somebody I could and do kick it

    with. Not a chomo. Hell, I want to whoop them freaks myself. I know, somebody might hurt the poor chomo or rapist. I

    know, like they did whoever they commited their crime against. The poor defensless child. The out matched woman who

    fought to no avail. Now, this is what I go to bed thinking about from time to time. It bothers me. It is almost as

    if the system is designed to playcate to the worst of our society. Not just the bad, but the very, very worst. We

    have basically good people going to prison for victimless crimes. Say for pot smokeing, to fill the empty cells of a

    privatly owned money machine or for some hard working guy beating a dudes butt he caught in his garage, stealing his

    car. when in actuallity, we should be thanking the guy for teaching that low life a lesson or two. No, I have a

    problem when you beat a dudes butt for stealing from you and the D.A. has a troubled time deciding whether to

    prosecute you, or the thief. Something is wrong. Atleast it feels like there is. Well, maybe the system is correct?

    Maybe we should'nt be able to defend ourselves, but then again look at whats happened in the absence of good ol ass

    beatins. The world is double dipped in the weakest links. Take a good look at the alternative. I'm sorry but I miss

    the good ol days when a mans handshake meant something besides keeping one hand busy while he rifles through your

    pockets with the other. When you felt comfortable with your Andy Griffith police man. When they did'nt lie in court.

    When you could whoop the bad guy and know you did the right thing, not get scared over the fact you might go to

    jail. I have missed something I think? Somewhere the world went left and I went right? I have family who have been

    charged with crimes they did'nt commit.The police lied to get a warrant. It seems as if everything is wrong in some

    way. We put innocent people in jail to keep the large money machine and it's benefactors greasily slipping along. I

    take stance with the fact I can be unconscience lying in a pool of my own blood while 5 peace officers can be

    sitting on my back beating me to death "literally" screaming, "stop resisting,,,stop resisting"...
    Why? when we talk and feel about lawyers the way we do, do we continue to allow them to make the rules? I mean

    lawyers are atleast the P.C. of the free people. They should be kept seperated at the least. Look at the forteenth

    amendment of our bill of rights. the single most average person rights theft of american culture. All the way to the

    thirteenth amendment you can understand whats said. Average people writing. Then, the fourteenth amendment comes up

    and bla,bla,bla bunch of lawyer crap. I don't like this anymore. What they do they do to benefit themselves. {Lets

    write laws to make the laws screwed up and we can charge more people more money to defend themselves} bla,bla,bla

    and we loose in the end no matter what. As does our society. Now on wallstreet when someone does that it's called

    "Insider tradeing" and people go to jail for it. I guess it's not the same in the real world or should I say the

    world of the real crooks and thieves. The legal system is a system of theft built on law that is commerce law, UCC

    law. That steals from it's own boss's which I believe is imbezzelment. It has become a self feeding beast that is

    unsaisable in it's appetite. It has created 40,000 new laws this year to apply to us. For money. I was un-aware I

    could do 40,000 things wrong. If I step to the stand in a court room and lie, Blamo, I get charged with purjury and

    wooshed off to some desert island to rot, but the police officer who {KNOWS and REPRESENTS the LAW} is not even

    verbally repremanded by the judge or the court he is representing. in fact he can be caught lying ten times and his

    word is still good in the courts eyes? Im baffled by all this. Will somebody explain this to me so I may blissfully

    go on my merry way in life. I seem to be stuck at a in-pass here. The more I learn the more I want to climb into a

    hole and slip into nothingness. Why do we protect the gazillion dollar oil company at the expense of one honest mans

    freedom or health? We as a society have to change our direction. I am affraid if we do not there will be no society

    left. We have blindly given the reigns of power to the lowest form of life on the planet. The scumbag that ripped

    off my friend? He could'nt hold a candle to the Lawyer that finished him off. I finally figured out why. They are

    the same type. They take care of their own they always have. Their the same type of lowlife just different ends of

    the spectrum. If we are going to fix this then let's begin with stopping the lawyers making the laws. They are only

    padding their pockets as would many of us. The problem is, they by doing so destroy far to much. Their crime is not

    victimless. The victims are far to numerous to count. The victims dont even have a face because he is us. They cant

    distinguish that. If they did, we would look in the mirror and say. Wait a minute? That was me! Well everyone, I

    hope I have entertained. I am open and hoping for some input here. So please, open my eyes. I can only hope and I am

    affraid that is not nearly enough. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. The problem is, I also know it is a

    train. Thank you. P.S. Try whooping some buttheads tail here in the future and lets see if it makes a difference.

    "Maybe we should have a open scumbag week, or open peace officer or judge,lawyer whatever. Lets see if that puts a

    stop to a bit of the crap". Good Luck my friends. The wicked misfit
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  2. RealJack

    RealJack Gold Member Gold Chaser

    Apr 4, 2010
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    Wow! That might be the longest rant ever... :s1:

    I can't believe nobody has commented.

    Me, I totally agree with you. Totally effed up. My answer is stop paying into a corrupt authoritarian system.

    How? I can't answer that for anyone but myself.

    Anyway, good rant.

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