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How and Why to make a Militia

Jun 25, 2020
So my brain has been on this one for awhile. The 2nd amendment is about the right to firearms but also to a militia. For most if not all of U.S history militias have comprised of more members than our total armed forces. The American people is the largest armed force on earth.

Being the largest armed force doesn't do you any good if you are isolated and picked off. It also doesn't do you any good if you don't have any "red lines".

That said I've seen some evidence that individuals that work too hard to create a militia (unless it is Anti-fa apparently) have a way of disappearing into the CMU (I'm thinking of that guy from Alaska). The last thing the Deep State wants is 10,000 organized militias with hundreds of members each. I've also seen anecdotal evidence that the FBI will work hard to infiltrate militias and either discredit leaders or take them over. This is especially true for militias that are outspoken against government.

So here are my thoughts on how to go about making a militia safely (or at least safer). I'd love to get some feedback.

1. When making a militia the first rule is NO STRANGERS!!!! If someone worked for the government and wanted to be in the militia it should be impossible to join. That means members of the militia are neighbors that have been around for several years and have been vetted by several members already in the milita. So start with your street and work your way out.

2. Make it hard to be spied on. Don't name your militia anything. Call it "the group" or "the club" or anything. If you don't have a name then you can't be talked about easily. Globalists do this too. Same vein. If you have a meeting make it seem informal but don't have anyone bring a cell phone.

3. Establish ways to communicate with each other in a pinch. The best militias are local (your neighborhood) though.

4. Establish "red lines". When will your militia 'do something?' Make sure people are onboard with the vision. If the militia purely defensive or is there some larger goal if 'something happens'?

5. De-Centralize it. Don't have one 'leader' that is too important or irreplaceable. Maybe don't even go for more than like 50 individuals in a neighborhood militia.

These are just some thoughts. Maybe you guys can give some better feedback.


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Mar 31, 2010
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The first rule is the same as the first rule in Fight Club.


1. When making a militia the first rule is ...

...Maybe you guys can give some better feedback.
So, no Inter-web posting regarding the issue.


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May 31, 2015
Hang with like minded people and the militia will form itself