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Apr 1, 2014
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This is a really good read and it has already answered (in the first ten pages,) some questions I was going to pay legal council for. Then there is the common law of warrants which every one spouts off but Ii never understood and guess what its all explained.

Like one of my questions was: "When did the arrest commence and when was it over?" Simple, the false arrest and false imprisonment commenced upon the arrest and was followed by malicious prosecution. It all....every time I had to show up at a hearing is meaning I was still under false arrest, false imprisonment and was being maliciously prosecuted. And this went on for months in fact, in fact the last words out of that judges mouth were "keep the court appraised if you change address." My response was "Yeah because that would mean a contempt of court." So by his words and my admittance I am still under arrest, falsely imprisoned and still being maliciously prosecuted. WOW its a triple whamie I tell you.

If anyone is going in to court they need to read this, in fact this should be required reading for all who would stand against the tyranny of the state.