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It's Cheap


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Jan 24, 2011
Lot's of folks complain that things are so expensive. Some things are. But with a bit of shopping and sometimes just plain dumb luck, deals abound. Post your finds here:

I have only been casually interested in owning a hydraulic log splitter. We don't heat with wood but have a recreational wood burning fireplace. I prefer to wait for cold weather and split the wood by hand. For no more than we burn, it's quicker and also good exercise. Some larger knotty logs are a bit more difficult but if they don't split they just go in the pile. My interest in a splitter was also for it's utility as a press- and maybe loaning it to friends.
The local Tractor Supply was closing out the old models and adding new inventory. They had 2 of the old style 28 ton splitters with Kohler Command engines marked down from $1399 to $999. But for their year-end sale they took off an additional $200. Sounded like a no-brainer to me. They even assembled it and added the 5 gallons of hydraulic fluid for $799.
Don't know if other locations have similar deals but for that price I had to drag one home. Should have taken them both.