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5G's Not About the Virus. It's About the Vaccine?


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Apr 3, 2010
As we know, people who have claimed a connection between 5G and the coronavirus have been censored by Google. Some have claimed that 5G causes the systems of Covid19. More specifically, it has been claimed that 5G interferes with the oxygen levels in the blood. It is also alleged that the places with the worst outbreaks all are outfitted with 5G. But what if the reason for the censorship isn't strictly about the physiological effects of 5G. What if the purpose of 5G is to interface with what will be injected into people with the vaccine?



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Jan 4, 2020
The 5G/beer virus censorship operation is probably one of the best red herrings of all times. The actions of youtube have got so many foaming at the mouth, it could well be said that the connection is that it serves to keep those with the finger on the pulse distracted and otherwise preoccupied.

The voltages and currents required to stimulate any brain in such a manner as described in the "Paper Doctors" book are too high for any nanoscopic electrode to generate/re-transmit. These things would cause coagulation in the blood stream if there were enough of them to provide even a small voltage and current to attempt any sort of electrostimulation.