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SHTF - the problem with... the BAD PREPPER

tom baxter

back from 2004
Oct 21, 2016
He's very eloquent, and well organized, but his entire presentation is describing someone who is NOT a prepper. They are not a Bad prepper, they have no preparations at all? A prepper by definition has... Preparations made.

The trouble these days is marketing. The whole internet is governed by it almost, and there are hoards of people out there plagiarizing or inventing survivalist material for the sole purpose of funding their retirement. I remember listening to that character who started the survival podcast. Boy he was a clever cookie the way he set that up with free mp3's and a swish forum. Beneath it all though was the marketing to fund his retirement, he even admitted that was the main purpose of survival podcast in one of his earlier shows where he advocated starting an online business as an alternate income stream. Nothing wrong with anything he did of course, but he was no expert on survivalism. Quite the opposite in fact. He was well behind many on his forum in knowledge and practical experience.