T Rowe Price Gold IRA Review

T Rowe Price Gold IRA Review

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In a world of financial uncertainty, finding a stable and reliable investment can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Enter T. Rowe Price Gold IRA—a beacon for those looking to secure their retirement with the timeless value of gold.

But what sets this gold IRA apart from the rest?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll look into the benefits, drawbacks, and unique features of T. Rowe Price’s Gold IRA, helping you make an informed decision.

Ready to discover if this glittering opportunity is the right fit for your financial future? Let’s dive in and uncover the golden truth.

Prior reading further, it is important to acknowledge that investing your savings is a not easy. When it comes to incorporating precious metals into your investment portfolio, how can you tell which companies are reliable?

After devoting extensive time and effort, we have conducted thorough research within the precious metals industry and compiled a selection of the most trustworthy companies.

Take a moment to read our list and determine if T Rowe Price has what it takes to make the list this year!

This lets you to quickly compare the leading companies in this field and select the one that aligns with your specific requirements and investment objectives.


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About T Rowe Price

That being said, the sheer number of websites that are involved in this area creates major challenges. As a consumer who may have limited financial knowledge, how can you be expected to know where to put your money?

T Rowe Price Gold IRA Review - Logo

As such, we wanted to offer you this review of T Rowe Price's services. Unfortunately, if you are interested in a gold IRA, you are going to have to look elsewhere.

T Rowe Price Gold IRA Review - Website

About T Rowe Price

T Row Price is one of the largest and most well-known names in finance. Founded in 1937, the company offers a slew of investment and financial services, including investment management, mutual funds, financial advisory services, and retirement services.

This extensive array of products allows T Rowe Price to be one of the larger financial operations in the world.

This reality is reflected in the available information about the company. As a publicly traded company (TROW, traded on the Nasdaq), T Rowe Price has to make a series of financial disclosures. As of 2022, their revenue was $6.49 billion, with a net income of $1.56 billion.

While these numbers represented a decline compared to the previous year, T Rowe Price remains a solid financial company that is in an excellent fiscal position for long-term gains.

Normally, we review the availability of information about a company, including its history, competitive advantage, and the qualifications of its staff.

However, as a massive conglomerate, there is quite a bit of information you can find about T Rowe Price - and quite a bit of information that simply isn't available until you pick up the phone and narrow down the specific scope of what you are looking for out of the firm.

For example, discussing the qualifications of the firm's employees simply isn't possible: There are over 7,600 employees that work for the organization across the world. 

Services Offered

With a global reach, multi-decade history, and massive employee base, it is clear that T Rowe Price can offer an array of services that other companies can only dream about.

T Rowe Price's website breaks down the services they offer into multiple categories. First, T Rowe Price offers personal investing services. This includes mutual funds, 401k management, generalized investment advice, and more.

T Rowe Price allows you to open a new account quickly and smoothly through their website, then walks you through the best ways to invest your money to get a return on your investments. It offers an array of programs but primarily breaks down your investment options into three categories:

T Rows Price Gold IRA Reviews - Services Offered

Retirement savings, which allow you to invest in an array of financial instruments to prepare for retirement and reap the tax benefits of doing so. Build personal wealth and meet long-term saving goals in a way that reflects both your long-term investment potential and risk tolerance levels. Save for education, including working with any available education savings plan.

As you would imagine, T Rowe Price offers to help you find the right mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and more. They offer expert insight and analysis and will manage your portfolio within the parameters that you establish with them, buying and selling stocks in a way that meets your investment needs.

Next, T Rowe Price works with businesses to manage employer-sponsored retirement accounts. Individuals who have retirement accounts with T Rowe Price can create accounts and manage them online, altering deposit levels, managing their progress, and ensuring that they are doing what they need to prepare for their retirement.

This is a joint management effort that is done with both T Rowe Price and the employee in question. 

T Rowe Price also works with institutional investors, like colleges, businesses, or non-profits. The goal of these types of investments is usually to grow funds while also ensuring that organizations can use the investment gains to fund operations or public charities.

T Rowe Price engages in a variety of "fundamental research" into equities, fixed-income assets, and multi-asset financial tools. 

These are the three main services that an individual may be interested in accessing via T Rowe Price, either for themselves, their business, or their employer. T Rowe Price also offers some more customized services for specific niche businesses, including financial advisors and record-keeping businesses. 

What Isn't Offered: A Gold IRA

As noted above, T Rowe Price offers an extensive array of options for individuals or businesses that want to grow their wealth to suit a variety of services. Part of those options are IRAs or individual retirement accounts. Indeed, T Rowe Price can help an individual in most ways that are related to IRAs.

T Rowe Price Gold IRA Review - Gold IRA

However, T Rowe Price is missing an IRA offering in at least one key area: They do not offer a Gold or precious metal IRA. These self-directed IRAs have become more popular of late as more and more individuals are looking to diversify their holdings and ensure that they keep their retirement savings in multiple asset classes.

Unfortunately, if you are interested in using a self-directed precious metal or gold IRA, you will have to look elsewhere.

Fortunately, the massive explosion in popularity of the internet has made it easier than ever for individuals to find expert vendors and custodians who are capable of helping them open, fund, and manage a self-directed precious metal IRA.

Top 3 Companies Choosing Over the T. Rowe Price

It can be extremely challenging to find a gold or precious metal IRA that meets your needs and differentiates itself from others, particularly given that there are hundreds of companies that offer these services. In our extensive review, we have found three businesses that we believe are best suited to help you open and manage a precious metal IRA. They are as follows.

1. Goldco - Best For Beginners

Goldco is one of the best precious metal dealers available. It offers an array of services that set it above the competition and allows customers to open and manage a self-directed IRA.

First, from a broader perspective, it is important to consider ALL of Goldoc's offerings. Goldco offers a variety of additional services, including the ability to buy and sell a variety of gold and silver coins.

Their inventory is much broader than the average precious metal investor, giving users a chance to buy a vast array of potential precious metal items. You can have the gold or silver you purchase shipped directly to you or sent to a third-party storage facility.

Goldco also offers a highly robust blog, one that is updated regularly, allowing users to filter through the noise of the economy and get a better grasp on what precious metals they want to buy. Goldco's credibility is dramatically enhanced by the vast array of reviews that have been left about the service.

Numerous platforms - including Google, the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and more - have given seen Goldco earn among the highest and most consistent customer satisfaction scores that we have seen.

Of course, Goldco also offers individuals the ability to purchase a precious metal IRA. You can buy a gold or silver IRA from Goldco. The company makes the process extremely easy and allows you to start saving for your IRA in three steps: You open the IRA, fund it, and begin to purchase precious metals.

The process can be completed online or over the phone, and you can also order an IRA kit to give you more comfort. The website also has a nice array of FAQs that can ensure users are comfortable with their purchases.

Finally, it lists the coins that you can purchase for your precious metal IRA. This includes numerous types of coins and bars, all of which meet IRS criteria for eligibility.


We also recommend Augusta Precious Metals. Unlike other precious metal companies, Augusta Precious Metals focuses exclusively on precious metal IRAs. That is what they offer - and that is all that they offer.

As noted by the company, this creates an added benefit and focus: They are only involved in one thing, and that sole service allows them to focus exclusively on helping your retirement.

2. Augusta Precious Metals - Best Education

Augusta's website is well-designed, crisp, and modern looking. It is loaded with informational videos and information that should help make your IRA decision easier. They note numerous competitive advantages over other websites, including:

The ability to meet and work with one agent and one agent only. This ensures that a staffer knows who you are and allows you to build trust with a person, not a faceless company.

A variety of educational resources - both on their website and over other communications means - enable you to make better decisions for your future.

Easy processing. According to the website, 95% of the paperwork necessary is filled out by the company, making it easier for you to concentrate on investment decisions, as opposed to time-consuming paperwork.

An easy order desk that can be accessed over the internet or on the phone, ensuring that you can order your precious metals in a manner that fulfills your needs and preferences.

An easy order desk that can be accessed over the internet or on the phone, ensuring that you can order your precious metals in a manner that fulfills your needs and preferences.

An easy order desk that can be accessed over the internet or on the phone, ensuring that you can order your precious metals in a manner that fulfills your needs and preferences.some text

Easy confirmation that allows you to know when an order goes through and track this information for record-keeping and tax purposes.


You can also check out their website to get a solid idea of what sort of precious metals you can order for the website, as well as access a variety of blogs and informational pieces about the current state of economics in America and across the world.

3. American Hartford Gold - Best for Bullion Investment

Finally, we can recommend American Hartford Gold. American Hartford Gold is a broader company, and you can use it to buy gold, silver or invest in an IRA. The company goes out of its way to note that it can help you create a new IRA or roll over an existing IRA.

This is important, as many people want to access a precious metal IRA by ensuring that they can use already-existing retirement savings. American Hartford Gold has a phone number that you need to call to start the process of opening an IRA.

However, according to their website, you can get your IRA up and running in three days. This means that you can potentially complete the paperwork necessary to open an IRA in less than a week, enabling you to quickly alter your retirement accounts and protect your financial future.

American Hartford Gold offers an array of IRA options, including traditional IRAs, 403(b)s, Roth IRAs, and more. They also allow individuals to purchase gold and send them to several different storage facilities, ensuring that you can keep your gold close to you. 

Of course, as American Hartford Gold notes, the gold is yours, and you can do what you will with it within IRS guidelines. Finally, like the other high-quality businesses that we recommend for your precious metal self-service, American Hartford Gold has numerous advantages, including:

  • Robust customer service options and the ability to contact the company in many different ways.
  • An array of educational materials can ensure you are an informed gold buyer.
  • Very positive customer reviews that demonstrate expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Numerous media appearances on a variety of national news outlets.

In total, American Hartford Gold offers a complete package, enabling customers to fulfill their financial needs and potentially expand their precious metal investments into an array of new areas. 


Final Verdict

For all of its positives, T Rowe Price fails to offer a self-directed precious metal IRA. This means that individuals who are interested in purchasing such an IRA must look elsewhere. Thankfully, there is no shortage of options, and the three companies we have listed all allow you to open and fund a self-directed precious metal IRA.

Let our expertise and analysis help you before you invest your savings by reading our list of the best companies!

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