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Man Uses AK-47 Against 5 Home Invaders, Killing 3 And Injuring 2


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Mar 28, 2010
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Man Uses AK-47 Against 5 Home Invaders, Killing 3 And Injuring 2
Posted by Brandon Curtis, April 15, 2019
Updated on April 15, 2019 at 2:55 pm

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A man fought for his life against not one, not two, but five armed men who broke into his home. This gun owner was prepared for a fight, and utilized his AK-47 to defend his home and his life.

Two masked men went into the home where the 20-year-old resident was. At first, he though it was a joke, but quickly realized that these armed men meant business.

When they demanded cash, the resident complied. At least, that’s what he wanted them to believe. He said that he was going for what they wanted and reached under the couch.

Instead of pulling out money, he instead pulled out his AK-47 and began shooting at the suspects.

Three of the men were killed, and the other two were injured. Both injured suspects were taken to the hospital and then arrested.

The defender pursued the invaders into the front yard. The pile of brass in the front yard has been described as being from several different guns.​
The defender continued the gunfight with three occupants of the car that delivered the two home invaders. The group fled the scene in the car.​
The car crashed a couple of blocks away. One suspect was found in the car, dead. One wounded suspect was found at Capitol and 71st Street, he was the suspect that died at the hospital. The third suspect from the car was wounded, fled the scene, and was being treated in the hospital.​
The resident was not wounded during the incident, and police do not expect any charges to be filed. What this 20-year-old did was something that couldn’t be done unarmed, and he very well could have saved his own life that day.

He showed skill, and maintained his cool under pressure. His approach of pretend compliance is what made this self-defense as successful as it was, by completely catching his aggressors off guard, even though it was their full intention to catch their target victim in the same manner.


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Nov 25, 2013
Only 2 went in and he killed 3. Meaning he hit one in the getaway car? Sweet!
Jun 23, 2019
I like hearing story's like that. Where I live, he would have been charged with 3 counts of homicide, 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and illegal discharge of a firearm. Then proceed to arrest him and confiscate all his firearms. And that is why I have a baseball bat and a bad attitude." Why no officer, I don't own a gun. They scare me"