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Harvard conference challenges folks to redefine the future of money

Oct 16, 2011
Harvard’s recent two-day conference, “Money as a Democratic Medium,” challenged its participants to re-examine the history of money in America, and to redefine its future. The event was jointly sponsored by the Harvard Program on the Study of Capitalism, the Murphy Institute at Tulane University, the Harvard Law Forum and Harvard Law School, bringing a diverse group of lawyers, economists, academics and scholars to the HLS campus.
Gerald Epstein, of the University of Massachusetts—Amherst, said that the rise of finance coincided with that of inequality, creating a system that favors some citizens over others. “Underlying all of this is a process by which wealth generates political power, to further this wealth and equality.” The country, he said, is now run by a “bankers’ club” that includes elected officials who get campaign contributions from banks, central banks that make decisions on whom to bail out, and regulatory authorities and lawyers “who do the bidding of these elites to try and rewrite rules.” ...
More: https://today.law.harvard.edu/money-as-a-democratic-medium/

Some absurd stuff in there, but what really hit me as I read this was the fact that the conference happened at all and who was participating. Just based upon the folks mentioned, it seems to have been a mix of the Davos/G20 crowd with folks one or two degrees removed from it.