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Apr 6, 2011

Venezuelans accused of smuggling $5 mn in gold into US

September 24, 2019

Mugshots released on September 24, 2019, by the Broward County Sheriff's office shows Venezuelan national Jean Charles Sanchez Rojas (L) and Victor Fossi Grieco who were arrested by US Marshals service for smuggling gold into the country (AFP Photo/-)
Miami (AFP) - Two Venezuelans have been charged in US federal court with allegedly smuggling $5 million worth of gold bars into the United States in a private airplane.
Jean Carlos Sanchez Rojas and Victor Fossi Grieco, who piloted the airplane, were arrested on September 20 at Florida's Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport after US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents discovered the undeclared cargo in the airplane's nose.
"CBP officers observed loose rivets on the nose compartment of the airplane," read the criminal complaint against the Venezuelans, filed Monday in US district court.
Inside the compartment, the CBP officers discovered "numerous bars of gold under a solid metal covering."
The gold weighed approximately 230 pounds and has "an estimated value of around $5 million," the document read.
Sanchez Rojas, 42, said that he "had obtained the gold from multiple sources in Venezuela" with the intention of selling it in the United States.
Upon landing in Fort Lauderdale -- located 31 miles (50 kilometers) north of Miami -- Sanchez Rojas and his wife filled out a customs declaration form stating that they were carrying $24,000, "but did not declare any other items."
He also said that "he knew the organization had smuggled gold previously into the US and that he would receive a fee for his involvement with the gold smuggling."
Fossi Grieco, the 51 year-old pilot, said that he had met people in Venezuela to pick up the gold and that he stored it in the plane's nose for two days before the flight. He added that he was going to receive a commission once he delivered the gold.
"Fossi Grieco said he knew that he had to report the gold in his customs declaration, but did not do so," the complaint reads.
In a separate case, on August 1 an "important amount" of gold bars were seized from a private airplane coming from Venezuela at the Princess Juliana Airport on the Dutch Caribbean possession of Sint Maarten, in the Dutch Antilles, local police said.

2 hours ago
why is that illegal

24 minutes ago
Maduro is steadily stealing the LAST of his peoples wealth while he leaves them starving in the streets.
That’s what Socialists DO.

15 minutes ago
Put it towards the wall.....with a plaque stating their names

12 minutes ago
What do we call people that smuggle $5 million dollars of gold kids? Family, correct.Fossi my friend.

24 minutes ago
I don't know anything about planes but I'm surprised this plane did not crash

1 hour ago
This is really a "man made crime". What the hell gold is an inert metal that can be found in rivers or underground all over the world. If it was "stolen" then alright but why is there a problem with moving your own property where ever you want to move it? Is it because govt. must get "their fair share" of your wealth? Yes, that's it.

2 hours ago
Precious metals should really be excluded from import controls because it would encourage more of it to come from other countries into the USA. They shouldn't have had to try hiding it. I understand the law is what it is, but there are strategic and economic reasons the USA should change this.

15 minutes ago
So they must have 15 dollars an hour minimum wage there!!

2 hours ago
Reaction #3
"CBP officers observed loose rivets on the nose compartment of the airplane," If the smugglers were more careful with any indication of smuggling such as loose rivets, they would had succeed with their illicitly transporting of gold. So, negligence some times give away certain crimes. And negligence is what the CustomBorderPatrol officers look for to bingo a crime. Bingo, Bingo, Bingo, CBP won.

13 minutes ago
Tired of these foreigners coming into my country thinking they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Glad they got caught. Now add that gold to the US coffers!

38 minutes ago
So who exactly does it hurt if a foreigner brings a bunch of gold into the US to sell?

46 minutes ago

48 minutes ago
The socialist are all trying to abandon ship

50 minutes ago
What can I say... thanks!?!?

30 minutes ago
Several of you are asking why it is a problem to bring it into the US. There is a legitimate need to know if it is stolen, drug money, or will be used for some illegal purpose, but the REAL reason is control of the people. IF the government knows about ALL your money, they have more CONTROL of the population. The government does NOT need to know everything about you or what you have, but they like it better that way.

5 minutes ago
They're always after me gold!

43 minutes ago
This people ned a second chance,they are victims of maduro

59 minutes ago
62%. The Venezuelan Spaniards.

22 minutes ago
It's Saint Maarten, Not Sint Maarten. Next question please.

4 hours ago
Confiscated by the true gangsters and criminals. The U.S Government.

1 hour ago
No way, that's a 80s just for men pic

38 minutes ago
I would have just worn it as jewelry like Mr. T and declared it at customs by telling them what you see is what you get.

Might have had to make two trips though.

15 minutes ago
Ahhhh figured it was miami breading ground for illegal South Americans

21 minutes ago
Is it really that difficult to not self incriminate?

53 minutes ago
They are bigger thief's then some California people I know.

42 minutes ago
In the meanwhile the Trump Mafia was seeking money from Ukraine, in another case of extortion and coercion !

26 minutes ago
bring in all their gold- the people voted for socialism let those who did not flee- it's only fair

50 minutes ago
The guy on the left looks like https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian - Wikipedia


56 minutes ago

29 minutes ago
Good try... there is a part of me that wishes they didn't get caught.

2 minutes ago
I wouldn’t say anything either, the US wants that gold

44 minutes ago
No commission for him, he'll likely be dead a day after being released. Thanks US, just more ways to help your buddy Meduro keep his dictatorship going.

32 minutes ago
give them my address! They can keep it here!

39 minutes ago
It would have been super-easy to remove and replace the rivets correctly. Amateur mistake.

33 minutes ago
Let them bring in gold, but keep their 17 illegitimate kids out.

5 minutes ago
more money for the wall! thank you!

8 minutes ago
Venezuela is a prime example of what socialism brings.

24 minutes ago
I guess Maduro is now trying to deposit his money in the US. I guess this is not working out for him very well. I am curious to know where did they get this kind of money and gold. You know they had to be backed by the Maduro government to get this type of money out. Are these individuals working for Maduro or some of his hench men. All the gold is confiscated by our government and held. These men go to prison and immediately deported back to Venezuela when they are released. They are not going to get asylum here.

54 minutes ago
The gold belongs to the liberal socialist communist democrat party of Venezuela! Ownership is banned!!!

51 minutes ago
Diamonds are the way to go. Don’t go to the U.S. with them

56 minutes ago
Pretty dumb. Tell me please how I could get my hands on some gold like that. Oh, never mind, I get by great on $980/mo social security having lost my career to federal government crooks after they stole credit for the work I did.

31 minutes ago
This is why we need a wall. At least 35000 feet high!

19 minutes ago
They should have hidden it inside a bale of marijuana.

48 minutes ago
USA Stole your gold, plain and simple

4 hours ago
who's a bad socialist? these guys are.

30 minutes ago
He's probably dead too once he snitches out the gang leaders. A pilot always has weak bones.

55 minutes ago
Now there's a caravan bringing gold into America?
Please trump, build the wall and stop all the gold!!!

1 hour ago
Long live the corrupt socialist nation. This is what happens when there free money. Only a handful see to it that only they benefit from it leaving the rest behind.


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Mar 31, 2010
This was my favorite comment.

"Put it towards the wall.....with a plaque stating their names"


Apr 1, 2010
"I don't know anything about planes but I'm surprised this plane did not crash"

This genius should've stopped typing at "I don't know anything."


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Apr 15, 2018
Bringing it to America doesn't make sense, Mexico is closer and very corrupt...


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Dec 18, 2011
Why not just declare it? Or, just passing through on my way to Cuba.


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Apr 1, 2014
on the low side of corporate Oregon
And, somebody does not like purchasing pictures at Sotheby's? Nor do they like purchasing real-estate.

CIA? did you get your value back?