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31 Odd Tractors You Don’t See Everyday


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Mar 25, 2010
31 Odd Tractors You Don’t See Everyday

This is what happens when you try to modify a Case tractor into a rat rod. This pickup truck/tractor hybrid is impressive and certainly a showstopper. So what’s going on here? Well, essentially one old truck was used to complete the front end section of the tractor itself. It might look like two, but only one old 1940s pickup truck was used. It also might appear difficult, but this is actually a rather easy modification to do. The cab of the truck is simply slipped over the operator section of the tractor. Of course, some metal-working and tweaking certainly come into play, but you already have the fender whole cut for the rear tire, you just need to make it larger. The hood section and front grill portion of the truck are outfitted and fabricated to complete the front of the tractor. One solid coat of orange paint brings it all together, and two tractor lights pop on the side to give you a four eyed, rat rod, freewheeling beast. Not bad if we do say so ourselves.

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