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A word from the Founder:

In an era where monetary whims reign supreme, where the printing of fiat currency has become a perverse art form, the wise and discerning investor turns to the timeless sanctuary of gold.

Why gold, you may ask?

The answer lies not merely in its intrinsic value but in the lessons etched through history. Whether it's the follies of ancient empires or the recent financial collapse, gold has remained steadfast, a beacon of stability in a sea of uncertainty.

Some scoff at the idea, dismissing gold as a relic of the past. But ask yourself, is the wisdom of thousands of years to be brushed aside by the fleeting trends of the present?

Governments come and go, currencies rise and fall, yet gold endures.

Investing in gold is not just a financial decision; it's a philosophical stance. It's an acknowledgment of the immutable laws of economics, a rejection of fiscal irresponsibility, and a celebration of personal sovereignty.

To be clear, I'm not promoting a mindless rush to the gold market. Like any investment, gold requires careful consideration and strategic planning.

Gold investing is not a gamble; it's a conscious choice to seek stability in a world driven by short-term gains and political mismanagement. 

But as governments continue to play fast and loose with the currency, as inflation looms like a dark cloud, gold offers a refuge, a way to protect one's hard-earned wealth.

Those who ignore the role of gold in their investment portfolio do so at their peril. It's not merely an asset; it's a testament to human history, a financial philosopher's stone, guiding us through the murky waters of modern economics.

The question is not whether you can afford to invest in gold, but whether you can afford not to.

To some, investing in gold may seem an act of defiance, a challenge to the status quo. And perhaps it is. But above all else, it is a declaration of independence, a step towards control, freedom, and prosperity.

So, take the golden path.

It's a journey towards wisdom, stability, and the timeless values that have guided humanity through the ages. It's a journey I wholeheartedly invite you to join. 

That is why I created Gold is Money 2, so I can talk about precious metals investments that I think are worthwhile, and ones I think should be avoided.

And also, as a place where I can rant about the state of things. 

I will try to keep my ranting to a minimum.

- Scott R. Hillford, founder Gold is Money 2

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