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Digital currencies/cryptos


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Mar 25, 2010
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moved sub forum from the library and up into the 'investments' area due to the increasing interest across the board,

it is now a sub forum of the investments to make it easier for persons to find

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Apr 2, 2010
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The big push for sovereign cashless is now on. Unlike anonymous Bitcoins, etc, the Fedcoin I have been watching is monitored by big brother. Want to bet governments will outlaw all cashless digital that is not “ theirs”? The latest: ( no surprise, it is picking up steam for the Great Reset)...prepare accordingly.

Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard pressed the case for a digital dollar, saying Monday that a cryptocurrency backed by the central bank could provide a variety of benefits.

Providing financial services to the nearly 1 in 5 Americans considered “underbanked” is one of the advantages Brainardcited in a speech to a conference presented by Coindesk.

She also cited the safety of a Fed-backed system, as well as improvements in efficiency and cross-border payments, or transactions between people in different countries.

While stressing the importance of moving forward carefully, Brainard said the Covid-19 pandemic strengthened the need for a system in which a broad swath of the public has access to well-regulated digital money.

“The Federal Reserve remains committed to ensuring that the public has access to safe, reliable, and secure means of payment, including cash,” she said. “As part of this commitment, we must explore — and try to anticipate — the extent to which households’ and businesses’ needs and preferences may migrate further to digital payments over time.”

Those comments come days after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announced that the central bank this summer would be releasing a working paper that addresses multiple issues involving Central Bank Digital Currencies.

The Boston Fed and MIT have launched a joint project in which they will set up a hypothetical model, and several other Fed districts also are involved with research of their own.


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Mar 31, 2010
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"Including cash" , for how long?
They want total control to be able to monitor every transaction