1. Fed Chair states 'interest rate rise coming in months', USD flying to the up on the news
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  2. Holiday Friday is up, and going into the extended weekend we have Gold down 2 to 1218, while Silver is down 4 to 16.30. Oil is continuing to roll off that 50, now down 39 to 49.09. The USD is +11 at 95.27 and awaiting GDP report this am.
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  3. Week of 5/28/16 Closing prices & Chg Over Last Wk---- Gold $1213.80 DOWN 58.90-- Silver $16.26 DOWN 87-- Oil $49.33 up 3.12--- USD $95.50 UP 91 tics-- Based on near term futures contract--- At JMB Current price AGE $1278.39 (1), SAE $19.38 (20)
  4. Added Heartland Precious Metals out of OK and LA to the map, Added Texas Precious Metals, and Added Provident Metals.

The Gold Solution is a Lie - Bill Still

Discussion in 'Gold Silver (All things Metal)' started by Oz Waver, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Oz Waver

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    Jun 27, 2010
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    I like Bill Still, he definitely makes his point. Well worth watching.

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