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The primary control and custody of infants is with the corporate state government


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From an unnamed source. Worthy of introspection. This is merely a road map to follow in your search for truth. DYODD trust, but verify.

The primary control and custody of infants is with the corporate state government through the filing of government issued Birth Certificates, which are held in a State Trust and therein each applicant is recorded under the Department of Transportation as a State owned Vessel and financial asset. A government issued Birth Certificate was never needed as proof of birth because a baptismal record or a family bible entry of birth was and is an exception to hearsay and constitutes legal proof of birth. Had your parents never applied for a government issued Birth Certificate, none of the Federal or State Statutes, Codes or Regulations in place, would be enforceable against you, and no government official or agency could ever tell you how to raise your children; declare you an unfit parent, or take your children away from you. We all made fun of the Amish of Pennsylvania and yet the government cannot touch them because they do not participate in anything these corporate governments have to offer. The title to their land is recorded as an Ecclesiastical Trust. The Vatican (the Holy Roman Church) actually owns all the land, territories and insular possessions called America and as long as the Amish remain an Ecclesiastical Trust and remain a passive Christian Society, the Vatican will protect them. The Holy Roman Church possesses the power to protect or crush anyone and anything! [See: Tillman v. Roberts, 108 So. 62 [and] Title U. S. C. 7701 [and] 18 U. S. C. Section 8].

Social Security is not a Trust or Insurance policy or Insurance against disability. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Social Security is a government giveaway program funded by a government Tax; which is why and how the Congress can periodically dip into the assets of the fund anytime they want and never have to pay it back. The back of the Social Security card states that the card is the property of the government and not you. Your birth name appears on the front of that card and has been modified, the same way as your birth certificate; from upper and lower case letters to all capital letters, pursuant to the U. S. Government Printing Manual, which instructs government agencies on how to subtly convert a living man into a corporation. The actual Director of our Social Security Fund and Administration is the Queen of England and from which she is paid a generous salary. Your Social Security Card is issued by the United Nations through the International Monetary Fund and your Social Security Number is actually your International Slave Number. On the reverse side of that card is an “E” letter followed by eight numbers. That is a “cusip” number, which is required on all securities!You have been converted into a marketable security, like a bond, and your person was offered for sale and sold to domestic and foreign corporate investors!

A Marriage License Application is a request to your “Masters” for permission to marry.

If you ever had any claim of sovereignty before that date; you lost it completely when you applied for and married under a marriage license. Sovereignty means: “To assert ones independence and to claim to be self-governing.” The license isn’t necessary and never has been because a marriage has always been just a contract, witnessed by God, between a man and a woman. Who told you that you must apply for a license? It is the official you chose to conduct your ceremony? The official just happens to be a licensed government official and his license prevents him from conducting marriage ceremonies without the issuance of a marriage license. Did Moses or Messiah ever say or profess that a marriage is not recognized by God, without a license?

Here’s the Fraud behind the License:

Those who apply for and marry pursuant to a marriage license have now added a third party to their marriage contract! The third party is the Master, by and through his Agent, the Corporate State. The marriage license bestows the State with the legal right to decide the fate of the husband, wife and the possessions they procured during their marriage, should the marriage fail. Their divorce must now be decided by and through the States Corporate Court by a Corporate Judge, and the Judges first and foremost concern is the “interest of the State.” The interest of the bride and groom is now secondary. [See: VanKosten v. VanKosten, 154 N.E. 146]. A comment by the Judge deciding this divorce says it all. “The ultimate ownership of all property is the State: individual so called ownership is only by virtue of government, [i.e.] laws amounting to mere use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the state.” [Also See: Senate Document No. 43 of the 73rd Congress, 1st Session] and [Brown v. Welch, U.S. Superior Court].

The term “license” is defined in law as, “A permit to do something illegal.” [See: Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th or 7th Edition]. Therefore, all licenses are permits to violate the only real law! Inalienable rights are the rights bestowed upon all living men, by God at birth! All other laws are subordinate to God’s law. The controlling government wants us to rely on their laws, so they demand that we apply for a license. Another example is a “Drivers License.” It is your God given right to travel the roadways of this nation and no government has any right to restrict, tax or license your pursuit of happiness! The only exception is a Driver of a Commercial Vehicle. The governments have a right to regulate Commerce, which means trade. Anyone operating a vehicle in Commerce must be licensed but all others are absolutely free to travel without one! The foreign Agents in power have changed the common meanings of words to encapsulate and control every Sovereign. They succeed in this intimidation through the corporate courts and police enforcement by officers who have been brainwashed and reinforced by mandatory training programs.

The use of “Trusts” by the Masters and their Agents; is for a good reason! A Trust by law is secret and neither the Masters nor their agents [the Corporate Government and Courts] can be compelled to expose the rules or regulations of the Trust and those regulations can change with the wind, without notice to the participants! [See: The Law of Trusts].

Slaves cannot own property. Look at the Deed to your home. You are identified as the[Tenant] of the property and never the Owner and your Local and State land tax is actually a “rent or use fee” assessed by the State for the lease on the land. You gave them the land after closing via your Lawyer. Did he ever tell you that?

After closing, your Lawyer recorded the deed with the Court. The law only suggests recording the deed, it doesn’t mandate it! Upon recording, you gave the land back to the State, who then leases it back to you for as long as you live there! Isn’t that where you have constructed your home, your castle? I’m paying for it, doesn’t that make the land mine, you ask? If you fail to pay the States assessed “rent or use fee,” which has been cleverly disguised as a direct state tax; you will be evicted from your castle and land, and the state will take title and sell your home under commercial law. Commercial Law ordains that, “Anything permanently attached, is retained by the owner!” Who is the owner of the land? Why the State because you so graciously donated it to them.

Oh, I almost forgot; your Lawyer receives a fee from the State for recording your deed for their use and benefit! How do you feel about your lawyer now? Didn’t you pay him to represent “your interests” at the closing? Now you see why lawyers are the brunt of numerous jokes and have such a poor reputation! Its because they deserve it!

Foreclosures are nothing more than evictions, based on a different kind of fraud. The illusion of a debt [Mortgage] that never existed! No individual or family who has beenforeclosed on and evicted from their home in the United States is legal! The only exception to this is owner-financing! Other than owner-financing, the people who purchased their homes through a Mortgage Company, actually owned their homes “completely” on the day of the closing. The real legal definition of a “closing” means that all legal interest as to title is concluded. [See: any reputable Dictionary from the 1800’s]. The definition has been changed by our government lawyers to conceal the fraud.

First you must know that the federal government took America off the gold standard in 1933, during a staged bankruptcy called the “Great Depression” and replaced the gold with an economic principle known as,“Negotiable Debt Instruments.” [YES, THE GREAT DEPRESSION WAS STAGED!] The government needed to create a catastrophe to implement standards that were designed to steal your possessions and God-given rights! The process of creating a catastrophe was discovered by behaviorists! Take away a persons food, comfort and safety long enough and they won’t care or question the illusion provided, as long as their stomach is full, they have shelter, a comfortable bed and the means (real or imagined) to keep or continue their comfort!

President Roosevelt unconstitutionally collected America’s gold by Executive Order and sold it to the Vatican by way of China, to conceal its true ownership. The gold in Fort Knox belongs to the Vatican and not the United States! Absent a gold base, Commerce now essentially trades in “debts.” So if you borrowed money for a Mortgage and there’s no gold or real value to support the paper called U. S. Currency; what did you actually borrow? Factually, you borrowed debt! The Mortgage Company committed the ultimate fraud against you because they loaned you nothing to pay off the imaginary balance, not even their own debt instruments. They then told you that you owe them the unpaid balance of your home and that you must pay them back with interest, in monthly installments!

Here’s how they did it.

At your Closing, the Mortgage Company had you sign a “Promissory Note” in which you promised your sweat, your equity, full faith and credit against an unpaid balance. Then without your knowledge, the Mortgage Company sold your Promissory Note (your credit) to a Warehousing Institution such as, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The Warehousing Institution uses your Promissory Note (your credit) as collateral and generates loans to other people and corporations with interest. Collateral is essential to a corporation because corporations have no money or credit. They’re not real, they’re a fiction and require the sweat, the equity, the full faith and credit of living individuals to breathe and sustain the life of the corporation. Corporate Governments operate under the same principle.

The Warehousing Institution makes money off the “Promissory Note” (your credit) and even though the profits made are nothing more than new (Negotiable Debt Instruments), those instruments still have buying power in a (Negotiable Debt Economy).

These debt instruments are only negotiable because of the human ignorance of the American people and the human ignorance of people in other countries of the World, who have all been lied to, told this has value, and the people don’t know the difference!

Did you ever give your permission to the Mortgage Company to sell your credit? So where is your cut of the profits? If the Mortgage Company invested nothing of their own in the purchase of your home, why are you making a monthly Mortgage payment to them with interest? And where do they get off foreclosing on or against anyone or threatening to foreclose?

They do it by fraud and the Masters and their Agents (the governments, the courts and the banks) all know it! Everything done to us and against us is about sustaining their lives, the lives of the corporate governments they command and to keep “We the People” under their complete control! They accomplish this control by taking away or threatening to take away your comfort and independence! They all use fraudulent means, disguised as law!

Note: When you applied for a Mortgage, the Mortgage Company ran a credit check on you and if you had a blemish on your credit record, they charged you points (money) to ease their pain and lighten the risk (a credit risk) of their loaning you a Mortgage! More Fraud!

Why are you paying points, when they never loaned you a dime! The credit report is just another scam. If you have a high credit report, the government and banks identify you as an “Obedient Slave” and yet your “Promissory Note” sold for the same value as the “Promissory Note” endorsed by the man who is (a credit risk)! Credit didn’t matter. The fact that you are a living person is what matters!

The Mortgage Company maintains two sets of books regarding your Mortgage payments. The local set of books, is a record that they loaned you money and that you agreed to repay that money, with interest, each month. The second set of books is maintained in another State office, usually a Bank because the Mortgage Companies usually sell your loan contract to a Bank and agree to monitor the monthly payments in order to conceal the fraud! In the second set of books, your monthly Mortgage Payment is recorded by the bank as a savings deposit because there is no real loan! When you pay off the fraudulent mortgage, the Bank waits (90) days and then submits a request to the IRS. The request states: “That someone, unknown to this facility; deposited this money into our facility and has abandoned it! May we keep the deposit?” The IRS always gives their permission to the bank to keep the deposit and your hard earned money just feathered the nest of the Rockefeller, Rothschild and eleven other wealthy families in the world

Equity Law, which once controlled Americas’ Corporate Courts, has been replaced with Admiralty/Maritime Law, pursuant to Title 28 of the United States Code and the Judiciary Act of 1789. This is the Law of Merchants and Sailors. Under Admiralty/Maritime Law; the Courts presume you owe the Mortgage or the Tax or that you committed a crime defined as a Criminal Statute and it is your obligation to prove you’re innocent! (This means, you’re guilty until you prove you’re innocent), which is the same standard and procedure used in a Military Court Martial. Haven’t we always been told that, “You are innocent – until proven guilty?” Lies, Lies and more Lies!

We are not free men; we are slaves, and bound to our Masters by adhesion contracts and secret Trusts. The goal of the Masters and their (agents) our elected officials, is to keep the people oppressed and subservient to them! As the Masters agents, they utilize propaganda techniques through government controlled schools; churches; the media and mind control by force and or the threat of force through the courts and police enforcement! Police officers in America have been pumped full of more bullshit than a manure spreader and because of their trust, public school conditioning and training, they haven’t the ability to see what is going on! Many have been conditioned by previous military service, not to think for themselves but just follow orders, which makes many of them as dangerous as a Terrorist! Now ask yourself; who are the real Terrorists in America? Guess what; “the Constitution isn’t for the Police either” and still they are forced to swear an oath to defend it!” The more regulations, statutes and codes created, and the greater the number of regulatory officers and agencies created to enforce them; the greater the Masters control over their Slaves and that is mind control by force and threat of force, by the very people we rely on, to protect and serve!

At some point in history the foreign Agents in control of our Federal Government, decided that they needed to create Federal Police Agencies to protect them! I can’t blame them! If I was a part of a conspiracy that could result in the American people hanging me for Treason, I’d want bodyguards too! Now, if you are one of these public officials; how do you justify the employment and expense of bodyguards, when nobody is trying to injure you, and you don’t want anyone to know that you are committing Treason? Instead of confessing your motives; you must find a way to accomplish your objective and blame it on someone else! HENCE: The birth of a bad law,

The Volstead Act and the beginning of “Prohibition!”

Enterprising people began to make money and others organized. Those who organized became mobs and when the mobs began killing each other, the free lance boot-legers and innocent people in drive by shootings; our federal officials sat back and enjoyed the show! They did absolutely nothing until the public was literally breaking down the doors of the Capitol Building: [Just like they had planned it!] The FBI existed before this time. They were a small investigative unit under the Attorney Generals Office. The Agents had no arrest powers and were prohibited from carrying guns. Their only authority was to investigate federal employees and make reports to the attorney general, who then decided if the matter was serious enough to concern the government and whether to prosecute the employee! The FBI was eventually armed, expanded and provided national jurisdiction to fight the gangsters! None of which would have been necessary had it not been for The Volstead Act! Slowly, the agency has grown into the giant it is now and ironically; the Legislature never authorized their expansion. Everything was done by the AG administratively! Where does it say in the Constitution that a federal employee has the authority to create law, create a police authority or expand a current one?

Do you see how our government has circumvented the restrictions placed upon them by the Constitution and manipulated the American people? Every catastrophe, calamity or disaster has been planned and financed by our so-called public representatives with an ulterior motive in mind. The creation of Homeland Security was done in the same way! A Terrorist attack was staged by hired men having connections to the Middle East. I’m not going to go into the conspiracy, other than to say that President Bush and the FBI were as guilty as the men who high-jacked the commercial airplanes! The director of the FBI confessed to the Congress of his Agencies involvement under Presidential Order. He was relieved of his position and Congress took no action against President Bush and the media did not report any of this to the American people! Treason charges were filed against President Bush,Vice-President Cheney and the FBI by a two star General from the Pentagon and no action has ever been taken and nothing was ever reported to the American public, upon the orders of President Obama.

This was just another government catastrophe designed to make you (the public) beg the government to come to your aid and protect you! Each time one of these catastrophe’s are staged; our representatives steal more of our liberty and freedom from us, but America doesn’t care because now they feel safe once again! And that’s what these foreign Agents want us to believe and feel! We complain today that government has eroded our rights! It’s true because we were lied to directly and indirectly and told to believe something other than truth! The correct term here is: “Propaganda” and all government controlled entities and institutions mentioned,are quite expert in the use of it!
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Here is an interesting tidbit, in New Jersey if you look up this statute:

2A:4-30.124 Short title.
1. This act may be cited as the "Uniform Interstate Family Support Act." L.2016, c.1, s.1.

You can find much information on how they go about taking your kids.

2A:4-30.125 Definitions.
2. Definitions.

As used in this act:

a. "Child" means an individual, whether over or under the age of majority, who is or is alleged to be owed a duty of support by the individual's parent or who is or is alleged to be the beneficiary of a support order directed to the parent.

b. "Child support order" means a support order for a child , including a child who has attained the age of majority under the law of the issuing state or foreign country.

c. "Convention" means the Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance, concluded at The Hague on November 23, 2007.

d. "Duty of support" means an obligation imposed or imposable by law to provide support for a child , spouse, or former spouse, including an unsatisfied obligation to provide support.

e. "Foreign country" means a country, including a political subdivision thereof, other than the United States, that authorizes the issuance of support orders and: (1) which has been declared under the law of the United States to be a foreign reciprocating country; (2) which has established a reciprocal arrangement for child support with this State as provided in section 24 of this act; (3) which has enacted a law or established procedures for the issuance and enforcement of support orders which are substantially similar to the procedures under this act; or (4) in which the Convention is in force with respect to the United States.

f. "Foreign support order" means a support order of a foreign tribunal.

g. "Foreign tribunal" means a court, administrative agency, or quasi-judicial entity of a foreign country which is authorized to establish, enforce, or modify support orders or to determine parentage of a child . The term includes a competent authority under the Convention.

h. "Home state" means the state or foreign country in which a child lived with a parent or a person acting as parent for at least six consecutive months immediately preceding the time of filing of a complaint or comparable pleading for support and, if a child is less than six months old, the state or foreign country in which the child lived from birth with any of them. A period of temporary absence of any of them is counted as part of the six-month or other period.

i. "Income" includes earnings or other periodic entitlements to money from any source and any other property subject to withholding for support under the law of this State.

j. "Income-withholding order" means an order or other legal process directed to an obligor's employer, as defined by the "New Jersey Child Support Program Improvement Act," P.L.1998, c.1 (C.2A:17-56.7a et al.), to withhold support from the income of the obligor.

k. "Initiating tribunal" means the tribunal of a state or foreign country from which a petition or comparable pleading is forwarded or in which a petition or comparable pleading is filed for forwarding to another state or foreign country.

l. "Issuing foreign country" means the foreign country in which a tribunal issues a support order or a judgment determining parentage of a child .

m. "Issuing state" means the state in which a tribunal issues a support order or a judgment determining parentage of a child .

n. "Issuing tribunal" means the tribunal of a state or foreign country that issues a support order or a judgment determining parentage of a child .

o. "Law" includes decisional and statutory law and rules and regulations having the force of law.

p. "Obligee" means: (1) an individual to whom a duty of support is or is alleged to be owed or in whose favor a support order or a judgment determining parentage of a child has been issued; (2) a foreign country, state, or political subdivision of a state to which the rights under a duty of support or support order have been assigned or which has independent claims based on financial assistance provided to an individual obligee in place of child support; (3) an individual seeking a judgment determining parentage of the individual's child ; or (4) a person that is a creditor under Article 7 of this act (the Convention).

q. "Obligor" means an individual, or the estate of a decedent that: (1) owes or is alleged to owe a duty of support; (2) is alleged but has not been adjudicated to be a parent of a child ; (3) is liable under a support order; or (4) is a debtor in a proceeding under Article 7 of this act (the Convention).

r. "Outside this State" means a location in another state or a country other than the United States, whether or not the country is a foreign country.

s. "Person" means an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, public corporation, government or governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, or any other legal or commercial entity.

t. "Record" means information that is inscribed on a tangible medium or that is stored in an electronic or other medium and is retrievable in perceivable form.

u. "Register" means to file in a tribunal of this State a support order or judgment determining parentage of a child issued in another state or a foreign country.

v. "Registering tribunal" means a tribunal in which a support order or judgment determining parentage of a child is registered.

w. "Responding state" means a state in which a petition or comparable pleading for support or to determine parentage of a child is filed or to which a petition or comparable pleading is forwarded for filing from another state or a foreign country.

x. "Responding tribunal" means the authorized tribunal in a responding state or foreign country.

y. "Spousal support order" means a support order for a spouse or former spouse of the obligor.

z. "State" means a state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, or any territory or insular possession under the jurisdiction of the United States. The term includes an Indian nation or tribe.

aa. "State IV-D Agency" means the Department of Human Services.

bb. "Support enforcement agency" means a public official, governmental entity, or private agency authorized to: (1) seek enforcement of support orders or laws relating to the duty of support; (2) seek establishment or modification of child support; (3) request determination of parentage of a child ; (4) attempt to locate obligors or their assets; or (5) request determination of the controlling child support order.

cc. "Support order" means a judgment, decree, order, decision, or directive, whether temporary, final, or subject to modification, issued in a state or foreign country for the benefit of a child , a spouse, or a former spouse, which provides for monetary support, health care, arrearages, retroactive support, or reimbursement for financial assistance provided to an individual obligee in place of child support. The term may include related costs and fees, interest, income withholding, automatic adjustment, reasonable attorney's fees, and other relief.

dd. "Tribunal" means a court, administrative agency, or quasi-judicial entity authorized to establish, enforce, or modify support orders or to determine parentage of a child .

2A:4-30.126 State tribunal and support enforcement agency.
3. State tribunal and support enforcement agency.

a. The Superior Court, Chancery Division, Family Part is the tribunal of this State.

b. The Probation Division of the Superior Court and the State IV-D Agency are the support enforcement agencies of this State.

L.2016, c.1, s.3.

2A:4-30.127 Remedies cumulative.
4. Remedies cumulative.

a. Remedies provided by this act are cumulative and do not affect the availability of remedies under other law or the recognition of a foreign support order on the basis of comity.

b. This act does not:

(1) provide the exclusive method of establishing or enforcing a support order under the law of this State; or

(2) grant a tribunal of this State jurisdiction to render judgment or issue an order relating to child custody or visitation in a proceeding under this act.

L.2016, c.1, s.4.

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Instant Gratification Land
Congress can periodically dip into the assets of the fund anytime they want and never have to pay it back.
Periodically? More like every day since its inception.
...but they're right about not paying it back. The "plan" is to sell even more debt to cover what's owed to SS. Ie: roll it over, because there ain't a ghosts chance in hell that it'll ever be able to be re-paid.


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Periodically? More like every day since its inception.
...but they're right about not paying it back. The "plan" is to sell even more debt to cover what's owed to SS. Ie: roll it over, because there ain't a ghosts chance in hell that it'll ever be able to be re-paid.
That's exactly what they did to the Social Security funds. Pork barrel bills funded by stealing from the people


Mar 31, 2010
That's exactly what they did to the Social Security funds. Pork barrel bills funded by stealing from the people
Enterprise Corruption Essay

(Essay) Painter/Levine/CFTC/Gramm

4.Time; The Passage Phenomenon
5.Investment Wisdom
8.Supply & Demand
9.Motive (Why?)
10.Land Of Law; The Simple Lie Versus The Complex Truth
11.The Promise-d Land
12.“Nearly 20 Years Ago”
13.It Is 2010, Let’s Go Back “Nearly 20 Years”
14.Nearly 40 Years Ago
15.Nearly 20 Years From Now
16.My Precious World View; I Really Do Not Want To Know How I Was Duped
17.Time; The Role Of Religion And Spirituality In A 20-Year Promise
18.Getting Even; Why Even Try?
19.Land Of Law; Their Nation Is Corrupt!
20.Zero Privacy; The King’s Privacy Versus The Peasant’s Privacy
21.About The Author

Enron & Anthrax; Chapter VII
Painter, Levine, CFTC & Gramm;
Quiet Waivers, Exemptions & … Promises

In 1993 I began the process of writing a book on medical privacy. It turned into a book on medical corruption thanks to HealthSouth Corps.’ “digital hospital”. Which, in turn, turned into a book on massive corporate fraud which turned into a book on massive corporate fraud throughout history.

In October of 2010 AD.. the admission of a very, very complex truth saw the light of day. Law in this case, was and is the simple lie. What was and is.. the complex truth?
A quiet 20 year-old promise not to obey the law. If true, this complex truth fits the technical definition of enterprise corruption of two or more individuals conspiring to defraud the eventual victims of their conspiracy. This promise not to obey the law also explains why laws are made to begin with. A nation has to have a law in order to dole out waivers, exemptions and promises not to obey it. Enron could not have gotten waivers from laws that didn’t exist.

This also adds credence to the likelihood that everything that comes out of a politician’s mouth – is the exact opposite of their business plan.

When I was 31 years of age (“nearly 20 years ago”) I began to innocently and accidentally archive all 20 years of a 20 year promise that I did not know was made at the time (but it sure seemed like it). That is exactly when I founded my first business and I began to document how others (competitors AND my customers such as HealthSouth Corp.) were practicing their businesses. And it all seemed very, very dubious to me as the years passed. There was a great deal of hubris in financial journalism back then and there is currently very little hubris permitted by folks like Murdoch now. But, it is very safe to say, the next 20 years will be exactly like the last 20 years. There was a reason I began a site called enterprisecorruption and in October 2010, Judge Painter provided that reason. This is going to be about the loudest whistle ever blown. I had to predict a couple of market crashes [without all of Assange's data] to make the whistle heard.

Karl Marx was an idiot.

In all likelihood .. Karl Marx was probably a “plant”.

Begining “nearly 20 years ago”, the industries that seemed to be incapable of keeping accurate financial records were limited to:

¦Home Security
¦The Military
¦The Aviation Industry
¦Mutual Funds
¦Defense Contracting
¦Milk.. and..
¦Health Care

.. and now we know how? .. along with..

And, it is becoming clearer as to .. Who.. and Why?

Nearly 5 years before the 20-year CFTC promise came to light I wrote the following because I was pretty damn amazed and befuddled. Think about it. All at once at the very same time in history (1993?), every company and every accounting corporation decided to cook the books. And it was all completely non-coordinated. The reality is.. walking among us.. are millions upon millions of non-coordinated financial cheats and liars.. all operating single-mindedly entirely on their own corrupt instincts. Like some kind of bizarre epidemic? And it worked. It was 100% successful. It just goes to show that there really is no need for coordination or organization or meetings or conspiracies or planning or communication with other of like-mindedness what-so-ever. What befuddled me at the time was .. where in the hell is the novel. And now I’m writing it. Go figure. At least we now know how the securities regulation game works. It starts pretty damn near the top. Of course it makes sense, but it just sounds so damn illegal and too blatant, in plain sight and in your face to be true.

There are three branches of government, so don’t pay any attention to the other branches.

Government defined:
The SEC and the CFTC “govern”. So, the SEC and the CFTC are branches of “government”. Corrupt government. Corrupt to the core. But still government. These branches are fairly important, as these branches govern the peasant’s money. Any entity or institution that governs should be considered a branch of government. The reason the three branches don’t admit and acknowledge the other two branches is so their actions can go unnoticed and obviously for the most part their actions (or inactions in this case) can go unpunished as well. “They aren’t a branch of government.” It is an effective excuse.

20 years .. and the SEC didn’t catch on to the CFTC?

50% of this nation’s so-called regulatory institutions in existence (outside of the three-branches) are now on record as having been corrupt.

Don’t mistake plain dumb with .. playing dumb.
You are not.. a fool. Your are a thief.
This was not a failure. This was a theft.
This was not a mistake. This was a robbery.
You were not failing. You.. were stealing.
If you fail on purpose – you are stealing.

If you are intentionally failing to learn from the mistakes of history, then you are stealing. Unlike the herd, I know the difference between a mistake and a theft. I documented a 20-year theft and this 20-year period was not a conspiracy of fools. It was a conspiracy of thieves. White-collar thieves.

The same thieves that governed for the last 20 years, are governing now. The same individuals that made the last “mistake of history” .. are making the next one.
This .. is enterprise corruption.

Handcuff three of the bastards. What if NO ONE failed?

You can do anything as long as you have a reason. The regulators told us it was all a failure of regulation, a failure of the system, the corporate culture, everyone was doing it, expectations gaps and pristine accounting. The regulators forgot to tell us they promised not to regulate. Failure was the previous reason, but now a promise.. is a whole new reason. And this new reason isn’t like the old reason. This reason comes with a big question. The elephant in the room.

Painted as the crazy old alcoholic, Judge George H. Painter is probably in the mental condition he is supposedly in because he is guilty, he feels guilty, and he knows he is guilty.

Guilt, emanating from the inside-job on september of 2001 and the following war on terror to cover up the foreign nation-building and enterprise corruption painter, the honorable Judge Levine and the public servant Wendy Gramm had conspired to engage in. What must have been the first thoughts of Judge Painter, Judge Levine and Wendy Gramm upon first witnessing the planes flying into the World Trade Center at the completion.. at the exit point of almost a decade of planned, systemic, across the board, enterprise-wide corporate corruption? The freak out factor is gone? “Bin Laden was attempting to hurt the economy”.. or so the lectures went. How do you hurt an economy that is not counting money?

Coincidence or not, the attacks of 9-11 buried the evidence of a stock-market swindle, the evidence of a “promise”. This is not a conspiracy theory. This.. is a fact. Let’s expand on the admission of illegality and replace the terms “crazy old alcoholic” and “Bruce Levine” with the term “YOUR GOVERNMENT”. And then ask, “what did your government do?” First off, your government made a promise to the corporate establishment not to obey law. We are not talking “smartest guys in the room” and “conspiracy of fools” here. We are talking THE government. Granted.. it is very likely government had a darn good reason not to obey law.. and not to obey law for a good long time. But, then ask.. to what length would government have to go to ensure law.. is not obeyed.. to ensure the constitution is rendered void and null? What would a government have to do if the avoidance of the enforcement of law were threatened? Now that was a tongue twister. A government, no.. more importantly EVERY branch of government, would be compelled to seek out and eliminate truth, wherever and whenever truth (accidental or otherwise) threatened the government’s plan and the government’s “promise”. These would be the three branches that the school books told us were designed to avoid conflicts of interest.

This would be the exact constitutional opposite of a government’s stated responsibility, promise and sworn oath to its citizenry. Truth, actual “justice” and “people who make the connection” would be the government’s enemy and therefore truth and honesty would have to be detected, literally feared, ironically outlawed, eliminated, Charles Dana Rice-ed, avoided, taken-out, Cliff Baxter-ed, covered-up, shredded, removed, Vince Foster-ed, destroyed, Building Seven-ed and punished.. to the fullest extent of, go figure.. the law. What would be the definition of sedition, treason, evil and unconstitutionally to a government that is under a promise not to obey the law.. not to obey the constitution?

You may observe the author has given this unlikely, unfortunate, disconcerting and very dangerous possibility a significant amount of nervous consideration and it is downright SCARY. It is NFW SCARY! No possible fuck-n blue dress way in hell.. worst case scenario.. Britney spears is pregnant again.. never ever, ever give the peasants computers.. better change the password.. OMG, WTF, no wonder he went after Legatus first.. reinhardt the ass-clown.. why is that black crown-vic parked out front.. scary.
There is a very fine line between repeating a mistake and committing a crime. “Failure to police the floors” is part of the plan. Failure of regulation is failure of law. Intentional failure of law is little more than organized theft. You are not “repeating the crimes of history”. You are committing the crimes of history.

“Legislation” is the act of trying to pretend (make-believe) to do away with the things they know they cannot afford to do without.

One single judge had a monopoly on corporate corruption.

Being paid to rob. Now that is a kick-ass racket. Possibly the ultimate racket. But it goes even further. I pay you to rob me and you expect me to sing your national anthem .. at the same time. That absolutely ROCKS! Governance defined: Being paid to rob the governed. Paid to rob the regulated.

“The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Think about that for a moment. With ONE simple sentence you can cover up 20 years of corruption committed at the very top of the foundation of law itself. It is that simple and that effective, but you only try to pull it off just once? And the last 20 years was the only time in history in which a government and any government attempted to pull it off? That was the first time attempted since the simple sentence was contrived? It is a little easier to digest if one sings a national anthem while contemplating the notion. The notion and pretense of the perfect being the enemy of the good is in itself .. obstruction of justice.

Irony: Patriotism actually permits corruption in governance. The reason the peasants can’t see what is going on is because the flag obstructs the view. Take a big colorful piece of cloth and drape it over a closed-door meeting and you can do just about anything you please. The complex truth? Again, more irony. The Department of Justice is actually the Department of the Obstruction of Justice. All five branches of government are simply corrupt. The Securities and Exchange Commission being the fourth branch, and the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission being the fifth.

Lone-wolf regulation? Code orange would depend on which side you’re on. What kind of laws and rules would you put into a so-called “patriot act” if you knew you had to cover up past and future 20-year promises not to obey laws and rules? That is a tad disturbing. What is even more disconcerting is the notion (complex truth) that to the wealthy elite Judge Levine and Wendy Gramm and company along with the rest of their foreign nation building cohorts and global wage stabilizing addicts were/are probably considered to be.. patriots. .. ? .. (yikes)

4. TIME; The Passage Phenomena
Once a business plan is completed, it becomes a business fact. The business plan is no longer a secret, regardless of the reason for the plan. Every successful business plan needs an entrance and an exit. The first shovel-full of dirt is the entrance. Shoveling dirt over the plan is the exit.

A portion to the question of “who?” has been answered along with a rough proximity to the question of “when?”. Who knew what – and when did they know it? This type of admission of conspiracy to commit systemic economic fraud previously took a half-century before it was allowed to become publicly announced. For some reason (more than likely due to the internet) this highly unusual, precedent setting admission of guilt was revealed in less than a fifth of a century.

Is somebody coming about with a book not on the government approved publisher’s list?

How should a wise investor and/or a wise business-person interpret such a “promise”?
Investment note: Planned failure is also timed failure which makes the planned exit-plan predictable.

What is most important is not necessarily when the corruption is or was begun. What is important is when the corruption is at its end-point, its exit-plan, admission, recognition and debasement stage. That is the point when one learns what was needed, what was in demand, and why the corruption was begun because the projects in demand and the projects that were needed such as India’s information and energy infrastructure and Tyco’s thousand offshore points of light.. become completed. That is why exactly what is needed.. is discussed/planned behind closed doors then the planners let the outsiders speculate unwittingly and generally unsuccessfully to fund what was needed. Once what was needed is complete it becomes obvious that it was planned and it becomes obvious why it was planned.

The phases of true supply/demand, shortage/glut and boom/bust is the beauty of the passage of time, as long as one has access to an accurate, truthful and complete timeline of how this game has been played throughout history.

Government corruption at every level .. 20 years systemic corruption at the regulatory level and the peasants are expected to sing anthems of praise to it, revere it, honor it, congratulate it, respect it, salute it, admire it, brag about it and die for it. Now THAT .. is control.

If voting really matters.. one might ponder was this a case of big government, or small government? Was this a case of socialism or a case of free-markets? And, if voting really matters, who voted for it?

Highly notable is the fact that this 20 year time period included both Clinton and Bush.. both republican and democrat administrations. This bi-partisan failure of regulation is in a great part responsible for the great economic progress, growth and high employment of the Clinton era and the early part of the bush administration.

It also becomes apparent that promising not to regulate, investigate and prosecute financially corrupt corporations for the length of time painter’s admission indicates accounts for why HealthSouth’s Richard Scrushy held the belief that it was possible that 8,000 companies may have truly had “sh-t on their balance sheets” at or about the same period of time Richard Scrushy was cooking his corporation’s books.

Intentional failure of law and regulation is little more than organised theft.

The primary function of government is to pretend to fail. The primary purpose of the CFTC (a fourth branch) has also become apparent. In this case, Judge Levine was asked behind closed doors, to promise to fail and obviously, like all good judges should.. Judge Levine kept his promise. One might wonder where Judge Levine’s salary comes from?
Enron and dozens of other energy companies are said to have duped the IRS in order to achieve their book-cooking goals but in the case of the CFTC, Enron only needed a promise from a federal judge?

While the hens are voting (as is their government proclaimed duty) the fox and his associates are making quiet waivers, exemptions and.. “promises”. Promises that may, or may not become a matter of public record 20 years from now.

It is not failure of government. It is intentional business strategy.

One should ask one’s self, exactly what got accomplished as a result of the so-called “failure”? What got accomplished as a result of the promises?

We stole your money – so we can give you a job. For a couple of years .. and then fire you.

Attack destroys SEC enforcement office as well as the CFTC’s New York offices and the following day the Wall Street Journal prints “All documents related to investor lawsuits are gone.” Question: Why would the journalist for the Wall Street Journal so quickly assume there are .. no backups?

You rob an entire nation’s citizens of their money, but you draw the line at starting a war to cover it up?

Being on one side or the other and being on any side at all is like saying you believe in either side and half of government. This is why the concept is sold obsessively 24 by 7 by both parties. The peasants are bombarded with the argument that at least 50% of government is honest. When, in reality, 100% of government exists.. to obstruct justice. Vote for him or vote for her or vote for them or vote for us or impeach them or us, him or her is merely a way of saying the system is just, the system works, the system is the great equalizer, the system provides the ever so important “checks and balances”. Saying only half of government is corrupt.. is a con job, but it works. “In America, democracy works. Pretending to judge .. works. Pretending to govern .. works. Pretending to regulate .. works. Blaming half of government works. Vilifying half gives the other half credibility by proxy. Blaming half of government is what people do who don’t have the balls to blame.. government period. Folks shout “impeach” because it is an easy, cheap and simple way to pretend to be ballsy. Folks shout “impeach” because they don’t have the balls to take on the entire corrupt government. It is like “whistle blowing lite”. Safe and visibly empowered at the same time. How comfy can ya get? No harm will come if 50% of the population takes your side. No threats, no fear, no loss of income, no loss of employability no sleepless nights. No more risk involved than choosing sides at the super bowl. This “pick a side” concept works with war and religion as well. If you aren’t a christian, then how are we going to get you to “march onward” to war? This is probably why agnostics are disliked.

Why does talk radio complain about 50% of government 24 hours a day? Government (all forms) stabilize wages. That is the primary function of a government. Blaming a form of government, or calling a form of government “an experiment” is what easily allows a government to pretend to fail. It easy to be considered and accepted as a “failing” government when 50% of the media is complaining/putting on a broadway production about the way you are running things. This is why the threat (fair media doctrine?) of doing away with 50% of the state-controlled media complainers/actors is nonsense.

20 years.
Where is the liberal media? Where is the conservative media? Where is the Tea Party?
Every hour of every day the media repeats the lecture on “why” everything happened or is happening. For instance, economic downturns are quickly and tritly explained away as the result of “mis-management” and “failure”. Criminal actions are redefined as behaviors that are not criminal .. such as the all too human emotion of “greed”. Why? Because there is no law against greed and greed is not illegal.

20 years.
That is 1,040 “60 Minutes” episodes. Those are the folks who search so diligently for evidence of the fleecing of the taxpaying public.

A promise not to obey the law is a PLAN not to obey the law.

The government wants the public to think the Enron years were nothing more than a blunder. A failure. A mess. Oversight. A debacle. Consistent and exhaustive use of motive-less words, terms and platitudes like “debacle” and “blunder” have that “we didn’t plan it” kind sound to them. After all, debacles and blunders are totally random. Totally unpredictable. Totally un-timed and without rhyme or reason. No cause to ask why. No reason to question when. After all, who would plan a debacle? Who in their right mind would plan a blunder? Only a hard-core conspiracy nut would be insane or irrationally suspicious enough to believe their own government would actually plan to commit securities fraud.

But, a plan instantly introduces questions. First why and then.. when? The admission of the plan answers much of the question of “who” almost instantly. But.. it is that irritating “don’t even go there” question of “why”? And the potential answer to why, leads to the potential direction of.. predictability. 20/20 hindsight leads to the possibility of 20/20 foresight. What did the government need in the past that the government won’t need in the future? The word “future” has that “predictability” kinda sound to it.

The new facts and details that have come to light PROVES IT WAS PLANNED. This is the complex reality behind the true story of the enron years that the government-controlled media is trying at all costs.. to avoid. They do not want the fact that it was planned to become public knowledge. Because first of all your government is not supposed to plan corruption and secondly, every entrance to a plan must include an exit. A start and a finish. What was the exit plan?

In light of this recent regulatory admission, legal cases such as Enron corporation and as many others as possible should be reopened.

This might account for the current deafening silence on the part of the press and the reason financial journalists are told to hold off about 50 years to print the truth behind the regulatory circumstances behind industrial revolutions and their associated artificially inflated economic boom periods.

20 years of enterprise corruption and the ultimate conflict of interest at the regulatory level of government and zero outrage and for the most part zero media attention and zero media concern?

This is the media that advertises itself to be looking out for the viewer’s self-interests and the self assigned watchdog looking for signs of fleecing of the taxpayers?

If the timing isn’t accurate and appropriate, the white-collar media must avoid attention to white-collar crime.

Covering up corruption is nothing less than permitting and encouraging corruption. If you don’t want corruption to happen, why would you permit it? Twenty years of corruption. Zero outrage. Zero media attention? In the never-ending war between management and labor this is how management has always won. And management rarely bitches about it. Things that are covered up, will happen.. again.

One of a total of two CFTC judges accuses Wendy Gramm of engaging in enterprise corruption and she nor anyone else, with the exception of Judge Levine, responds in their defense? Where are the nation’s lawyers? Where are the Democrats? Where is the outcry to pretend to ensure it never happens again?

Government could not possibly get away with what it gets away with if the media were not controlled by the state.

The financial press usually holds off about 50 years or so to print the truth about a market crash and the reality of a boom/bust, shortage/glut cycle until the architects of the industrial revolution du jour are dead or too old to punish. The books of corporate confession are traditionally written with a “Boy, was the public ever gullible back then.” or a “Citizens back then weren’t too bright.” angle.

Where are Levine, Painter and Gramm in the “tell-all” book “Conspiracy Of Fools”? Where are Levine, Painter and Gramm in the broadway production of “The Smartest Guys In The Room”? “Nearly 50-years from now might there be a broadway production of “The Smartest Girl In The Room”? Good thing the public forgave us or we may not have been able to pull it off again. Things that are covered up .. will happen again.

Analysis without the whole truth along with the necessary absence of how the world really works is deceptive at best.

Think-tanks: Somebody must have calculated that something was in short supply and high demand. Now in a master-slave society, since the slaves aren’t usually the ones doing the calculating and forecasting of supply and demand, what was it the master discovered was in short supply?

One of the many questions that must be brought up is why would the federal regulators allow themselves to be hoodwinked by the nation’s industries, corporations and accounting agencies?

What was the urgent pressing demand of the federal government?

If you conclude that you have to begin cooking the books, it becomes obvious that there is something you need – that you can’t afford. Always start at.. wages. Always assume a battle between master and slave management versus labor fox versus hen. Never, ever.. fall for the absurd notion that democracy nor any other form of societal governance truly desires to level the playing field between the two.

Richard Scrushy’s “8,000 companies with sh-t on their balance sheets” highlights the awareness of the historic and insatiable demand for free labor. Free labor was in such demand in the 1990s that the CEO of the largest business in the health care industry in the entire world naturally and instinctively assumed the only way 8,000 companies were achieving the goal of free labor was by putting sh-t on their balance sheets.

No matter how it’s achieved, free labor helps corporations ”meet” wall street estimates so investors who profit in the “end” have no problem with the “means”.

It is no well-kept secret that everyone wants cheap products and services so there is no shortage of apologists for the methods of acquiring free labor.

Cheap and Free
Free (a very popular word)

The logic of cheapness.
People don’t want to be labled as cheap because the truth of it cuts right to the bone. It gets down to the foundation of just about everything. But, people are the way they are because people are.. cheap.

There are always reasons to get something for free. Reasons to take someone’s time and money. I need to take your money, but I have a “reason”.

Reasons I cannot pay you for your labor:
¦Because people want cheap products and services.
But for some odd reason people seem to want $1,000.00 legal services?
¦Because somebody somewhere hates you.
¦Because of.. law.
(law stabilizes wages which may be the purpose of law)
¦Because of a book (labor manual) such as a bible.
See this book I’m waving around?
¦Because of this here book, you need to work for me .. for free.
This has much to do with why some folks flock toward the bible and other labor manuals.
¦Because of poverty.
¦Because some people somewhere are poor, you need to work for me for free.
¦Because of war.
¦Because of life. Life is one big reason.
¦Let’s try ahhhh .. cause Lincoln freed the slaves?
¦Because YOUR standard of living was too high.

How dare you question my reasons for you to work for me.. for free. This is why people flock toward authority. Cheap people love authority. Cheap people love the notion of others being forced to do something. The best way to achieve authority, is to pretend not to want it. In fact, the best way to achieve anything is to legislate and popularize it as being unlawful to do. Monopoly and anti-trust are good examples. You hear about faith-based initiatives every so often, but you never hear of pay for labor based initiatives or pay for the sh-t you need when you need it based initiatives.

¦Because your ever so cherished government made promises.
Promises your government never really planned on keeping.
¦Because people do things.
¦Because in some places throughout history people have done things.
¦Because in some places, women have to wear veils and other stuff they shouldn’t have to wear.
¦Because we need to save somebody from something somewhere.

To everything there is a reason.
Just .. because.

Because, because, because, because .. because

Some say free labor is needed .. for the sake of the economy. Think about that for a second. Others need free labor .. to create wealth. I need your free labor .. to create my wealth.

More reasons:
I was walking through the airport in St. Louis when I heard this one from Bush. The California farm owners needed free labor and a law was changed (broke a previous law) for a reason, of course. Reason: If the farm owners didn’t get their free labor – the crops would rot in the field. The crops will rot in the fields .. before we ever pay a legal citizen a fair wage to pick them.

Irony: You have to cover up evidence of foreign nation building for reasons of national security.

Cheney’s closed-door task force.

A closed-door task force with a company/company(s) that were “hoodwinking” the IRS? This is what Cheney meant by “they give me good advice .. if you will.” regarding Halliburton and Arthur Anderson. The complex truth: The IRS was permitting/enabling industrial treason.

I observe state-media (TV) just to monitor how hard up the government is for free labor at any given time.

The History Of Cheapness
Why didn’t Judge Levine ask Wendy Gramm .. “Why?”

“Why would you ask me to make such a promise?”

There isn’t a single question that can’t be answered with three words. (even the thorniest and most sensitive of don’t-go-there questions)


Then there is .. the cost of lawyers. Not ironically, the cost of ensuring that global labor is as cheap as possible is around $1,000.00 an hour. You know the cost of servicing a world is getting expensive when the executive compensation reaches the levels advertised and the cost of managing/judicating a world reaches $1,000.00.

Complex truth: “Ending poverty” impoverishes a lot of people. You have to take a lot of money from the middle to advance the poor to the middle.

One big reason they have to rig the game the way they do is because they freed the slaves.
Such regulatory promises not to observe, respect or obey corporate law is sometimes referred to as.. “the slaying of communism”.

Just like any other accountancy, Arthur Anderson’s primary function since it’s inception in 1913.. has been to control the labor movement by permitting management to cook the balance sheets. It is notable that this 20-year period (no longer in question) was significant enough to shut down a 91-year old accounting institution that had survived multiple depressions, at least two world wars and a handful of stock market crashes.
The simple lie: “Kenneth Lay was greedy.

Because Kenneth Lay was greedy? Did CMS, Reliant, Dynegy and at least 57 other energy-companies cook their books because Kenneth Lay was greedy? Did Wendy Gramm make Judge Bruce Levine promise not to enforce the law because Wendy Gramm was greedy?

So.. what was the plan? Greed?

Why did they have to make such a promise.. during a period of prosperity? During the prosperous Clinton years? Was this how “Wall Street expectations” were met? Is this how “Wall Street expectations” are always met? And if not, why not? Hell, from the appearance of it – it worked pretty damn well.

The outcome of this promise not to regulate accomplished exactly what the international development bankers dreamed of. Was that the plan?

At least now we know the reason CMS, Reliant, Dynegy and nearly 57 other energy companies got away with cooking their balance sheets wasn’t because Kenneth Lay was greedy.

Although the public may desire cheap products and services, nothing is actually cheap. It is merely a matter of who pays for it. Since everything is unaffordable, and nothing has ever been affordable in the past, it seems the subject and ridiculous science of monetary inflation is somewhat moot? This is one of the reasons I don’t pay too much attention to those individuals and institutions charged with determining the value of currency. There is nothing tangible to be observed as trigger points. Valuation of currency is an illusion to make it appear that anything has ever been affordable and the numbers game is entirely fictitious.

Seventy previous Enrons? A policeman will tell you that if you are caught stealing, it probably isn’t your first time. This brings up the following question regarding the government’s plan to commit securities fraud during the 1990s.. the so-called “era of greed”. Was this the first time the government had ever had the need to commit securities fraud? Such periods of similarity are absent in any history book, so had the need never risen prior to the enron years? And why do they say that history repeats? Were the enron years merely a repetition of previous history?

In 1948 the U.S. poured billions of dollars into the economies of European nations to combat the spread of communism. This was called the Marshall Plan. Boy, stopping the spread of communism sure costs the peasants a lot of money. If they had just sold their jet-engine technology rather than “gifting it” to Russia maybe they wouldn’t have needed so many billions in U.S. welfare?

10. LAND OF LAW; The Simple Lie Versus The Complex Truth
Unlike THEM .. WE.. are THE land of law. If the peasants hear the words “they are corrupt” enough times the peasants will start to believe it.

Well, let’s chalk it all up as one big experiment? Our government merely fails to learn from the “mistakes of history”. How is it we don’t allow other nations the same excuses we give our own? Maybe other countries are “experimenting” as well? Answer: “Us versus Them” is what keeps Us and Them .. engaged in wars.

With regards to aiding and abetting systemic white-collar crime: At the start of the Tyco International trial, Judge Obus threw out enterprise corruption charge because he claimed it would be too confusing to the jurors. Hindsight being what it is, it turns out the most confusing aspect of enterprise corruption during that period of time was Judge Levine’s promise.

Statutes of limitations should be lifted, these corporate fraud cases should be reopened, discovery should be instituted and investment portfolios should be examined as to when insiders bought and sold holdings.

Simple rules to operating a business in the land of law:
1.Your employees are illegal.
2.Your factories are in China.
3.Your customer service is in India.
4.Your mailing address is Bermuda.

The reason government lies about law is because government can’t afford labor. The reasons government lies about money is because government can’t afford labor. It is all an illusion. During “booms” things are made and bought by fraudulent accounting. The money labor was getting paid to do things during the boom wasn’t real. Just imagine how easy it would have been to be a corporate defense attorney durying that 20 year period? The “bumbling federal prosecutors” weren’t bumbling .. after all?

So, while one “judge” provides cover for mass corporate corruption other judges presiding over the HealthSouth Corp. and the Tyco Internationsl trials aid and abet by lecturing juries on the lack of connections between companies on trial thus ensuring dots aren’t connected between industries and companies the regulatory bodies oversaw. To further aid and abet the regulatory con-game, in July of 2002 (five years before the lending scam and nearly 12 years into a 20-year promise) the sitting president (Bush) signs “sweeping” legislation aimed at curtailing fraud and corruption in “corporate America”. Legislation supposedly spurred on by the “public’s shaken confidence in the economy”. President Bush skillfully and conveniently focuses attention on “corporate criminals” leaving out corruption among federal judges and proclaims.. “Every corporate criminal who has chosen to commit a crime can expect to face the consequences” … “no more easy money for corporate criminals .. just hard time.”

To top it off, they made certain this legislation didn’t apply to Enron Corp.

Complex truth?

There are three classes of citizens in every country.
- The poor
- The working middle
- White collar criminals

F-ck You – your “honor”. Go straight.. to hell – your “honor”. Judge Levine .. it would be interesting to learn the “swearing-in” process .. for this ass-h-le. “Law” is for the blue-collar peasants to obey .. and the white-collar elite to break.

TV judges prove that the justice system works .. on the blue collars by scolding the proles for their petty misdemeanors while the judges themselves promise not to enforce law on behalf of the white collars.

Simple lies?
Preach the notion of political partisanship endlessly and relentlessly twenty-four by seven. It does not get much more simple than single-word arguments, platitudes and responses such as:

- Bush
- Clinton
- Reagan
- Liberals
- Republicans
- etc.

Repeating things is simple. Thinking is complex.

Government is a monopoly that survives by pretending to fight itself. Two parties .. pretending to be against each other.

During industrial booms things are made and bought by fraudulent accounting. In other words, the money people were getting paid to do things wasn’t real.

60 energy companies with accounting improprieties during a closed-door energy task force? Why did 61 leading energy companies have to cook their books and manipulate the energy markets during a period of.. prosperity? Judge Levine helps explain how 60 energy companies could pull such a feat off. Why did all five major global accountancies find it necessary to forget how to count money during a period of.. prosperity? There seems to be a close association between periods of prosperity and forgetting how to count money.

All one needs is a reason for anything.

Expectations gaps:
Reasons now obsolete reasons then. Back then, in the 1990s, there was a reason accounting fraud occurred. The reason? Accountants weren’t expected to find fraud. Makes on wonder if the reason applies now? Are accountants expected to find fraud now? Why didn’t John Ashcroft tell the attorneys what “The perfect is the enemy of the good” meant? Because John Ashcroft had a reason. A reason to obstruct justice and coverup nearly 20 years of enterprise corruption. He had a reason not to go back more than 3-5 years to find more crimes. There is a reason the head of the Justice Department speaks in metaphors. Did every judge and investigator and prosecutor interpret Ashcroft’s word game the same way? Is the perfect still the enemy of the good? Will the perfect be the enemy of the good 20 years from now? Will there be an expectations gap 20 years from now? Is there a 20 year promise in the works right now? I don’t hear any calls from the great leaders and statesmen to reform any of this sh-t. Wouldn’t it be nice to know? Especially if one was considering putting one’s hard-earned money in the speculative market? The foreign terrorists hate us. The financial terrorists in the homeland only rob us. Bin Laden hated us. Corporations loved us. Corporations loved us so damn much, they robbed us. Banks loved us even more. Better to be impoverished than hated I guess? What industry will fall in love with us next?

“Our government fails to learn from the mistakes of history.” Now there is an effective reason. And it works. This reason is a debate-ender. It is supposed to be. One reason it works is the hens enjoy hearing the fox admit how dumb he is. Another reason? Capitalism is just.. an experiment. Notice how nobody cuts other governments around the world any slack regarding the possibility that maybe their fiscal problems resulted from failure to learn from the mistakes of history. No, they are corrupt, period! Maybe their failed form of government is just an experiment? No, they are definitely corrupt. Our corruption is always excusable. Their corruption is indefensible, their corruption is.. war worthy. Our peasants must save their peasants from their corrupt leaders. Our citizens need to go to war with their citizens so their government can be like our government! Truth is, the real reason our labor goes to war with their labor is to reduce the cost of our labor.. and .. their labor. Maybe communist governments don’t learn from the mistakes of history either? They’re a bunch of socialists and communists and fascists. We, we, are just a bunch of failures. What would we do? How would we react? How would our state-controlled media react if and when we found out Russia pulled this 20-year promise shit on their citizens?

But at least we let the peasants we just robbed.. pray to the deity of their choosing.

Armies are little more than labor forces. Religion is little more than the administration of global trade. And the sole function of politics and government is to ensure technology is transferred and war.. continues. Likewise, the sole function of a state-controlled media is to distract attention from the sole function of politics by over-popularizing simple-minded, inconsequential trivia. The sole function of a historian is to avoid the topic of trade as a motive for everything. Is that a bad thing? Probably not. But, it’s the truth.
Another reason? “We had to meet our market’s expectations.” Other governments don’t have market expectations to meet? The complex truth can make one very angry and bitter which is most likely why most folks prefer the simple lie. Especially during periods of prosperity. Hard times tend to make folks want to wake up to why they are in the financial condition they have been put in. Folks don’t want to admit they have been robbed by something they put their devout trust, faith and belief in. Trust, faith and belief in the three branches that exist.. to protect little old me.

So what’s the reason Judge Levine made a 20-year promise? Was it because he knew Judge Painter would be 20 years older and a crazy, guilt ridden alcoholic.. 20 years later? When debating/arguing/discussing politics or economics with other hens don’t listen to the reason. Listen to the reasoning. The reason it takes so long to figure things out is because it takes a while to analyze the reasoning behind a reason. This is because for some strange reason, just the fact that a reason was offered makes the reason seem valid.

11. The Promise-d Land
After ya handcuff one of the bastards .. handcuff one of the bitches. Wendy Gramm and Judge Levine took “the promised land” literally. This promise is more accurately translated as: “Don’t handcuff a single bastard .. until we tell you to.” “Don’t handcuff a single bastard .. until the insiders have sold their shares.” Until we decide to crack open the artificially inflated piggy-bank it is easy money for corporate criminals and no hard-time.

Contrary to the endless message courtroom shows on television are intended to instill, for 20 years .. America was NOT the “land of law”. More accurately, America only becomes the “land of law” when the decision is made to debase the securities market. On again – off again law enforcement is an interesting and very important phenomena. On again – off again law enforcement is one of the primary tricks incorporated to successfully screw over a nation’s labor force, thus subjecting the unwitting citizenry to a lifetime of government coordinated financial slavery.

America is not the land of law enforcement, unless one is a middle-class, blue-collar ordinary powerless peasant.

In 600 AD, Aesop accurately observed .. “We hang the petty thieves, but appoint the great ones to public office.” One might ponder, who appointed Judge Levine and who was .. and/or still is Wendy Gramm’s “higher authority”?

President Gramm? … King Gramm?

But, no money involved? Isn’t that interesting? No campaign contributions to be followed? No Muckety chart connections between Levine, Gramm, Enron and the CFTC? This promise cost nothing .. to any corporation or any institution whatsoever?
The “perfect promise”.

So, the CFTC made a 20-year promise not to rule on the side of a complainant, but where was the SEC in all of this? In 1993, the SEC assisted in the CFTC’s 20-year promise by “freeing” Enron Corp. from registering under a 1937 law, the Public Utility Holding Company Act which was a Depression Era law passed to avoid the abuses committed by utility holding companies in the 1920s. This is how “big government” silently (“without much fanfare”) becomes .. small government. Complex truth? Big government is not big government, and “free markets” are not free markets yet the worthless and conveniently time-consuming debate never ends.

This was also the work of Wendy Gramm, which is again a great example of the true purpose of.. “law”.

Now, where was the Justice Department (the third branch) in all of this?

Answer: Judge Levine pulled an Ashcroft and Ashcroft pulled a Levine through an investigatory sleight of hand referred to by John Ashcroft as “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” In other words.. don’t go there. Don’t go back “nearly 20 years ago”.. because things might start to make sense which means the secrecy of the systemic scam might start to unravel. Somebody might successfully connect some dots.

(note: i should probably edit “the perfect” essay and insert somewhere around here?)
For all practical purposes, the 1990s was one gigantic con-job – an enterprise-wide broadway production. One would have to wonder, how would Wendy Gramm and Judge Levine have invested their money based on knowledge of such a promise?

In this wonderful democracy of ours tell me who voted to give Enron Corp. a waiver from a 70-year old public utility regulation.

The Wimpy theory of finance exchange and slavery; Not Really Much Difference. With slavery either you work for free in advance are you are working for free period. Or you participate (invest) in the American “system” where of course “dignity” is everything, and come to find out that the money you thought you made (while you thought you weren’t working for free) is taken from you later. The balance is the same. You were working for free. There must be a balance.

Bankruptcy is along similar lines. Somebody wound up doing something.. for free. And, naturally the benefactors are usually the lawyers. (cheap products and legal services; controlling labor costs sure costs a lot of money)

12. “Nearly 20 Years Ago”
Twenty years .. give or take a few years.

“Nearly 20 years ago” .. which is nearly 10 years after the invention of the 401K.

Unlike Judge Judy, Wapner, Brown, Hatchett, Lopez, Alex, Mathis and the sticklers for “Who knew what and when they knew it?” at the Proletarian’s Cour.. errr, I mean the “People’s Court” we don’t keep track of specific dates here at Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The 180-Degree Effect; It’s All Good

The “perfect” may very well have uncovered a 20-year promise. Which is why the perfect is considered the enemy of “the good” which leads one to wonder what the definition of “good” actually is.

Nearly 20 years ago a promise was made and kept to allow an unlimited number of publicly traded corporations the freedom to put sh-t on their balance sheets and 8 years into the promise a person named Osama bin Laden came along and destroyed the evidence. They “hated the way we live” .. or at least the way we were living but they went and destroyed the documents that documented the way we were counting money which was allowing us to live.. the way we were living. Who’s side was he on?

Interestingly, 9 years into the CFTC promise (on the 8th of July 2002).. the Security and Exchange Commission set out to fine six securities firms a total of ten million for allegedly failing to keep emails and produce them in a pending investigation of Wall Street abuses. These firms included Citigroup’s Solomon Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Merrill Lynch, Deutsch Bank AG and US Bancorp’s Piper Jaffray unit. The top five of the world’s top securities firms forgot to make backups of their business communications. But according to corporate corruption judges, there was no relationship between the companies that committed fraud during that period of time.

If one might recall, for some reason the inventor of the internet couldn’t keep track of years worth of email correspondence in the White House either? Is it only irony that had the Taliban and al Qaeda ensured the preservation of evidence of eight years of securities corruption in the homeland, the stated goal of “toppling the government” might well have been achieved.

How easy must it have been to be a $1,000 dollar-an-hour corporate defense attorney for that 20-year period?

Maybe the “bumbling federal prosecutors” weren’t bumbling after all?

In 1981 Ira Millstein established credentials as a corporate philosopher with his book “The Limits Of Corporate Power”

Obviously there were no limits. They were just faking it.

The Silent Generation
The product of a house on unamerican affairs committee. A silented generation that pretends to know a lot, follows every period of censorship and suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. Such generations will also become obsessive in declaring over and over again just how upset they are that history isn’t being taught in schools the “way it used to be”. This repeated pattern always ends up with another Enron. The history of slavery, the history of labor, and how management has been forced to deal with it. This history phenomena is an example of the 180-degree effect and introduces assumption that there is such little negative, untasteful history to hide that teaching history is the actual goal of those most responsible and aggressive at burying it. This also accounts for why the crafty business oriented class with single-minded pursuits of profit so cleverly slipped in the commandment demanding that one’s historically information challenged elders including mothers, fathers and on up the chain .. be respected. Honor thy silenced generation.. and know your place leaving no generation left uncensored. This phenomena could in more modern times be called “the writ of habeas corpus leapfrog game”.

20-year promises? Talk about repeat offending; three strikes you’re out? 20 years and the peasants still don’t care?

13. It Is 2010, Let’s Go Back “Nearly 20 Years Ago”
Nearly twenty years ago from 2010, the objects of speculation were foreign bonds, foreign direct investment (by foreign firms in the United States), private companies going public, new industries (as in revolutionary industries) and technology shares.

Nearly 20 years ago, Cisco Systems begins to acquire 84 companies and Tyco International goes on a buying binge of at least 700 companies within the next 10 years which has a regulator approved monopoly (remember Microsoft?) kind of sound to it. 700 purchased companies with money Tyco International never actually had.

Nearly 20 years ago was Janet Reno’s watch. It makes one wonder about the motive for firing all 93 U.S. attorneys a couple of months after.. the unsuccessful bombing of the World Trade Center? If the Branch Davidians had a mistrust of government, it appears it may not have been unfounded.

The following is the reason this chapter of the essay exists.

I had recently read a piece of journalism eluding to the notion that “nearly 20 years ago” is/was actually 22 years ago.

It went and goes contrary to my notion/belief that the promise was made February 26 1993. 22 years ago at the time of Judge Painter’s admission would have been 1989. So, I spent all of yesterday’s afternoon studying “Enron Last”/”Enron 54? “The 1980s”. I began to read backward starting at 1989. I have to admit, I did not want it to fit into the equation. But it began to fit to well, almost instantly. The thing that had/has been bothering me is the intentionally casual reference of the term “nearly” issued by a judge who was probably a lawyer prior to being appointed to the bench. A lawyer/judge would be quite learned on the cross-examination concept of “what did they know? … and when did they know it?” I don’t think a lawyer/judge would accept “nearly 20-years ago, your Honor..”. A lawyer/judge would ask.. “Exactly When!!” Because a lawyer/judge is looking for signs of motive.

WHY Then? Greed? Why not earlier and why not later? WHAT was the motive? Greed?

It is not about greed. Are people greedy? Sure. Does greed exist. Sure. But, it is not about greed.

It’s about.. survival, which is the reason they call it greed so fast. I have been and still am dead certain Judge Painter is disguising motive. He is disguising.. survival. He is disguising that which it takes.. to survive. He is disguising that which it takes.. for the wealthy to survive. Survival.. of the richest. Something has disrupted something. Something has become unbalanced. And, as we are often reminded, there must.. be a balance. Sort of along the lines of “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” The perfect would lead directly to the reason/the motive of the behavior. Tomorrow’s reason/motive would be the same as yesterday’s reason. The reason to do something 20 years into the future is no different from the motive to do something 20 years in the past.

So, let’s take a look at the 1980s.

14. Nearly 40 Years Ago
“The” Era Of Greed?

Or, just another “era of greed”? Corrupt, but only for a generation?

As we all know, in the land of law .. it’s all about competition. America is the land of law .. except for that period between 1990 and 2010. The 20-year period prior to that period, America was most certainly the land of law and for the next 20 years America will naturally be the land of law. But, ask yourself .. why?

15. Nearly 20 Years From Now
Now we know how the “information revolution” was paid for.

Naturally, for reasons of “national security”, if the government is hiding history - you can be assured.. it will, if it isn’t already being repeated. So far, the corruption of the last 20 years has gone unnoticed, unmentioned and for the most part ..unpublicized. We’ll see just how long the king can keep this 20-year promise under the rug.

A CFTC 20-year promise is a terrific example of how the real game works, and how the real game HAS to work. A so-called “regulatory” system that is designed to actually hoodwink.. itself. Before the discovery the promise I had concluded if the way enterprise corruption, monopolization of industry, foreign nation building, globalisation and systemic accounting fraud has always worked was purely accidental and unplanned, then it should be taught as how to do it because it works and it has always worked. No one challenges it, it is off-limits to the press and once it is publicly admitted.. nobody cares. It should be taught as a f-ckin course!

I’ve been writing about 20 years of upper class corruption in .. of all places.. america. Seemingly unthinkable behavior and as of yet covered up and unpunished behavior. Put another way, for twenty of Mubarak’s thirty year reign (2/3rds).. the United States government itself was corrupt on an enterprise scale.. because the government of the United States had NO other choice. The government of the United States was only doing what history told them they had to do and what they have always done when a wage-inflating disruptive technology makes an appearance. What suspicions must societies in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt harbor with respect to their futures and the futures of their families and their countries? And there is a 1,000 percent chance that their suspicions toward their leadership are well-founded. This may well be a global revolution in opposition to well-heeled crooks. But, the main problem I see from here on out is that after much contemplation and soul-searching my pragmatic side tells me that I don’t think the world can operate efficiently without corruption. It never has. But corruption has always required a great amount of privacy. Privacy that appears to be impossible to maintain in an age of information freedom without a “kill switch”. In a world that is said to be unable and incapable of functioning .. without the internet. Talk about a GRAND EXPERIMENT? The complex truth is very ironic. The peasants have never quite caught on but the stark reality of how the world has always worked is that throughout history the peasants have paid the king and his court .. to rob .. the peasants. Governments are well-aware of this phenomena. The ultimate racket. And, ironically it is considered highly unpatriotic for me to come out and say what my government already knows. Little wonder the wealthy are advertising to give away their wealth. Somewhat of a revolutionary reaction to a foreseen problem in itself. Apparently the Egyptians aren’t very impressed. There is a rather significant and ominous environment of catch-22 in the making. What if government can no longer pretend to fail? These people are looking at the nation of the United States of America and probably asking themselves some questions. A nation that touts itself as THE land of law. The shining example. The model for the rest of the world. And all because of an unsuccessful attempt on February 26 1993.

16. My Precious World View; I Really Do Not Want To Know How I Was Duped
I also prefer that others don’t know.. that I was duped.

Folks generally don’t want to be informed and publicly made aware of how they were duped. That is why they will cling desperately to, revere, praise and salute a world-view that doesn’t question their intelligence or bruise their fragile ego. A public track record of being conned, hood-winked and scammed does not set an individual up for a whole lot of success in one’s individual, professional, personal, business, daily, one-on-one debate sessions on how the world really works as a parent, authority, employee or somebody to be taken seriously by other members of society. Burying, avoiding the subject of, apologizing for and excusing white-collar corruption becomes their world-view, modus operandi and ego survival mechanism.

If you benefit from a corruption economy – that last thing you do is say anything about it and you defend the world-view that accompanies it. You become an unofficial and rather inexpensive defense attorney and your world-view takes on the role of a defense attorney.


Legatus? … Catholics? … no way! That doesn’t line up with my comfortable world view. THE world-view .. MY world-view .. which I’ve been espousing loudly, ever since i discovered i had a world-view. In my comfy world view .. the culprits and the cause of the world’s problems .. are.. the Jews. Yeah! .. the Jews! Blaming the Jews (their team) .. or even blaming the Muslims (their team) makes me feel good .. so the whole stupid Legatus thing .. no way! Don’t even think about blaming MY team .. My side. There is No way. I’m right, my team’s right, my side’s right … you’re wrong! I’m right .. everyone else is wrong! Hey everyone .. He’s wrong! .. They’re wrong! .. I’m right! .. We’re right! And, I’m sticking to it. I have to stick to it. What else is there? My belief and my faith and my trust and my loyality to all I have been taught and told.. is all I have. There is a reason they teach “sides” .. and a reason they engrain and enforce the notion of “competition”. Cause if you’re right .. and if he is right .. and they are right … then I’m .. wrong. .. I lost? As if I have time for a new world-view? And.. that would mean I’ve been wrong for quite a while. And that does not make me feel good at all. And I’m not going to believe the whole CFTC thing either. I’m not even going to listen to someone else’s way of looking at things. A new way of looking at things takes time. Time .. and humility .. and admission of wrong-ness.

I can entirely comprehend a doubting and disbelief of a “Legatus theory”. But a societal disbelief of a corrupt CFTC theory? .. all packaged up with a confession of a 20-year promise.. and probably documented beyond disbelief? Well, they can admit it all they want, but I refuse to believe it’s true! Now that.. is something worth considering for a while. That is incredulous bordering on disturbing.. and frightening. I barely want to believe.. the disbelief. That .. is a belief problem .. a belief denial. A refusal to drift away from one’s world-view. But there are a host of valid, understandable and cultural reasons. After a while it becomes apparent that people only pretend to want to know things. People only pretend to want to know.. the truth. Truth .. is too damaging to the majority of most world-views. That is what ya get when you teach 12 grades of bull-sh-t. If the truth f-cks with world-view .. people don’t want it.. and don’t want to hear it. Truth f-cks with human psyche and entrenched belief systems and harms and threatens both.
I saw a guy sucker-punch another guy in the face last week.. because … the.. Patriots .. lost. Assault and battery, possible jail-time due to love of team .. devotion to a “side”. Disagreement.

One side versus another side. Which side are ya on?

The Convenience Of Platitudes
To pretend to have a clue.. ya only need to know .. so many words.
¦muslim (hell, they even read from right to left!)
¦christian (flat-earth .. and that whole witch-burning thing aside)

It is that simple. Learn these platitudes.. and you’re an instant political scientist.. and an expert in any and all geopolitical affairs.

Simple lie .. versus complex truth. Alexis de toqueville could not have been more accurate.

The 20-year promise goes against everything the constitution, the bill of rights and the so-called founding fathers stood or stand for. THAT .. is a belief system. Such a promise goes against that belief system. The constitution is the foundation of the world view of the majority of the inhabitants of the United States. We are THE land of law, and if we are not, I’ll just refuse to believe it. Public disbelief or distrust in the constitution is forbidden. Constitutions create stepford citizenries. Patriotism is a belief system. Patriotism is a religion. This is the power of patriotic propaganda. Folks fear swimming against the tide and anti-patriotic persecution. The separation of truth .. and trust. The separation of truth .. and belief. The separation of simplicity .. and complexity. Simple is popular. The lie is simple. The lie .. is popular. World-view and belief is just about the only thing most people have. Faith and religion is where Legatus and the CFTC conspiracies cross paths.

The Be Silent Generation
A silenced generation. A stepford citizenry. The products of a house on un-american affairs committee. They hadn’t heard of “globalism” and economic dependency. upon other nations their generation was supposed to be in fear of. Skilled labor averaged $1.56 an hour. $1.57 was considered Communism. Wary to the point of afraid of the internet. Grew up with three networks. Three identical sources of propaganda. Fell for “War Of The Worlds” pretty easily. Blind respect for sacrifice. Possibly a tad jealous of the [know your place/disrespectful] freedom of speech they witness among later generations. The type of freedom of speech 9-11 and Ashcroft’s “don’t go there” act and related legislation was supposed to quell. Folks aren’t supposed to second guess government and power or conspiracies such as. 9-11 anymore than they were permitted to second guess pearl harbor. A giant , reliable support system for pro-government propagandists. Successful cheapness with the lives of the peasants requires a ton of propaganda. and a sizeable propaganda machine to maintain it. They grew up decade upon decade of corporate abuses and unbridled, unchecked “capitalism”. Probably never heard of Glass or Steagal. Spoiled rotten kids!

That was 20 years of “free markets”. (I must be due for a lecture on free markets.)
The simple lie; So easy to accept. People that feel the need to spout/trumpet/overtly and loudly praise the so-called “free market” and “supply and demand” and “small government” know that whenever needed, all three can easily be trumped by war generated with the simple platitude “they hate our freedoms” or “they hate our way of life” “or they hate our this or that .. something or other” and adios free market, supply and demand small government. How convenient. War .. becomes the complex truth.
Underfunded regulation and quiet waivers from regulation works when periods of heavy, burdensome regulation is politically popular. A waiver from big government while whining and lecturing against big government.. at the same time? Quite the act. Isn’t a quiet waiver from ”big government”.. small government? Quiet waivers are why voting doesn’t matter because neither party mentions them until the market is debased and the foreign nation is upgraded.

Happy History
Somewhere around 1860 or so, a guy named Lincoln “ended” basically 6,000 years of slavery, which makes me feel good because it lets me know that I.. am not a slave. I’m not a slave. The slaves were freed. Repeat. There is no way I’m a slave. Notice how “white people” don’t get credit for ending slavery? Have you also noticed “white people” wanted slavery, but businesses, banks, corporations exchange markets and consumers didn’t? Lincoln freed the slaves because he had to. The industrial reality is.. steam and steam power freed the slaves.

17. Time; The Role Of Religion And Spirituality In A 20-Year Promise
(the importance and significance of “forgiveness” and ”the healing process”)

Scripture according the folks that just ripped you off. The generations we just robbed will need time .. to heal. Please forgive them.. for the last 20 years they screwed us. Turn the other cheek? My ass.

Forgive.. and forget? Or, don’t forget, never forget, and start connecting dots. In other words, get mad, stay mad, and get even or repeat victim-hood eternally. According to church doctrine, if you don’t forgive and wind up figuring out how we f-cked you .. then you’re going to go to hell?

Figuring out how one got screwed goes against scripture. And, there is a very sly and clever reason for that.

Anger motivates. That is why the church preaches forgiveness. Preaching, enforcing and mandating forgiveness is nothing other than rigging the game so the game can be repeated. The concept is to forgive and hopefully forget because connecting dots is not part of forgiveness. It is highly likely that the Koran and the Bible are little more than labor management handbooks. With regard to trade-routes, it is worth noting that the previous silk-road required the invention of another Messiah.

18. Getting Even; Why Even Try?
“But, there is nothing we can do about it.”

Maybe it is because folks gravitate toward the safest side. Maybe it’s because the governed fear the apparent overwhelming power of government. Their army is a little bit larger than the one I don’t have. My side doesn’t have an anthem .. or a flag. Maybe it is the ease at which history can be revised. Maybe it is because folks know .. the ends justifies the means. Maybe it is the power of the need for acceptance of the masses. Maybe it is because folks know or have heard they can be eliminated. Maybe avoidance of dissonance is a survival thing.

Cheap .. easy .. simple … as in simple lie. Legal to steal – and too dangerous to complain. One of the keys to success on the part of the powers that be is to make it appear impossible and fruitless to even try and even contemplate getting even.

The phenomenon of the public internet led to the popularization of “conspiracies”. But, the only conspiracies the king wants you to pay attention to are the conspiracies that don’t implicate the king in financial corruption. Conspiracies where there is little to no money to be followed are concerned about. Ventura and company promoting reinhardt’s legatus theory is a huge accidental step in the right direction and they are in for a big surprise when it is eventually discovered that it is true, real and accurate.

Has anyone told Ebbers or Fastow or Skilling about Judge Painter’s “Notice and Order”? Have their lawyers even told them? Seems to me they might be just a little bit interested? Probably wouldn’t do a lot for their egos, since they are still under the impression they concocted their.. little schemes all by their lonesome?

19. Land Of Law; Their Nation Is Corrupt!
Their nation is led by a bunch of f-ckups. Their nation is corrupt. The invisible insinuation here is that by castigating blame on “them” indicates, by proxy, the notion that the ones pointing the finger of blame .. aren’t corrupt. This brainwashing through repetition of a lie or a half-truth is a very effective propaganda technique. “They” are blame-worthy therefore “we” are blame-less. Constant disparagement fo other governments and other nations’ systems helps those forms of government pretend to fail more successfully.

20. Zero Privacy; The King’s Privacy Versus The Peasant’s Privacy
You know what they say about privacy. If you’re not doing anything wrong, you should have nothing to worry about? Is anybody doing anything wrong?

For some previously unknown reason, late February of 1993 introduced a period of systemic corruption within every industry and most companies within those industries. What I had a difficult time comprehending was the fact that this period of confusing corporate arithmetics occurred at the very same time the general public was being lectured on the precepts and “new realities” of privacy and expectations of same.

It has become clear that it was not an uncoordinated (pardon the double negative) financial epidemic after all and if there were any individuals or institutions that needed and were granted privacy more than ever it was the government and the so-called regulatory commissions.
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