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Personal Swing Analyzers


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Oct 15, 2012
Electronics that will send any Luddite into observable cardiac arrest or stroke!

I just ordered a new Zepp analyzer for less than the cost of one golf lesson ($49) @ e-bay. The device has a built in swing coach & software to help critique the golf swing.

We live about 35+ miles one way from the nearest Teaching Pro (70+ miles round trip), which turns a half to one hour lesson into a 3 hour excursion plus the cost of the lesson... the personal swing analyzer isnt a trackman nor is it meant to replace any of the high end electronics available.

It is a swing device that reports swing speed (plus or minus 4 mph), tempo, swing & hand plane, hip turn, etc... (see vid below).

There are other personal electronic training devices available on the market for $200.00 or less.

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