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WATCH: Police dashcam footage of Tiger Woods’ field sobriety test


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Oct 15, 2012
The Jupiter Police Department has released dashcam footage from Tiger Woods’ field sobriety test and DUI arrest on Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida. Watch the full video below.


(Note that the Cop lies out his arse, asks Woods if he's been drinking, Woods says no, then the Cop says he smells the odor of alcohol in the vehicle. The Cop was trying & lieing to fraudulently & decptively establish probable cause... of course it was later proven there was no alcohol involved. )

According to police reports, Woods was found asleep on the side of the road in a black 2015 Mercedes at 2:03 a.m. on Monday morning. He took breathalyzer tests at 4:28 a.m. and 4:31 a.m., both of which resulted in “.000″ readings. Four drugs were listed in the reports, including Solarex, Vicodin, Torix and Vioxx, although it said Vioxx was “not taken this year.”

Woods’ vehicle was also found to have flat tires on the front and rear wheels on the driver’s side, and what was reported as “minor damage to both respective rims.”

On Monday evening, Woods issued a statement saying “alcohol was not involved” and that it was “an unexpected reaction to prescription medications.”

A full timeline of reports on Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest and apology.