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The Albany Remand

David Merrill

May 15, 2010
Some of you might be aware that I am confluence between two dynastic bloodlines.

Recently Leith, an engineer with a financial services degree approached me to form her record. She was at first reluctant to allow me to append "my chapter" to her joinder but I saw this as an opportunity because her signature expressed a greater intellectual comprehension for the subject matter. As I explained my math through the several rough drafts it dawned on her, "What an interesting way to live life."

The docket report will explain the organic class action best. You can register on PACER if you enjoy this kind of fun. You can post questions here and I can share more Docs on my Google cloud gdrive. I use a lot of images so these files are too big to attach directly here.

Dragon from balcony below.jpg

For a better understanding I summarize the End of War. I enjoy Maynard James' rendition. Jim on a survey quote.jpg
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