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Unexpectedly good deal on fillet knife


It blowed up, y'all
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Mar 30, 2010
Florida Panhandle
Every now and again a deal will pop up.

I needed replace a couple of knives to keep for fishing, bait prep and just general purposes on my nearshore fishing boat.

I'm a knife collector, I've got some knives that are far too nice (and expensive) to actually, you know, actually cut anything. So, in the safe they sit to drag out on the occasion to show but not allow anyone to touch it. The pocket knives that I actually carry with me every day and use for those things that pocket knives are used tend to be pretty nice too. But even knife affectionados have plebeian work knives.

I needed to get a couple of "work" knives for general purpose stuff on my boat. Cutting bait, filleting, cutting rope, string, whatever.Cheap enough that I should't care if it gets dropped overboard or someone "accidentally" carries it off.

So I bought this, a Buck 220BLX, cost me a whole $21 including shipping. It came in today and I am stunned at how nice this knife is. It is beautiful in person, not cheap feeling at all, solid, substantial, smooth, no play. It is a folder and the lockup is as solid and tight as knives that I have that cost 10 X as much.

After looking at the knife when it was delivered, I immediately bought two more to give as birthday/Christmas gifts. Whoever I give them to will (unless they google the knife) never suspect what a cheapskate I am.