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Anna von Reitz: fyi; What form of government are we owed?


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Apr 1, 2010
Americans have been dumbed down to believe they have “un-a-lien-able rights” under the original 1789 Constitution. In reality, they only have “licensed” privileges, and their so-called government is a bankrupt, private corporation.
This is why the American people are suffering abuses such as gun control, forced vaccinations, and child custody issues.

Briefly, the major turning point in the loss of our Republic, began with the election of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil war. In 1819 The Continental Congress passed the “Titles of Nobility Act” which forbade the election of “titled” individuals such as Esquires. You will remember the jousting scenes of medieval England and the “knights” with their “squires.”

Lincoln was an (Esquire), BAR attorney and was ineligible to be President of the United
States of America. “BAR” is an acronym which stands for “British Accredited Registry,” and their loyalty to the people of America was held in suspicion.

Suffice it to say, in 1861, the southern states had a lawful right to secede from the “Union,” and walked out refusing to be seated. As a result, under parliamentary rules, the congress lacked a quorum to conduct business. Too many seats were vacated. So, they had to adjourn without scheduling a day to reconvene.

The lawful de jure government was out there “flapping in the wind,” and the country was in chaos. What eventually evolved in 1871, was the emergence of an unlawful, de facto government — a private“corporation” with two divisions---“territorial and municipal.” The Republic that was established by the founding fathers was mothballed and is currently held in abeyance waiting for the “people” to wake up and reclaim their lawful government.

Consider the following quote and article:
Quote: …(1) the Federal Branch of the Federal Government was overthrown in the 1860's and never rebuilt; (2) the necessary "Reconstruction" has never been completed; (3) we have lived under a British Territorial military junta since then, operating under the authority of a Commander-in-Chief, acting via Executive Orders; (4) the actual Government owed to the States and People was never part of the Civil War and is still owed to us, if we bother to wake up and operate it. End Quote
Article 1670 www.annavonreitz.com

The Basics
At the end of the Revolution there were two populations of people left on this continent---- "the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and the "Inhabitants"----- British Subjects known as "citizens" here to provide "essential government services". The evidence for this is in The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 and in Article IV of the original Constitution called The Constitution for the united States of America.

There are still two populations on this continent--- the American State Nationals who are the present-day "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and two brands of present-day "inhabitants"---- "United States Citizens" occupying the District of Columbia and "citizens of the United States" occupying the Washington DC Municipality.

The actual states of the Union are all Republics. The government of the District of Columbia is a democracy. The municipal government of Washington DC is an oligarchy. All these populaces co-habit the same space and freely roam about this country, but they all function under different rules and occupy different jurisdictions and are subject to different forms of law.

The "United States Citizens" (British Subjects) and the "Municipal citizens" (Corporate Slaves) are here to serve ----both to provide essential government services under contract to our state republics and also to serve their own separate foreign "federal" and "municipal" governments.
The American State Nationals inhabiting the Republics are the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" who are owed "essential government services" from these other governments as our employees---and we are all born into that political status as Americans---but soon after birth, and without any full disclosure to our Mothers, we are entrapped by legal chicanery and "presumed to be citizens" and "wards of the state" and members of these other populations instead.

This undisclosed process which is a direct violation of Section 11 of the 1933 Securities Act results in a form of political genocide known as mischaracterization of non-combatants and it is a war crime carrying the death penalty.

This international war crime has been carried out against the unsuspecting American people by their own employees in gross Breach of Trust and violation of both the letter and the spirit of The Constitution for the united States of America--- the actual and only original equity contract that all American states and American State Nationals are owed.

Who is ultimately responsible for this outrageous circumstance? In direct terms--Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill. In more abstract terms, the members of the United States Congress and the British Government. Finally, though we have been the victims of this crime and have unknowingly allowed our own employees to entrap us and make false claims against us and our property rights, we bear some responsibility ourselves, for failure to knowledgeably assert our own political identity and clarify our separate political status in the public records.

Our birth events should have been recorded as part of the land records of our lawful organic state republics and instead were only registered in the foreign and international jurisdiction of the sea. We trusted our employees to do their jobs, not work calamity against us while on our payroll. The British Crown, a foreign commercial corporation seized upon our Given Names and copyrighted them and claimed to act as our usufruct---- using our good names for its benefit, so long as it did not harm us in the process.

Purposeful self-interested non-disclosure of any contractual arrangement is fraud, and fraud vitiates all "laws" and contracts---including any merely presumed political status. Fraud has no
statute of limitations.

The testimony of six generations of Americans impacted by British Breach of
Trust (ever since the Civil War and only more terribly and recently since the Second World War) carried out by British Subjects operating as United States Citizens on our soil is eloquent and the nearly disastrous results of it are plain to see--- corruption of our government and its institutions, pillaging and plundering of American property, enslavement of the American people, false commercial claims, illegal foreclosures, counterfeiting of our credit, non-consensual hypothecation of debt against our assets. The ravages of equally foreign "citizens of the United States" upon our economy and well-being are also self-evident in the burgeoning welfare rolls, crime statistics, unemployment, frustration and anger and suffering of our people.

Your remedy? Know who you are -- a living, breathing, age of majority, noncitizen American State National -- objecting to and rebutting any presumption otherwise, owing no allegiance other than your natural allegiance to the soil of your organic state of the Union.

Place record of your self-declaration of political status firmly on the public record by having it witnessed and notarized and recorded by the land recorder's office. Every single one of them has a "miscellaneous file".
(Edited for clarity and emphasis added) www.annavonreitz.com Article 405
For instruction on how to reclaim your birthright as a free

“American State National “go to:PaperUpNow.Com
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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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More Corroboration -- From David Straight

I love David Straight because he tells it straight. No candy corn. No self-aggrandizement. No ego. Just the facts, ma'am. I love patriot guys like him, because they get the job done.

They may not be as aware of all the frou-frou-rah of the High Courts and diplomacy and history as our group tends to be, but boy, when it comes to nuts and bolts, some of those who are rising up now have got the weather gauge on the carpetbaggers from DC and they are bearing down on them at last.

It's like George S. Patton's character said at the beginning of the movie---Patton: -- "I actually feel sorry for those dirty ......" Sometimes I just sit at my desk and think of what happens when 300 million Americans wake up and really see what these goons have been up to? And I smile.

I want to thank Mike, one of my regular contributors, for sending the link to "CPS FRAUD & CLAIMING YOUR NATURAL RIGHTS" on YouTube:https://youtu.be/ca_RgBN98Jw

This is real help for parents and grandparents struggling to curtail CPS, but it is even much more than that. It's a gem and worth watching clear through. Heck, even though it's long, watch it again.

Some of you who are just waking up are still in a daze and you think all this discussion of the Civil War and issues arising out of it makes no sense. That's a 154 years back in the rear-view mirror, you say. How could that still be causing problems for us today?

As David Straight points out in this video, every Act of Congress since 1861 contains a one sentence Disclaimer: "This Act shall not affect any right thus previously established."

Okay..... are all your cogs turning? What does this mean?
This is an admission, folks, that everything we've told you about the history and the capacity in which the Congress is acting, is true. They aren't passing any Public Laws; they are passing private corporate by-laws. And that is all they have been doing since 1861.

It's not a theory --- but there is a conspiracy. It's a conspiracy against fulfilling the constitutional agreements that the States and the People of this country are owed, a conspiracy against our form of government.

About an hour and a half into this video David lays out exactly how you can lawfully and legally take back control of your county. This is work that will have to be undertaken county by county.

So far our group has been concentrating on getting the actual State Assemblies resurrected and functioning with the proper political status and with the proper standing and in the right jurisdiction to conduct business --- but the assembly of the counties which takes place in tandem with the assembly of the States, is where the pedal really hits the metal in our daily lives.

As you do your paperwork to evidence your "return" to your birthright political status and join your State Assembly, you are also at the same time re-populating your county.

Now that you are assembling at that level, what do you do? David Straight tells you, step by step:

1. Run an ad for 21 days announcing a Public Meeting to be held at such and such a time, day, and place (at least 30 days out from when you start running the ad), to discuss the administration of county government.

2. Hold the meeting. Tell everyone the history and what has happened and what they can do to regain control of this runaway train. Take a vote to hold Public Elections.

3. Begin the next cycle of Public Notice. Run the ad for 21 days and announce that Public Elections to fill vacant County Offices will be held at such and such time, day, and place (at least 30 days out from when you start running the ad). Advertise a place where people can be nominated or self-nominate to fill a roster of County Offices ---- everything from Dog-catcher to County Assembly Chairman.

4. Hold the Election. Only people claiming their birthright political status and actually living in and having property in the county can vote as an Elector. If not everyone wishing to vote has papered up yet, they can sign an Elector's Declaration at the Polls before two qualified and verified members of the County Assembly saying that they are operating exclusively in their birthright political status as (Ohioans, Virginians, etc.) and have lived in and owned property in your county since ________ the date they were born in or moved to your county.

They have to have been living in your county for at least a year and a day to meet the General Residency Requirement.

5. Then you begin a 90 Day Notice Period. Again, you publish an ad in the newspaper and run it for 21 days, announcing the results of the Public Election and giving Notice to all Incumbent County Officials that as of such and such time and date (for example, Friday, October 10th, 2019, at 4 p.m.) please have all personal property boxed up and removed from the public buildings and keys ready to turn in.

6. Public Elections always trump Private Elections. This is perfectly lawful and legal to do, and should meet no resistance. Upon the newly-elected cadre taking actual Office, they can bring forward a secondary Election using the same Notice Process to collapse the Municipal Corporation and operate the County in its unincorporated capacity.

It's worth saying the obvious: these Municipal Corporations shouldn't be operating on our soil. The Municipal Government is supposed to be strictly limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, not hiring private security agents to patrol the streets of Rye, New York.

So, this is the "Next Step" coming right behind and in tandem with the assembling of the actual State Assemblies. As more and more counties are restored to operation, the County Courts will resume operation as American Common Law Courts. Ditto all the State Courts. No more surreptitious and deceitful rule by British Maritime Courts.

What, you say? We can get rid of these courts? Not exactly. There will still be legitimate Admiralty and Maritime Court business for them to do, but the end of their meddling with the people and with trespassing on the soil and land is already set aside for them, by the US Supreme Court in Milligan Ex Parte.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
21 hrs ·

Counties, Names, and Government by Contract

All counties have to be "surveyed" --- located and geographically "defined"--- before there is any "thing" present that can be labeled and named. Once this process is complete and a name has been attached to that parcel, the County is "corporate" but not "incorporated".
When you, a man, come forth from your Mother and are a separate living being, you are defined by your body and located in space in much the same way. Upon being named, "John" or "Bruce" or "Charles"--- you, too, are "corporate", but "unincorporated".

So all counties are "corporate" entities, but not all counties in the country are "incorporated" --- meaning that some of them didn't take the bait of Federal Block Grants in order to maintain their independence. We are compiling a list of those counties that (1) never bit the hook, and (2) those counties that have liquidated federal franchise counties and chosen to operate in unincorporated status, and (3) those counties that have merely been "presumed to be" incorporated, because they received Federal Block Grants or because they changed their doing-business-as names to conform with Federal Nomenclature.

We are finding that MOST counties fit in this later group and did not specifically or publicly adopt being incorporated. Like the rest of us, they were apparently told "you have to do this" by Federal Agents, so they changed the Style or Ordering of their names and unwittingly created new corporate Persons that were assumed to be operating as Federal Franchises.

For example, you might start out as "Pearson County" and over the years the name on the shingle at the Courthouse would change to
"County of Pearson" or "PEARSON COUNTY" and so on. Just like the switch from "John Michael Doe" to "JOHN MICHAEL DOE" in the absence of actual public meetings and discussions and votes taken there can be no reliable evidence that such counties ever knowingly agreed to incorporated as franchises of the Federal Government.

There are at least 3100 counties in America and people living in all of them. Those people need to do some research into their own county history to find out the actual status of their county government. Most likely, State of State franchises simply "moved in" after the Civil War and have operated like cuckoo birds in a robin's nest ever since.

The correct way to name the land and soil jurisdiction county for our purposes is always in Upper and Lower Case and in the form "Name County" --- as in "Bear County" or "Pearson County" or "Black River County" or "Winnebago County" or "Ipshago County" and so on.

Please Note: When we use their notaries to do our work in public, we call them "Public Notaries" on the paperwork to nail down the capacity in which they are functioning and simply name the State --- for example, Colorado --- not the "State of Colorado" and not the "STATE OF COLORADO" and not "COLORADO", either, and the county is named as above, for example, "Montrose County".

We are also finding quite a number of "Diversified Counties" especially in large metro areas. In these cases you will find a land and soil county overlain with layers of corporate entities from various jurisdictions eating out the population, each one charging for "services" and imposing regulations and codes and rules that are creating streams of revenue for these organizations without however having any actual and knowing consent from the local people.

In other words, these organizations are operating as commercial corporations under color of law. They are booting up like any other commercial corporation with Articles of Incorporation and Officers and Boards of Directors and operating under deceptive names designed to make people assume that they are part of the actual government --- when they aren't. Think of it as the local version of the "IRS" or "DOT".

The IRS exists as a privately owned and operated bill collector for the "Internal Revenue Service" which is a foreign "Bureau" perched inside of the "US Department of the Treasury" which is run by the IMF. This is why the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven T. Mnuchin, is an Interpol Agent and not functioning as an American nor even as a US Citizen.

These organizations like the "County of Pearson" typically stake out a turf for themselves and amass a list of subscribers, that is, people or even properties, that receive services from them. They come in, they fill pot holes, they cut brush along utility corridors, or whatever function they have chosen for themselves, and then they send their purported subscribers a billing statement for these services whether the subscriber asked for these services or not.

Often these groups act in concert with the actual County and give the County a "cut" of the action. They may even send their billings out from the County offices, making it appear legitimate, or they may bill the County as Subcontractors and the County then arbitrarily taxes you, and again, it all looks legitimate and isn't.

These Undisclosed Subcontractors pad their billings to be able to give kickbacks to the less savory members of County Government and around and around it goes. In Oklahoma it got so bad that the County Clerks in the 1980's kept "Kickback Books".... literally. They kept ledgers to keep the crooks honest.

Think of the Magazine Subscription Scams that plagued everyone back in the 1980's. First, they gave you a "free subscription" out of the blue. It just comes to your mailbox from some "Subscription Service". As part of that first "free" magazine they sent you a "subscription card" to receive up to six more magazines at "unbelievable prices", and, if you didn't bother to reply, they promise to send you complimentary copies of six more magazines to try! After that, of course, they just kept sending magazines and if you were too busy to track down the fine print and cancel all these subscriptions, you were on the hook to pay for them all. This went on for ten years before the Postal authorities finally cracked down on it.

Its the same thing with all the services that the County of Pearson offers you. If you don't contact them and say, "Whoa! Who are you and what are you offering and how much is it going to cost me?" --- you are "presumed" to have subscribed to their service and are on the hook for paying for the services you received. A wise person receiving a bill from something that looks like the County but not exactly, should question that billing, and should want to know exactly what they supposedly signed up to receive. Who signed them up? When? How? For what services? -- And they should object to paying for anything they didn't order and ride herd on the cost of any services they agree to receive from the "County of Pearson".

This is all "government by private contract" and doesn't have a thing to do with the actual County, which rarely if ever does much beyond deciding which of these franchise operations are going to get the contracts next year.

I hope you continue to dig for any evidence that your county was ever incorporated or "presumed" to be incorporated. If you can't find any evidence of incorporation, you may be living in one of those counties that never did incorporate. What a blessing for you and everyone else concerned, if that turns out to be true. It's one more thread that undermines claims that these foreign interlopers ever achieved "exclusive legislative jurisdiction". Please let us know so we have a confirmed status for your county.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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Lincoln and Illinois

Even as a child I never liked Abraham Lincoln. I didn't like his image on copper pennies and changed them out for nickels as much as I could. This antipathy can't be explained as a simple childish rejection of weird sideburns and top hats and craggy facial features. I readily accepted double-amputees and WWII veterans who were burned beyond recognition and corpses at funerals and Special Ed kids and the local Winnebago tribal members dressed up in all their feathered regalia--- I was not the kind of child to be fearful of people because of their appearances, nor prejudiced toward anyone because of their appearance, either.

No, it wasn't that Lincoln was homely. It was something else. Of course, I couldn't put my finger on it as a child, but the lasting impression I had of him was that something was wrong with him. Something bad.
In the years since then I have had cause to research into Lincoln's life and the Civil War to some depth.

There are long-standing rumors and some circumstantial evidence of the "he doesn't look like anyone else in the Lincoln family, but he does look like so-and-so..." gossip from local observers at the time, giving rise to the idea that Lincoln was actually the bastard son of a rich Jewish landowner named Springsteen; this I cannot confirm or deny. It would require a DNA test to ever settle the question, and that is not likely to happen--- so let's leave the gossip among all those things we will never know about Lincoln, and focus on what we do know.

We do know that his nickname, "Honest Abe", was a jest, and that in real life, this was a tribute to his wit, not his actual honesty.

We do know that the picture of his humble beginnings reading by firelight in a one room cabin to educate himself and earning his way by splitting rail fences and working as a small shopkeeper is largely bunk of the nineteenth century Sentimentalist ilk.
Wherever it came from -- Lincoln always had money and didn't lack for much.

We do know that immediately after the University Publishing group picked up on Lincoln as a young lawyer in Illinois, his political star began to rise.

We do know that Lincoln was a prominent member of the Confederation Congress beginning in 1847 and that he made frequent trips to New York where the Confederation Congress met throughout the 1850's.

We know that through his connections with the Confederation Congress, he met and made friends with some of the most famous industrialists and business personages of the day, including British financiers who were eager to promote investment in America so long as the Queen had control of the government receiving the benefit of those investments.

Some members of the Confederation Congress, including Lincoln, were eager to secure these economic benefits, and in view of the relatively large number of Federal "inhabitants" living throughout America (British Territorial Employees who remained here after the Revolution to provide "essential government services" per Article IV), they saw nothing wrong with providing "separate but equal" services to them via the Territorial Government--- which the Queen controls under our delegated authority. Is this beginning to sound familiar?

The means to be employed to provide these services to British Territorial Federal Government Employees and their Dependents would be the creation of Territorial States of States, running in tandem with and in parallel to and mirroring the then-active Federal States of States.

The British Doppleganger States-of-States were thus prepared by Lincoln and his cronies and were waiting in the wings at the end of the Civil War, ready to take over during the "Reconstruction" of the actual Federal States of States.

Lincoln served as the British Territorial United States Governor of the Territorial State of Illinois, which was established with Lincoln's help before the Civil War, and in that capacity was in the direct service of Queen Victoria prior to his election as "President of the United States" --- the CEO of the Municipal United States Government.

During Lincoln's stint as Territorial State-of-State Governor of Illinois, the first Bar Association in America was organized in Illinois. He signed their first charter. Whether or not he was an actual member of the Illinois Bar Association or The Bar Association of Illinois or The Illinois State Bar (there are about fifteen different names) has been carefully obscured, but we know he never occupied any office of the actual Federal Branch of the Federal Government -- and would have been prohibited from doing so as a Bar Association Member. Again --- circumstantial evidence, but perhaps we can get to the root of this question in the future.

Lincoln supported the concept of Hickey's 1847 "enclosure" of the original Territorial Constitution --- The Constitution of the United States of America --- for use as corporate Articles of Incorporation for the new British Investment Corporation being formed to funnel money into the new Territorial States of States.

All these moves had many members of the original Confederation Congress alarmed, especially members representing the Southern States, who saw all this "untoward" activity by the British Territorial Government as something far more ---and more suspicious--- than a simple matter of providing equal public services to government employees. They deeply mistrusted Lincoln for his apparently boundless support for continued British investment and broadening British presence and influence.

Lincoln's activities in Illinois preceded his election as President and it was feared that: (1) he was not qualified to become the actual President of our Federal Government, owing to his ties to the Bar Association--- members had been banned from holding Public Office in our American-controlled branch of the Federal government since 1819; and (2) his election meant the spread of Territorial States of States throughout the rest of the country.

Thus it was that greedy Northern Industrialists, especially Railroad Barons eager to embark on the Continental Railroad project, and other industrialists even more eager for British investment money to back their factories, backed Lincoln; the Southern Plantation owners saw nothing but the return of British taxes and oppression and meddling.
They were, unfortunately and precisely, right.

Lincoln, the "Great Emancipator" was in fact the Great Enslaver instead; because of Lincoln, black men and women were released from private slave owners and became the property of government corporations, and millions upon millions of white Americans suffered the same fate.

Lincoln, for whatever reasons, was in lock-step with Benjamin Disraeli's plan to "enfranchise" the common man, and was in fact an Undeclared Agent of the Queen, who sought and accomplished the de facto overthrow of our system of government via an illegal commercial mercenary conflict staged on our shores--- the so-called American Civil War.

After the war, the Territorial States of States that Lincoln helped create were ready to slide into place and surreptitiously substitute themselves for the Federal States of States owned and operated by the American States and People. In 1868, Hickey's "Corporate Constitution" was adopted.

The de facto take over of our government by the British interests promoted by Abraham Lincoln was a fait d'accompli.
The American States and People were simply never notified of the changes undertaken "for" them, and the stage was set for both British investors and British pillaging on a scale unimaginable.

There is some circumstantial evidence that Lincoln repented at the last, and that he planned to expose all this and redirect the Union Army, but like so many other things about Lincoln --- we will never know. He was assassinated before the ink was dry from Lee's surrender.

Illinois was the Port of Entry for all this infamy and it remains one of the most corrupt States in the Union, thanks mostly to banks, international unions, and mafia influence in Chicago. Nowadays Illinois watches from the sidelines, seemingly quietly aghast at the traumatic results of what they welcomed to our shores. Perhaps not altogether surprisingly, members of the Illinois Bar Association have begun efforts to restructure and rethink: "Was it such a good idea to welcome British Admiralty Courts ashore?"

Or, more likely --- "OMG! What is going to happen to us, when the Americans finally figure out who is who and what we did here?" They have long lived in the fear of what Mark Twain predicted for them --- "a lawyer on every lamp post".

The Bar Associations and at least some of their members deserve to live in fear; because of them, millions of lives have been lost, trillions of dollars have been looted out of America and stolen from Americans, millions of innocent people have been enslaved and "enfranchised" and have suffered endless personage and barratry---- all of which the lawyers have known, and have said nothing about and done nothing to prevent.

Lincoln's giant portrait, the equal of any placard ever bearing homage to Stalin or Mao, hangs in the Middle Innes of Court in Westminster.
Lincoln also began the practice of financing the government via the issuance of Treasury Bonds. These "ten or forty" (think 1040) bonds were offered to investors using a concept like savings bonds. They could invest in these U.S. Treasury Bonds for ten years or for forty years and reap a guaranteed rate of return upon maturity. The Federal Income Tax was originally a tax to force Federal Workers to buy Treasury Bonds.

As for what we do know about Lincoln --- he was a rat's rat, a King Rat on the scale of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He may well be a hero to the British Federal Government Employees and the Tories in general, but for the American States and People, he is a symbol of our own gullibility and our tolerant, generous nature, which has never easily discerned the source of the undisclosed evil in our midst.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
2 hrs ·

We Take Exception

We take exception to the claim that we ever knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily entered any Federal Jurisdiction of the United States or the United States of America at all. We claim our immunity from any presumption that we are now or that we have ever been US Citizens of any kind.

We also take exception to the claim that we are being "represented" by any United States Citizen or group of United States Citizens, nor any group of Citizens of the United States or group of Citizens of the United States, while we are standing here with our provenance in hand, presenting ourselves.

We deny, rescind, and repudiate all prior Powers of Attorney seemingly allowing otherwise and we have published our actions upon the Public Records of both the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government in evidence thereof.

There have been quite a number of organizations composed of either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States or even incorporated CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES claiming to "represent" us or to have standing "in our names" to receive our assets "for" us.

We take exception to and rebut the claims of these Persons and PERSONS and their various organizations and we raise the bar against them and place objection to all of these claims, claimants, and organizations including but not limited to: The Republic for the united States of America, The United States of America, Inc., The Republic, The Republic of the United States, The Republic for the United States of America, THE REPUBLIC, RuSA, the National Assembly, TROH-United States of America, etc., etc., etc.,

None of these organizations are properly constituted. None of them are claiming their proper status as States of the Union nor any properly organized Federation of States competent to restore our Confederation of States of States.

None of these organizations have access to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and none of them have required their members to act with any singular allegiance to their State of the Union----without which they cannot claim to be American State Citizens and cannot lawfully operate any State of the Union.

Our claims are complete. We have standing and our claims pre-date all other claims; we are verifiable inheritors of the assets and government of our States of the Union, verifiable inheritors and progeny of the People of this country and of our States, verifiable state nationals born on the land and soil of this country, verifiable inheritors of the Great Seals and Offices, verifiable inheritors of the Norman Conquest and the Settlement thereof.

We have reclaimed our birthright political status on the Public Record and have expatriated from any other foreign conferred or merely presumed to exist political status.

We have declared our ability to stand in our own behalf and in behalf of our States of the Union and we claim no other political allegiance.

We have also declared our genealogical provenance such that there can be no doubt that we are: mentally competent, of age, free men and women, born on the land and soil of each State of the Union, and that we claim the Grandfather Clause to all contracts, all proposed offers of contract, and all Acts of Congress since 1861.

We specifically deny any contract or obligation owed to the UN Corporation.

No claim by any United States Citizen and no claim by any Citizen of the United States offered "for" us may stand against what we request and require in our own Proper Names and as People who are present and accounted for and standing on the land jurisdiction of every State of the Union.

Nothing and nobody else has any right, claim, title, or material interest in our assets, our heritage, or our private property but ourselves and likewise other American State Nationals and American State Citizens who have yet to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their States of the Union.

How we administer our obligations is our business; what we do with our assets from here on, is our business.

As the Presumed Donors of the Public Trusts established in Our Names and in OUR NAMES, we are returning the trust assets to our States of the Union and to their lawful Federation of States doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated].

Any idea that any Legal Persons or LEGAL PERSONS over-stand or outrank our Lawful Persons must be left adrift in the realm of illusions and removed from trespass upon the realm of actual fact.

We declare that all material interests and assets of all kinds, all money, all credit, all titles, all land, all patents, all certificates, bonds, debentures, and derivatives, all leases, all benefits, all and everything that is owed to us and to our States and People and to The United States of America [Unincorporated] must be returned to us and to our control without further delays or attempts to impersonate, defraud, conceal, entrap, stand for, represent, or enclose us in any manner whatsoever.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
17 hrs ·

Crazy Like a Fox, Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves

I've been asked--- why am I so quick to excommunicate people and alienate them from my own efforts?

Well, what did Jesus say? If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it away. Better that, than risk the loss of the whole body.

Everyone needs to know how we got into this mess in the first place and then reason forward from that.

Just prior to the Civil War,Thomas Hickey and Abe Lincoln and their pals at University Publishing and various big time industrialists eager for British investment money organized Territorial States of States ---- purportedly so they could deliver support services and social benefits to British Territorial Citizens living in our States while providing us with "essential government services".

After the hostilities died down, these same Territorial States of States were waiting in the wings, ready to stealthily step forward and substitute themselves for the American-controlled Federal States of States we are owed. Nobody was the wiser. And that's how the Brits commandeered our lawful government.

Now they are on the hook for it and twisting like worms, but that doesn't mean that they won't come back and try the same thing over again. They got away with it for 150 years and made trillions of dollars off us dumb Americans. Do you think they are just going to go home and mind their own business?

The Brits and the Holy Roman Empire are not so silly as to plan (and invest in) another Civil War on our shores, build 800 internment camps, haul in 30,000 guillotines, buy billions of rounds of ammunition, arm the alphabet soup agencies to the teeth, militarize our police forces and prepare to kill millions of their innocent American Creditors without having a plan in place to pull the same kind of trick in the aftermath.

What better than to corrupt and commandeer our own efforts to rebuild our States from within? Get their cuckoo birds in on the ground floor....and voila.

They could pretend to be States instead of States of States.

That would be even better than what they managed to do to us after the Civil War, from their point of view.

So what do we see and hear and from whom?

People acting as leaders of our State Assemblies clacking about how they are going to "meet us at the Hague" --- when our States have nothing to do with the Hague and don't stand under the Hague Conventions. Red flag up the flag pole and flapping in the breeze--- these folks are building States of States, not States.

Only States of States stand under the Hague Conventions.

The DOD which is a "Department" of the UN Corp, is also playing pussyfoot with people who are --- purportedly at least --- acting as leaders of our State Assemblies.

The same DOD that sequestered the bulk of the National Credit owed to the American States and People and used that over $21 trillion as a Slush Fund to promote war for profit on a worldwide basis, the same DOD that made all the preparations for another Civil War on our shores, the same DOD that spent our money on building hundreds of military bases worldwide----- that version of DOD ----is busily infiltrating our ranks.

This is entirely predictable, but hard to guard against. Just as in the First Round, they look like Americans, sound like Americans, and most of them were born here like anybody else. It's easy for them to slip in and mislead gullible Americans who are just getting started and finding their feet in this game.

There is yet another goal for DOD's activities. If they can't commandeer us from within, they can still open up a pathway to accuse us of insurrection --- thus providing themselves with an excuse to arrest and discredit everyone involved in organizing our State Assemblies.

Even though they have grossly betrayed us and failed to meet their own obligations under the Constitutions, they are sticklers about our performance of our obligations. The Constitutions require that the States not act as States of States, which is precisely what they are trying to create under the guise of our State Assemblies.

So if they can't commandeer our efforts and Cuckoo-bird style substitute their own State of State organizations for our State Assemblies, they can still use their own work within our Assemblies as the basis to complain that "we" were setting up States of States and not in compliance with the Constitutions and so, according to them, "we" would be insurrectionists plotting the overthrow of the government.

They always accuse everyone else of exactly what they are doing themselves.

Thus they propose to "win either way" --- either by successfully commandeering our efforts or by denouncing our efforts based on their own surreptitious activities.

We are not in a vacuum, folks. Not everyone likes what we are doing.
DOD stands to lose its Slush Fund and be forced to pay us back our National Credit and be cheated out of all the money it has already spent (albeit, our money) on FEMA Camps and cattle cars and guillotines. Think of all the armored track vehicles and machine guns donated to "our" local police?

Of course, DOD is seeking to undermine us and either sideline or commandeer our little ho-dunk efforts to restore our rightful government. If we succeed, "Dorothy" gets to go home, and they have to pay back their Priority Creditors --- the American States and People. If we are derailed, they get to keep our National Credit as a war chest and most likely, get another Civil War started on our shores.

The stakes are much too large to let them get away with any of it.

So, when someone starts blathering about the Hague and their ties to DOD and making moves to welcome US Citizens as members of what are supposed to be State Assemblies, I take on the role of Bouncer.

I can't stop these people from thinking what they think or doing what they do, but I can draw a line between them and me --- and thereby maintain the integrity of what the rest of us want to accomplish, and keep our Assemblies and Assembly Members safe from accusations of insurrection.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
13 hrs ·

All The Reasons Why

The urgent reason to assemble the States is that only the States can "charter" new Federal States of States and restore the rightful and fully functioning Federal Branch of the Federal Government. The reason we need to do this is that leaving the Reconstruction dangling and unfinished has harmed our whole country for 150 years and provided a means and an excuse for other governments to meddle in our affairs.

The republican states (State Republics) are formed by Declaration.

The States are formed by Compact.

The Federal States of States are formed by State-Issued Sovereign Patents

Territorial States of States are formed by State-Issued Charters

Municipal STATES OF STATES are formed by State-Issued Articles of Incorporation

Sovereign Patents and Articles of Incorporation may also be called "charters" in common parlance because they fulfill the same function as Charters---just in different jurisdictions. So when you are tasked to "bring forward your charters" it means bring forward your State's Sovereign Patents, Charters, and Articles of Incorporation so they can be reviewed, updated, and in the case of the Federal States of States, reconstructed and re-issued.

Not every State will be able to locate these records, and some States never had any records of this nature to begin with, so new entities will have to be created; for those States that do have access to records of old charters---meaning sovereign patents, territorial charters, and any articles of incorporation, these records can serve as the basis of re-issued charters or serve as templates for newer States to build upon.

The reason we do the paperwork and record it is to create evidence demonstrating our choice of political status on the Public Record.

On the level of our own lives, the recorded paperwork serves to restore our access to the constitutional guarantees we are owed and serves to protect us from being misidentified and harassed under false legal presumptions.

On the level of our State Assemblies, having our paperwork independently verified (the work Teri and Jocelyne are doing) creates evidence that our State Assembly is properly populated and operated by People owing singular allegiance to their State ---- that is, by State Citizens, who are the only Lawful Persons authorized to convene a State Assembly.

Obviously, if we are not ourselves operating in the right capacity to form a State Assembly our actions as State Assembly Members are invalidated and anything we attempt to do without "standing" to do it, is also invalidated.

This has been a stumbling block and obstacle to patriot efforts for decades. People didn't know that they were laboring under false presumptions of foreign citizenship obligations that prevented them from acting as "We, the People". Now that we do know and we are able to rebut these false presumptions, those who created these presumptions and who profited from them for many years, oppose us and seek to discredit us at every turn.

Nailing down the paperwork for every Assembly Member and having it independently verified establishes the evidence that our State Assemblies are genuine, functional, properly populated and lawfully empowered. We have standing so our Assemblies have standing. Membership in our State Assemblies then also bulwarks our own claim to be--- and to be acting in--- the capacity of an American State National or American State Citizen.

As one of the People we are then empowered to enforce the Constitutions and to operate our States of the Union and nobody can claim that we don't have standing and authority to do what we are doing and nobody can complain that we are not abiding by the Constitutions or not obeying the Public Law or not fulfilling our obligation to Self-Govern.

Those of us running The American States Assembly have done our homework. We know what we are up against and what has to be done. It's fair to ask questions of us and better to ask than to run off and make wrong assumptions and mistakes based on those assumptions. The ground we stand upon is solid, but there are plenty of land mines and false pathways when going through The Swamp, plus Undeclared British Agents and DOD Agents, too.

Those who are sincere and interested in learning have many opportunities to do so. I have written almost 2,000 articles and half a dozen books, have recommended numerous other authors and teachers, given copious citations from court cases and public records for everyone to read, have a weekly answer-questions talk show, and a weekly Coordinators call --- but you want me to do more, more, more. Now I need to provide you with detailed structure of how to set up your Assembly and detailed instructions on how to set up your County Government and educational materials to pass out to your Assembly Members and, and, and.... ? There's no "One Size Fits All" answer to what you are asking for.

The American States Assembly is setting basic framework and benchmarks to ensure that the State Assemblies are correctly populated and that the Assembly Members are protected. We are ensuring that all the Assemblies associated with us have secure standing to operate and are operating as valid State Assemblies, not State of State organizations pretending to be State Assemblies. We are doing our best to help individual State Assemblies to research and understand legal and lawful aspects of their own State history and also helping them to understand the structure of the American Government they are heir to. We are also doing our best to fend off the enemies of this process so that the work the Assemblies are doing is not in vain and not rendered ineffectual by lack of standing or failure to meet other lawful requirements that apply to all State Assemblies across the board. That is about all we can hope to do.

Every State and every County is different. That's what drives the Bar Association crazy. They want one, single, well-oiled machine from sea to shining sea, where everything is the same and organized the same way and we are all reduced to nice little Borg-like automatons---- but that is contrary to life and the organic growth of living beings and denies the freewill and character of the People of each State of the Union. Such a vision of "uniformity" is also contrary to the principals of Self-Governance.

Just as you are unique and the members of your Assembly are unique, your organic State of the Union and its Governance is unique. That's the way it is, and the way it has to be by Nature, and in Justice.

If you are looking for a Model to use in setting up the local government structures that is in accord with Self-Governance and with the principles adopted by our Forefathers, we are lucky that a similar endeavor embarked upon at nearly the same time, took root and bore fruit. The kind of government we are supposed to have at the local and county level was/is similar to the current government of the Swiss Cantons.

Our forefathers envisioned a close knit community of people in each county talking to each other freely at regular public meetings, taking direct lawful action in their own local interest, and taking responsibility for their own defense, disaster preparedness, monetary policies and banks, environmental care-taking, courts and everything else. Rural areas were supposed to be run as counties with County Councils and metropolitan areas as neighborhoods with Neighborhood Councils. These small scale groups were to hold the ultimate power over and responsibility for the land within their borders. Their local Sheriff is supposed to be the highest ranking elected Peacekeeping Official (within the borders of their county or neighborhood) bar none. Nobody --- not the Governor, not the President -- is supposed to outrank him. Similarly, their local courts and jury pools held the power of Jury Nullification --- they could strike down any law or statute that the jury members found repugnant.

In this way, the people at the republican state (State Republic/Republic of State) level kept control of their own lives and provided their own government. On this firm basis, then, the counties formed the State for the purpose of international trade and interaction with the other States and Nations of the world. Our entire in-State government is supposed to function from the bottom up, while the Federal Government is designed to function from the top down.

I suggest that everyone think very deeply about this and study the pros and cons and look into the experience of the Swiss Canton governments when looking for a model to restore local and county and State Government to what it is supposed to be in this country. Self-governance is not easy work, but there are models of what our Forefathers wished for us, still alive and well and functioning in the world.
Let's look at what the Swiss experience has been and adapt our own system in light of what they have already learned and solved.

That's my recommendation, for what my opinion and research into the subject has been.


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Apr 1, 2010
Anna von Reitz
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The Smelly Roses -- Public Notice and Demand.

When it comes to talking about money, I still have to overcome waves of cognitive dissonance. Here is a good example of it from Egon von Greyez:
"In the West, ordinary people’s standard of living has been maintained by increasing personal debt and also by governments running ever bigger deficits. These deficits are used for buying the votes of the average citizen to improve the perceived standard of living at the cost of an ever increasing national debt. "

This is an example of what everyone assumes, what everyone believes, and what everyone endlessly prattles--- but, this is not what is directly, observably true. What is true and what you can see for yourself is quite different:

The foreign subcontractors running the Federal Government came in and passed "legal tender" laws, and forced everyone to accept "Notes" --- that is, I.O.U.s --- as money. As a result, you haven't been paid for anything, not your goods, not your labor, for decades. You haven't been allowed access to the corresponding National Credit you have earned, either. This is what causes any "National Debt" --- and it isn't your National Debt.

It's the debt of the Queen and the Popes who created and enforced this system on their Federal Employees, and then failed to ride herd on it.

We, Americans, were supposed to get exemptions and to be able to exercise Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges that were never provided to us. Instead, the vermin instituted a vast identity theft scheme to "redefine" us all as United States Citizens and/or Citizens of the United States, so as to deny us access to the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges and exemptions we are owed.

Mr. von Greyez has been bamboozled along with everyone else into assuming that we, rank and file Americans, are responsible for this " National Debt" and that it is the result of reckless overspending and under-producing on our part, or, that alternatively, it's all the fault of "useless eaters", all the poor people riding on our Socialist coat-tails....

That's exactly what the perpetrators of this colossal scam wish for us to assume, but we have two eyes and two ears and a brain, don't we?

Look at what has actually happened. We have contributed our goods and labor in exchange for corporate I.O.U.'s since the 1930's and we have never been paid anything for it, not money and not credit, either. That's what the "US National Debt" is--- THEIR debt to us, not our debt to them.

So, the source of the debt and the problem is not reckless overspending on our part and it is not the fault of all the poor people receiving welfare benefits, either.

This whole situation is the fault of the Queen and of the Popes who allowed: (1) the imposition of "Legal Tender" laws on the Federal Employees; (2) the identity theft of Americans and mis-characterization of Americans as either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, thereby cheating us out of our exemptions and the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges we are owed.

These Grafters are running no less than three (3) primary Bunko Schemes at once on the American States and People, all under color of law:
1. Identity Theft --- claiming that we are all either United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, that is, some species of Federal Employee or Dependent, and amassing falsified registrations and undisclosed contracts as evidence for their False Claims;

2. Credit Fraud --- based on the Identity Theft -- they claim that we are accommodation parties and co-signers allowing them to access our private and public assets as collateral backing their borrowing.

They access our credit via a process of "hypothecation of debt" which leaves us totally unaware of what they are doing. They charge our "credit cards" up over the max, then claim bankruptcy protection for themselves, and leave us on the hook as co-signers to pay their debts for them.

3. Abandoned Assets Scheme -- based on Identity Theft -- as a result of mis-characterizing us as United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, they deny us access not only to any actual payment for our goods and services, they also deny us access to the credit that we earned as a result of their receipt of our goods and services.

Over time, this results in the massive accrual of our National Credit which exactly mirrors their National Debt. Bearing in mind that they have deliberately kept us from accessing this credit via the initial Identity Theft, they then propose to come in and claim that our National Credit is a "gift" to the Church or that it is "Abandoned Assets" left unclaimed by unknown parties who are "lost at sea, presumed dead."

The problem for them is that all of this was completely undisclosed and non-consensual and the result of unconscionable contracting practices and Gross Breach of Trust.

A good 90% of us are not "United States Citizens" nor are we "Citizens of the United States". We were not given full disclosure and were instead deliberately misinformed.

We aren't lost at sea. We are back home, standing on solid ground, and we are claiming all our rights, all our constitutional guarantees, all our assets, including our purloined credit.

That includes all the Historic Trust Money and actual Assets left on deposit with all the various Federal Banks and Savings and Loans across the country and around the world. We are the Priority Creditors and we, the Lawful People, are also the actual Trustees--- not the Bank Trustees. Not, in other words, Kim Gougen, and not, for example, Manna World Holdings Trust. Not Karen Hudes and any Dropbox created to bail out the criminals at the World Bank, either.

This is Public Notice and Demand:
Deposits of actual assets in the possession of commercial banks are lawful goods and can belong only to Lawful People. That means us, the actual Depositors.

Deposits are loans made to banks and are bank liabilities. Our deposits don't belong to the banks, and they are not abandoned assets, and they are not subject to claims by bank creditors. Those actual asset deposits belong to the depositors who are the Primary Creditors of all these banks. Period.

Along with all the other criminal mischief promoted by our Federal Public Servants, both Territorial and Municipal, they have offered to mis-characterize Depositors as United States Citizens and/or Citizens of the United States, too, and thereby offer an excuse for stealing our Trust Deposits and actual assets left on deposit in Federal Banks and Federal Savings and Loans.

The assignment of Bank Trustees by the Bank to oversee these accounts does not mean that the Bank Trustee takes precedent or authority over the actual Private Trustees who made the Deposit, and no phony claim that we are "acting as" United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States can stand in our presence otherwise.

All the phony dossiers that the schemers have created via the IRS are also fully discovered. It turns out that, for example, I am not the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados and I am mad as Hell to discover than any such fanciful "colorable" idea has ever been advanced by any flat-rumped bureaucrat in my employment.

It's time to make a deal or sit down and shut up. The Sword of Truth hangs over all your heads. The People --- not only of this country --- but the whole world, are now fully informed.