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Brexit: Worse than the exit. Who's common law?


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Apr 1, 2010
h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AAUfppr9C8

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – British Judiciary under fire: you have stolen my dreams and my childhood…
Robert Buckland QC MP: our world-class judiciary always acts free from political motivation
Social media goes off the rails with anger after Supreme Court judgement
Meg Russell (UK in a changing Europe) awarded major new fellowship

Constitutional change is the plan not reinforcing the existing British Constitution
Attorney General Geoffrey Cox asks difficult questions in the House of Commons

We cannot escape from a parliament that no longer represents the people…
Sovereignty lies with the people not with Parliament

How is consent manufactured…? What is the difference between statute and law…?
Juries (not judges) have the right to change Common Law

Is the Supreme Court in jeopardy…? AG Geoffrey Cox: Parliament is dead…
Political language: invoking the Civil War and the Rump Parliament…?

Parliament against the people: the people are being abused and are not represented
David Scott: Email exchange with the UK Supreme Court press office

Are some of the Supreme Court Justices being paid by the EU…?
How are the Supreme Court Justices appointed ‘technically’…?

Where do the Judicial Appointments Committees come from…?

37:52 – Boris could go to jail if he refuses to ask for Brexit negotiation extension

UK courts to jail UK Prime Minister for following democratic will of the people…?
Guido Fawkes: did Karl Turner MP threaten Dominic Cummings…?

46:10 – Is Boris genuine with respect to Brexit…?
Is the UK still facing the Cameron/May EU deal…?

Reform the EU or Re-form it into an EU military empire…

Germany planning news laws to prevent criticism of the EU in any form

British public are completely in the dark about what ‘deal’ is being planned in the background

55:38 – Stefan Sutherland case: BBC gets involved

Police Scotland asks for witnesses to come forward…after silencing 30 witnesses in the

57:54 – UK Column asks Dept. of Education for its policy on Extinction Rebellion
Department of Education avoids the question entirely

Extinction Rebellion gets free reign within schools to propagandise children…

New petition started asking for a General Election
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