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Redeeming People from the Federal Reserve System

David Merrill

May 15, 2010
Here is some Crosstalk from the brain trust:

Breathren & Good Neighbors,

Many years ago, when contemplating the Saving to Suitors clause and 28 USC 1331 & 1333 for judicial review, I had and still do have difficulty determining the differences in reference to notes, as we proceed toward 'claiming' lawful money for various reasons per 12 USC 411.

My first dilemma was trying to determine what was lawful money, within the meaning of the National Currency Act, National Banking Act and Federal Reserve Act and cursory legislative changes, where 'notes' are expressed in very different identifying alphabetic characteristics or capitalization.

This arose from certain instruments commonly referred to as 'notes' appearing in congressional legislation differently. And as I have stated herein above, expressed in very different identifying alphabetic characteristics or capitalization.

Purportedly, the U.S. Congress retired certain 'notes' & obligations.

But the funny thing is that the description of certain 'notes' being repealed or otherwise, it is hard to determine what 'notes' are retired and what lawful money any one may rightfully claim due.

See section (2) in the attached, under definition.

So, my question is this...., which notes were retired and which notes listed below, are still in circulation legally or lawfully, to wit:

1: Federal Reserve Notes

2: Federal Reserve notes

3: Federal reserve notes

The general reason for this inquiry, is to have a better grasp of both congressional intent and further clarity amongst the Breathren, when citing such instruments.

On another note...lol:

Please give me your thoughts, expressions or ideas you might give me, concerning the meaning of this, to wit:

"The receipts and disbursements Of the Bank in the discharge of its functions shall not be included in the totals Of the budget of the United States Government and shall be exempt from any General limitation imposed by statute on expenditures and net lending (budget outlays) of the United States."

Most graciously,

My response was:

As courts of record We might better substitute ourselves into “they”.

They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand…

That is to say – redeemed from the false balances of elastic currency.