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'Desperate for tires.' Components shortage roils U.S. harvest


Where'd My Country Go?
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Mother Lode
Apr 13, 2011
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Linck said it’s possible the U.S. waterway system also has an image problem with modern-day logistics professionals. While moving commodities by inland waterways can be more fuel-efficient and less costly, it takes more long-range planning.

“We need to reeducate all our traffic managers, give them a little more power, get these MBA bean-counting managers off their just-in-time inventory control. They can’t plan right, so they send everything on a truck. They just throw money out there and they get it where it needs to go, basically,” Linck said.

...just wait...

soon they'll have separated enough water, to get at that 'green hydrogen' so we can run our cars, there won't be enough left to pull a barge across the Atlantic...

that's what my common core tells me