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Partition Recovery Software

Bottom Feeder

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Mar 31, 2010
I did another stupid stunt the other day. While working on my main utility compuker I used FDISK to delete the partitions off a used HD to reimage it with a Win7 install.

Now the correct procedure to do this is to boot from a DOS cd with the target HD being the only one hooked up to the system — the correct procedure. Not ole bottom feeder though, he unintentionally left one other drive hooked up; the one called “Store”.

Yep — I deleted “Store”. One of those “Aw shit!” moments. I have recovered deleted partitions before, in my past life, but I could not find the software (or procedure) that I used. The first, the very first, thing you do is stop. Remove the disk from the machine and find a utility to recover the partitions. So I began my search. I discovered a plethora of ‘free download’ software to do just that, in matter of fact one of the utility programs I installed ran for four hours, gave me a list of all the files in store then announced “This is a trial version of <bullshit freeware name here>. Please purchase a license to save your results”, hah, at a cost of only $79.98.

A week later and five or six more ‘free software downloads’, each one of them searching and displaying my information just out of reach — most aggravating. I added GNU License to my search parameter and begin to get some actually free software links. I finally downloaded the utility TestDisk from this site: https://www.cgsecurity.org/Download_and_donate.php/testdisk-7.1-WIP.win.zip

The program ran in the CMD prompt, was a straightforward process, and partition recovery was successful — I am most grateful to recover my “Store” HD. And in case you’re wondering why I didn’t have “Store” backed up, I did. I did have it backed up but it was last done two months ago and a few files and folders were missing from that.

If you have this happen to you I can endorse this guy’s software as straightforward, useable and free. Just the kind of software I like to see. At the site there is a downloadable PDF of how the program operates. Be advised it runs under the DOS prompt, not in windoze.