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2015 March of dime sets


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Mar 4, 2019
2015 March of dime mint sets, $50 shipped, not to far under the 61.95 original mint price, but these are untouched sets from the mint that came out of boxes of 5 that were the family order limit. I'm not going to try to talk these up instead my personal IMO. If you are not into mint sets I understand. But, if you've always wanted a mint set that looks good in hand, but didn't want to pay allot, it contains both a Pennsylvania reverse proof dime, and a West point proof dime, only 75000 of each minted, lowest mintage Rosies, as well as the commem dollar again a 90% proof piece but with a final mintage of 132,030. At this value with the first RP dime minted as well as the low mintage dimes, and price, it's also a set that should hold value. The total silver weight in this set would be .918.

I don't have allot of posts but I'm true to my word, not a big sale anyway, and looking to develop trust, etc. on the site as far buying/selling.
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