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How to ‘Kill’ a Birth Certificate


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Oct 15, 2012


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Apr 1, 2014
on the low side of corporate Oregon
Sounds plausible.

I just tell them now that I am not a client of the state. I'm not tracking down any one or sending registered mail and definitely not certified mail because I can see no benefit to myself by telegraphed moves on my part, not that there is anything they can do; whoever thems is.

Right now I am heading in on the Tuesday next to challenge jurisdiction, which should be fun unless I lose my cool, so I might be a while till I darken GM2's doorstep after that day. But I am prepared and have my corporate deniability 14th argument already established then there is the oregon constitution of which those iceholieO's have completely made war upon by utilizing treasonous statutes.

Funny thing about that fourteenth amendment that most people don't comprehend is as contract law or contract reason stipulates the use of force to make the southern states comply and approve it suddenly makes me a victim. As a victim I can opt out from under it because of the fraud that lives in it. And get this, only I can do this for myself and only me. You? Why only you can do it for yourself, and only you. Neither the sitting crows can opt me or you out or any person, period; only the victim.

You might ask what is the selling point on this and I will tell you that in the Oregon Constitution it stipulates that if no "victim" is found then a case can proceed because the people of Oregon become the victim. Well sad to say that the 14th did away with people and made them person, alas I just might show myself to be the only people in Oregon after I bring that forth on a objection for clarification thingy. Oh and get this....in the Oregon Constitution it intimates that one cannot prosecute themselves as a victim, darn who knew? So that little double whammy means the STATE gets no help from me because it is against the law of this state, period.

Now i know the Podunk barroty practicing POS is going to say that statute law says blaw, bla, blaw.....And another objection for clarification is going to be that this human know that the administrative law judge did invoke God to uphold the fiction of the state of Oregon which has as its core law the Oregon Constitution which is what it swore to uphold and not those statute things. Which means that the Oregon Constitution is being subverted by statute law.....this means then that statute law as it sits is at the most hearsay evidence and there fore is inadmissible into record.

Yeah, and somebody should get this to them Bundy boys because as it sits all this applies to them also. And yes, yes, I have a few more trump cards to slap down as objections for clarifications.....

Really, I am going to have fun on the thirteenth when I challenge jurisdiction.

Oh, one more funny thing about this state.....seems that the for profit lawyers guild or what ever it used to be called was incorporated into the fiction known as the STATE. This means that when someone hires a lawyer they are using the STATE to defend them and to prosecute themselves while oregon constitution of course intimates that one cannot prosecute themselves as victim.

My oh my have the waskely boys been fucking shit up.

Yes, like Smokey the Bear supposedly said "Only you can prevent forest fires," And no one else.


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Mar 31, 2010
Let us know what happens! You have my moral support, but I believe that the "system" will do everything it can to keep its authority on top. They claim to follow the logic (and that can be bad) of the law, but when someone has a serious challenge to their system, they find an excuse to deflect it. I wish you good luck, of course.