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Roadside Begging Signs


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Mar 30, 2010
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Every night I heard a sob story at the bar, usually it was from someone that just couldn't understand that if you miss work and don't call in you get fired

For some reason when you drink your rent you end up in the street.

Cops just don't get it when you hit 5 parked cars and then blow .35

(there but for the grace of god go I)

I was lucky early one gone morn, Roger Penske was holding court on a racing grid, Dumbass reporter ask him

"What's the secret to your success"

(of all the none questions.......)

Penske answered "excellence in effort, If you will put forth an excellent effort you will get an excellent result"

How true.



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Jan 24, 2011
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That's why I only give to those who have dogs with them, and even then I'm not sure of the need.
Possibly the most successful panhandler I've ever seen was a guy on the usual intersection with his dog. And the dog had a big shaved patch on its side with a large permanent marker circle drawn in it- ribcage and all. The guy's sign was begging money so his dog could get surgery. About every other driver was handing him money. Clever but clearly BS.


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Feb 22, 2012
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Traffic would be backed up all the way to the MA Pike on the 4th of July weekends that James Taylor would play at Tanglewood. At least 6 miles of slowly or barely moving line of cars with unhappy occupants of the vehicles. Sitting on a stone wall one evening I pondered what would these people want? Got the idea to sell iced tea and set up a stand the following year. Had my son help me. He was wearing a cast on his forearm. Turned out to be a good marketing tool. We cleared about 70 American dollars that day. The following year, the feckers opened the gates much earlier and that put an end to the traffic congestion.