1. Deustch Bank worries roil world markets. World stocks struggling again this am.
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  2. Good Fri morning. DB worries and metals catching a bid. Gold +3.8 to 1325, while Silver is +16 to 19.35. Crude is down 58 to 4725. The USD is +20 to 9568.
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  3. Week of 9/30/16 Closing prices & Chg Over Last Wk---- Gold $1313.30 DOWN 24.20-- Silver $19.21 DOWN 60-- Oil $48.24 UP 376 TICS--- USD $95.38 DOWN 0 tics-- Based on near term futures contract--- At JMB Current price AGE $1387.06(1), SAE $22.32 (20)
  4. Added Heartland Precious Metals out of OK and LA to the map, Added Texas Precious Metals, and Added Provident Metals.

Wanbee Social Network ~ Submit State Secrets

Discussion in 'Topical Discussions (In Depth)' started by Goldhedge, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Mar 28, 2010
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    We all know that Facebook is a CIA program dedicated to gathering intelligence from millions of uninformed people (aka. sheep). Now wanbee.org is taking this concept one step further, instead of giving out your personal information and secrets for free.. we PAY you!

    Wanbee (wanbee.org) is a site dedicated to the sharing of state secrets!

    Great leader much appreciates

    Start sharing with white text box on your left side

    Approval within 24 hours, else i no get dinner


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